MN: Cardinale and Furlani hold 1hr45 meeting with Pioli – what was discussed

By Oliver Fisher -

Gerry Cardinale’s arrival at Milanello this afternoon aroused some intrigue, and it has emerged that a meeting between the management did take place.

MilanNews report that the discussion which took place at the training ground between Cardinale, CEO Giorgio Furlani and head coach Stefano Pioli lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. The meeting had already been scheduled in the days prior, and was not therefore impromptu.

However, in light of the recent results – including last night’s defeat in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund – it did have a totally different tone than initially expected. Support for the coach was reiterated, but this extremely complicated moment was analyzed in depth.

The fluctuating results and performances were discussed, while the injury crisis in particular was subject to analysis. The desire to remain united emerges from Milanello – it is seen as the only possibility of getting out of such a difficult run of form.

Pioli’s future remains tied to the results of the near future even if he is not currently at risk of being sacked by the management. A turnaround in form simply must come soon though, starting with Frosinone on Saturday, because if the UCL knockout stages are virtually gone then ensuring participation for the next edition becomes absolutely imperative.

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  1. I hope they will get someone with actual football background into that recruitment team as well. If it is Ibra it won’t last for long since he will probably high kick one of these guys when they act out.

    1. He is definitely not one of those yes men like Pioli and Furlani. I am not sure how they were not able to handle someone like Maldini and will be able to handle Ibra.

      1. Exactly this! Don’t they realize when you’re an elite level player there’s a massive ego (a good and required thing) that goes with it? These guys like Ibra and Maldini breathes victories and trophies. Its a mentality thing. They couldn’t handle Maldini’s words…who imo is probably more reserved in terms of keeping things within the dressing room…and think they can somehow handle Ibra, who is more outspoken

        1. Maldini was always class. As a player and in management.

          He has an ego but rarely in a view where its a negative.

          Ibra…love him for who he is but he’s not reseved.

  2. How does all that comes out from these meetings really get out to the press? Is it Pioli, Furlani or Cardinale who put it out there or do they have assistants whose job it is to get this to the press?

    1. There is a media team and or communications department who put out such information. These are official information not scoops that reliable journalists usually provide

  3. Maldini wanted to keep Tonali whilst forcing management to splurge in excess of money that they didn’t have.
    He also extended Pioli’s contract before he left.

    Just a reminder to all those who forgot about Maldini’s “achievements” at management.

    1. Yes. Because he understood that success is usually a slow process. Built one or two pieces at a time. It took the other team I follow two 8th place finishes before breaking into the top 4 in the premier league. Now they look set for the future.

      And Milan spent well in excess of their budget and Tonalis sale.

      Lastly. Pioli doesn’t make use of talent he has at his disposal until he’s forced to. Kalulu, Thiaw just to name a few.

      Maldini makes mistakes but he had the willingness to fix them like a true champion.

    2. He also build us Scudetto winning team with tight budget.

      Just a reminder to all those who forgot about Maldini’s ACTUAL achievements at management.

      Revolving door “fans”

    3. Oh yea you mean the basis of the current team’s backlne and goalie (the only department that works)?……oh you meant a Scudetto …mark that down as one of his achievements and a UCL semi…..and also I can guarantee the management we currently have now WILL NOT achieve that!

    4. It’s incredible how short the memory can be…
      Scudetto and CL semi’s is only the tip of the Maldini’s achievements. Speaking of reminders, shall I remind you the state of our club when Maldini took over? Can you recall the last time Milan won anything (or even came close to) before him? When have we been protagonists? Do you recall the midtable times?
      He didn’t JUST win a scudetto with Juve or Inter, he brought us to the top after a long spell of mediocrity, repeated failure. THIS is the achievement and it’s way more difficult than one or two good transfers or even 1 or 2 trophies. Changing the status of a club is way larger achievement and goes far beyond a couple of moves. That’s what Gerry and his team failed to understand.

      P.S. The Tonali argument is non-sense, it’s a crazy coincidence that has nothing to do with management. It’s very shallow arguments really.

    5. Also, ofc he wanted to keep Tonali, most fans wanted him to stay too. And he was quality that took 2-3 players to replace somewhat what he did apparently. Yea those players were what Maldini also wanted but as back ups not as starters. The money he wanted to spend was what be earned from the UCL. No one knew if he wanted to sell anyone, he just might have. The net spend would have amounted to the same. Kamada and Thuram would have been free. It was just Berardi for RW and SMS for the midfield.
      If they really had given Maldini the power ppl accused him of wanting we’d have a starting XI of Mike; Calabria, Tomori, Botman, Theo; Kessie, SMS ; Berardi, Chalha, Leao; Thuram.
      Subs: Tonali, Bennacer, Thiaw, Kalulu, maybe RLC, Okafor

      1. I guess a lot can be said about Maldini’s work with Milan (both in positive and in negative).
        Call it lack of budget, or late start because of the renewal, but it’s true that the summer window of 2022 was a disaster and he is partially (if not entierly) to blame. Putting all the eggs in the CDK’s basket while ignoring many sensitive positions is ultimately was caused our fall in the 2022/23 season (but with an UCL semi-final with it). And while he seemed to want to sack Pioli, his proposition was apparently Pirlo.
        HOWEVER, we should give everyone the credit, he took a club which was basically a mid-table team to the position where it can compete for any title. He brought us THE players that lead to our success, but also a winning mentality. In 2021/22, I felt that Milan was always out for blood. Conceiding one or two goals didn’t matter, there is always a comeback. The players looked like they’re really want to win at every cost.
        Furlani and Moncada have less excuses, they took a team which already had success and their mission was to make sure to fill the gaps. Their assessment (or lack there of) is what lead to this situation: a mediocre coach that is still here despite the disaster, injury prone players being recruited, no CDM or CB or ST, lack of leadership… High level football is not FIFA or moneyball, and unfortunately, we’re now suffering the consequences.

        1. Bro the thing about CDK transfer that annoys me is that the original target was Botman. Maldini was absolutely spot on correct in his assessment after winning a Scudetto mind you. Its why I put up that list at the end there. Because if HE REALLY got his way our team right now would have been more comparable to Inter’s in terms of quality. We would have gotten Botman if they had trusted his instincts. Similarly and for two years in a row he was spot on correct again in terms of replacing the coach. Now Pirlo is less of a point, the point really is he knew exactly what was required of the squad each year. Btw who knows if Pirlo was indeed who he wanted or how Pirlo would have done at Milan. Using same logic, Pioli was not really an outstanding coach and only won until us so there’s that too.

  4. considering that he was not sacked after this 1 hour and 45-minute meeting I would not say that it was a very productive use of time.

    Altough Yesterdays defeat was not his fault and mostly Giroud and Calbria was to blame. That and we seem to have a starting XI numbers on the injury list. However after 4 years Milan still don’t have a style of play and all we have is that high press which teams intend to exploit mostly when we are at home. He is limited and should have left as soon as Redbird came.

    1. He should have been sacked, i agree, but yesterday’s loss was also on pioli. The buck stops with him. Truth of the matter our gamplay sucks and has been sucking for a couple of seasons now. Look at the other top tier teams, the play compact, move off the ball and strive on build up play. Us on the other hand, throw the ball to our wingers and pray. Thats pathetic. If these redbird people want to succeed, they have to fire this moron now, and have the new coach start implementing his gameplay in the winter break. Therefore, next season we’ll be in a decent shape. This pioli horror show gotta stop. Btw all these muscle injuries fall on him and his staff.

  5. Pioli is a big fool and bastard no coach will do what he did he uses the 4-2-3-1 against PSG he won now the bastard revert to 4-3-3 that can not score a goal for acmilan against Dortmund and he lost that coach his a big fool because Acmilan are not used to 4-3-3 most of the players went injury he can’t even allow Romero to play as a pure attacking midfield that role was Romero pure role the coach is very stupid

  6. Investment, players and targets, directions, results, all matter second to sacking Pioli now.

    As long as this fool is coaching, Milan is going nowhere

  7. So what exactly happens here? Pioli’s job was threatened? They had a lengthy discussion about what?

    I get that everyone likes UCL money but Milan continues to hold itself like it is 2006, other than spending the money.

    ‘The results aren’t good enough!’

    No s**t. Neither is the strength and conditioning (S&C). Neither was signing injury prone replacements with our S&C. Neither was selling the one midfielder who has class with the ball at his feet (and not replacing those characteristics).

    Losing 3-1 at home to Dortmund is no good. But it’s UCL. They qualified as the side that lost a title to Bayern on the last day of the season. The other competition is the billion dollar squad of the French champions and the latest oli-billionaire-funded English side.

    Injury hit. The depth is the player the untouchable Moncada-Furlani partnership signed. Have a 1 hour 45 min discussion with those spooges.

    These people act like their expectations can just materialise as performances. They should understand better than anyone what their expectations cost.

    1. It doesn’t matter, in the end they need to stand behind their decision of sacking Scudetto winning management and players while unecessary enormous spending on unproven moneyball algorithm players when we only needed few puzzles to existing team. Pioli has his fault for ordering more than he can eat but he will be scapegoated.

  8. Milan’s Scudetto was not Pioli work. It more Maldini and Ibra effect. Now you see, Pioli with new and strong players, but still became a clown in UCL and Serie A.
    He is not European Class Coach, just ordinary coach with poor tactics.

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