MN: Bennacer will sign the contract next week – then focus on Giroud and Leao

By Isak Möller -

Ismael Bennacer has accepted the latest renewal terms tabled by AC Milan and he’s thus expected to sign the contract next week. It’s a huge boost for the Rossoneri, who now can focus on a few other renewals. 

Bennacer has been a key player for Milan especially this season and locking him down until 2027 is a huge boost. As was reported by Di Marzio earlier this evening, he will earn €4m including bonuses but the €50m release clause will remain.

According to MilanNews, Bennacer will sign the contract next week and after that, Milan will be able to focus on the renewals of Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao. The goal is to extend both of them by the end of this month.

Leao’s renewal is obviously slightly more complicated than Giroud’s, but there is currently great confidence for both of them. Milan have done really well on the renewal front lately and it looks like this will continue.

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  1. Good news. Clauses are not bad Idea, but excellent. Every player should get chance to leave Milan if they want. Maybe Bennacer clause should be slightly higher but 50 mil is still fine. Enzo was big mistake, when media where pumping about Renato The Bench-boy Sanchez, buuuut, we, biggest Fans, hops that management will find yet another young, not so expensive player, next summer. Signing Leao in this year would be wonderfull. For him 150 mil clause would be massive, Buuuut 120 mil would be excellent and 110 or 100 still fine.
    Remember there are no so many clubs outside which easily can release 100 mil, and if any player is unhappy in Ac, he should be sold. There are many players outside who cant play because squad is full.

    SO hoping best about Leao, Giroud aswell. And to reach at least 4th place this year, and next year, to buy quality striker, keep Leao, and get upgrade for right wing, and DM position.


    1. I will not lie 4th would be pretty disappointing. It’s definitely true that they don’t necessarily need the scudetto for this to be a successful year. A win over Tottenham would be massive.

  2. Good news, at least get this renewal done. Clause is alright but I think €50m is too small, at least increase it to €70-80m…

  3. The renewal is fine obviously (if true), but the clause is NOT.

    What if on the last day of transfer window, some rich teams desperately needed to buy a new midfielder. We would be scrambling for some last minute loans etc, which would jeopardize our season.

    The clause should be valid only during July (for example), and it really should’ve been much higher, because clauses are MEANT to be deterrence, as an insurance for the club, not as an advantage for the player.

    Just my 2c.

    1. The original one could only be activated in the first 2 weeks of july if i remember correctly but i fully agree that the release clause is far too low as his current valuation is 40 mil according to transfermarkt and even though that isnt an exact science it clearly indicates that the release clause is only in favour of the player as you already pointed out.
      We might also risk getting forced to selling him for less than his value if he has a great season and every summer there will be a question mark over him whether we can keep counting on him for the long term. In no way an ideal contract…for us.

  4. The release clause (with the same amount before renewal) is pretty weird. Maybe it’s some kind of a compromise that Maldini (& co.) do. Something that he never did on his playing era, for sure. Maybe he learned something, to avoid the past mistakes on his managerial era. Who knows.

    1. Yeah, maybe they’ve learned that extensions with clauses are better than letting players leave for free. 😛

      Still… No matter what M&M do, there’s enough “fans” to point out that they did everything wrong. AGAIN.

      1. I think its more down to the player and his agent holding us at ransom than maldinis fault and yeah he obviously will prefer some cash instead of none. Still not a very favourable contract for us when the player currently holds a valuation of roughly 40 mil and has a 50 mil release clause while having his salary increased 3 times his previous one.

        1. Maybe we’ll know more about the details soon. It’ll be logical if let’s say, the release clause will only be able to be activated on the last 1-2 years of the contract. Something more or less like that.

          1. What you suggest would vastly improve the deal and even though im not currently over enjoyed with the contract from what we have been told i am willing to see how it pans out but im also just voicing my concerns in regard of the apparent deal because i do believe it potentially could be rather problematic for stability due to the low release clause but lets hope for the best.

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