MN: Calhanoglu must have more respect for Milan – contract situation not ideal

By Isak Möller -

Hakan Calhanoglu’s contract with Milan will expire at the end of this month and the player has made it very clear that he hasn’t made a decision yet. As is somewhat understandable, he has decided to focus on the Euros right now. 

However, as highlighted by Andrea Longo for MilanNews, Milan are still waiting for a response while the No.10 is flirting with other clubs. Considering how much they are offering, this has been very disrespectful to the Rossoneri.

If he does decide to sign the renewal, it will only be because he hasn’t received a better offer from any other club, Qatar aside. And as Longoni continues, that’s exactly why Calhanoglu has handled the situation in the wrong way.

Wearing the Milan shirt should be an absolute honour for any player, and those we don’t want to be there 100% shouldn’t be part of the project. Perhaps, the language barrier hasn’t helped Calhanoglu’s comments, but it’s far from ideal.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. This is seriously disrespectful. Milan used to have players taking pay cuts to join not unconvincing players waiting for better offers!nxaaaaa!We should be offering this 4m/yr to committed players like Kessie not Hakan. Show him the door and bring in a replacement while he thinks.

  2. Hakan has some skill but he is not hardworking. A lazy but brilliant player. He is also not horning his skills. You have not seen major improvement in his free kicks taking ability since he joined, and that is the biggest asset he has. Kessie has improved in huge lumps and bounds in taking penalties and general play because of his attachment and love for Milan . Milan should ensure they get Kessie their most important player to a five year contract even if the breach their salary cap to show others that Commitment and hardwork will be fully compensated.
    They should get a coach to horn Kessie and Krunics free kicks taking skills and Hakan like Gigio who do not respect Milan should go. They are latent liabilities to the effectiveness of the club. They are better outside the Milan family.

    The presence of non committed players haggling over renewal of contract was responsible for Milan not winning the league. I will rather have a Krunic with a specialized coach as the playmaker than a skillfull Hakan with none commital attitude in Milan key matches where he disappears from the battlefield.

    Maldini time to place a timeline for the acceptance of the offer to Hakan, on or before the expiration of his contract or it stands withdrawn. That will send a message that he is expendable. Milan needs players with the commitment and hardwork of Kessie, like Alexis, Theo, Calabria, Kjaer, Fikayo, and Bennacer. Even the Gabba and Rebics are ok. But the Hakans should go. Leao should be trained for stamina and commitment. Same Gabbia, Kalulu and younger players need specialized coaching and should be in the team.

  3. He’s overrated. Most of all by himself. If I were Milan’s management, I’d say “sign in the next week, or the offer’s withdrawn”. Too many of these money-grabbing types in the game today. Won’t be difficult to replace him, hopefully with someone who has a bit more loyalty to the club.

  4. Colhanoglu is the team leader and he is the best player in Milan. His salary is miserable and he deserves 5 million

    1. I see Calhanoglu’s agent has graced us with his presence and he is still trying to sell his client, even though no one is buying.

      Anyway, no Calhanoglu is not worth 5 million, the way he has been playing he is not worth what he is earning now, and the way he has been acting and is acting now, he is nowhere near to be considered a leader nor does he show respect to the club, his team mates or supporters.

      Management should just withdraw the offer. Milan isn’t a stepping stone nor is it a consolation prize. You’re either a Milanista or, you play somewhere else.

    2. He is a team leader? How exactly? Dude plays good only if and when the rest of the team plays good, not a leader at all. He wasn’t there for a few years, really showed up on the field when Ibra came to Milan.

    3. Seriously the best player? Are you an interista in disguise ?
      Too many times he doesn’t turn up for 90 mins I would take his wages and let him go there are better players out there who would fall over trying to get into a Milan shirt

  5. It’s do disappointing! I still can’t believe Milan is waiting for him…. Maybe Pioli is the reason why Maldini is patient. I trust Maldini wouldn’t be wasting anytime if it were up to him…. Hakan is disrespecting AC MILAN! The second best team in the world! Maldini, pls shock this guy by signing another player… We might even try Hauge in pre-season. Hauge is good give him a chance!

  6. Maldini not negotiating sharply with another No.10 is because of Pioli..I still blame Milan Mgt for all this trash..Why would you always your players run down their contracts before extension..Donnaruma saga just got solved but am so bitter that he left for free after all the investment..The sign was there in 2017 before he renewed and Milan didnt learnt theie lesson.Losing a player that should have bring a reasonable fee hurts.Now we have Kessie and romagnoli having a year contract, renewal need to be sorted now or you sell a player being suspected of foul play..The Mgt need to be wise, Players shouldnt be asking for improved salary if they cant justify it on the pitch.

  7. I don know why maldinin is so week with this guy
    This guy doesn’t have respect for Milan
    Him Doramuna Romanjoli they are so unprofessional. They are so bad.
    Through those guys way please

  8. While I don’t want to lose any player for nothing like Donnaruma- Hakan is too inconsistent to get more than what we are offering and his delay in accepting a new deal only makes it worth with us fans. You don’t want to stay then get lost. We let Dollaruma walk and we can let him walk as well at this point. Play Diaz in that role more and sign another ACM and let’s move on. Enough with this guy already. Remember aside from the Covid re-start period and the beginning of this year he was good – but the 3 years prior and the last half of season he was bad. Not enough for me to justify a bigger salary IMO…

  9. They could bring Coutinho on loan with option to buy set pretty low, pay part of his wages. I’m sure that guy wouldn’t mind getting a lower contract to revive his career, and he is a space ship for Calhanoglu, even after these few troublesome years. If he is good we buy him, he can give a few good years and has a lot of experience. I guess Diaz should be back with option to buy and he would take over from him gradually.

  10. Besides the unconvincing performances, this guy has wrong mentality, mindset & attitude. I find it shocking that he wasn’t kicked out before Donnarumma.

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