MN: Botman only wants Milan but Newcastle have offered €15m more – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are holding onto hope that Sven Botman’s desire to join the club will triumph over Newcastle United’s offer, according to a report.

MilanNews reports that Botman only wants Milan and he does not want to join Newcastle, so he is hoping that Lille will help him achieve his dream move, but the Ligue 1 club are tempted by the huge offer from the Magpies who have put forward a bid which is at least €15m more than that of the Rossoneri.

The club must serve its interests, while Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara have no intention of raising their offer, despite having spent a lot of time speaking to the player and agreeing personal terms.

The assessments made regarding the budget mean there is an inability to allocate more money for the Botman operation and that is why the Rossoneri are back in for Gleison Bremer of Torino.

There is the third option: to sign a centre-back as a back-up to Tomori and Kalulu thus putting faith in the Englishman and the Frenchman and perhaps freeing up important funds to use elsehwere.

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  1. If I was trying to convince Newcastle to add an extra €3m per year to their salary offer, I’d say I wasn’t certain about their sporting project yet too…

    1. Yeah, more likely that Milan doesn’t have the money to buy the best players, like it was expected. Not even the best talents. The only hope is to find a player and have a blitzkrieg signing or someone else will offer more. 100M to get starting AMC, RW, add another CD, backup LB and MC is impossible if you want good players. The money is good for 2 players in football today. Even Leao cost 30M after only 28 matches and 9 goals in his career.

      1. ” Milan doesn’t have the money to buy the best players”

        Goes without saying, But to TBH Botman isn’t “the best player” and shouldn’t be worth spending 30-40M€ on.

  2. Botman only wants Milan, what a load of rubbish, Botman will want who can pay him more, it’s that simple, and the way of football now unfortunately, funny as soon as Newcastle offered him €5 million per year everything changed, if he wasn’t willing to join Newcastle he would have told his club and agent long long ago, that’s how transfers work, he would have said no as soon as they made an official approach, which he quite obviously didn’t as there currently in negotiations, like I said I’m sad to say this but he will go we’re pays him the most, Newcastle because they have offered him €25 million over a 5 year contract.

  3. Cash is king and we don’t have it lol. Botman Bremer CDK Antony etc…all would be fantastic signings but we don’t have the $$$$. Period. Each will cost close to 50M. No discounts as neither are in the last year of their deals if not mistaken. So no matter now badly a player wants to come to Milan unless he is in last year of his deal that player has no leverage. We don’t have the $$ and the longer we waited the more difficult it became when the EPL teams jumped in. IMO we have no chance. Better to focus on players that are attainable like Lang. These are the more realistic players we can sign. Talented but with a few question marks like Sanches – or we get them under the radar like Theo and Benny and develop them. Seems that is what we should realistically expect with Redbird/Elliot leading our club.

    1. Yes you are exactly right my friend, this is most sense I’ve read in ages on many of your points, sick of telling people Milan just simply can’t compete with the likes of Newcastle financially, there the richest club in the world by far, £32 million or whatever the fee may be is literally nothing to clubs like them, I honestly believe Milan need to change there targets and expectations, redbird are worth 1.5 billion or something Newcastle’s owners are worth something close to 700 billion there literally owned by a county, it’s totally common sense Milan can’t and never will be able to compete with that, so therefor Milan like you said need to change there strategy in the transfer market as it’s impossible to compete with premier league clubs, never mind Newcastle.

  4. And 100M transfer budget is a bit of a joke. We earned the 100m though our play/victories – CL and winning the league. So technically Redbird isn’t putting an extra dollar into transfers lol. That’s fkn sad IMO. If they really want us to take a jump in quality to compete w Europe’s best – they should add a reasonable 50M to that figure. Otherwise they are telling us fans we will only spend what we win. So if we don’t win the league and don’t qualify for CL next season our budget drops to zero? Lol.
    Give us something MORE than what the players have earned on the pitch. That $h came from UEFA and Serie A – NOT from Redbird

    1. Yes Joe. That I am Botman, I will always choose ACM than Newcastle. Who they are? Nobody. So, one they I can say to my kids and grandkids: I played for one of the greatest club in the World.

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