MN: Curva Sud protest to continue in Milan-Cagliari – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

The Curva Sud will continue their protest against the AC Milan management during tomorrow night’s game against Cagliari at San Siro, it has been confirmed.

According to what is being reported by MilanNews, the protests that took place during the draw against Genoa last Sunday was not an isolated incident and instead there will be more tomorrow night in the Cagliari game.

The usual banners and flags will not be displayed and the usual chants will not be sung as the fan group hope to make a point regarding the lack of clarity and a perceived lack of ambition from the ownership.

The Curva Sud explained the reasons for this silent protest in a fanzine delivered to the stadium last week, and some of the key passages of it can be read below.

“We are at the end of a mediocre and disappointing season which could have had a better ending but all possible mistakes were made, even on the bench, to end it in the worst possible way.

“We suffered elimination from the Europa League by an Italian club and no voice was raised by the club to say anything to a Rossoneri people who, once again, had believed in it and had pushed Milan until the final whistle.

“We saw the sh**s celebrating the title in the derby and we had to listening to words from the Rossoneri management that made us furious, because there really is a limit to everything.

“Now, however, our patience is over, because we believe that in these 2 years we have given maximum trust to the club and maximum support to the team and the time has come for clarity, to finally know what the real intentions of the owners are.

“If their ambitions really coincide with those of the AC Milan fans who today are tired of just having to participate, of having to settle for a Champions League placement when the history and tradition of AC Milan demands and deserves much more.

“It wasn’t easy to decide not to display our banners and wave our flags, but it’s right to show what San Siro could become when you push the AC Milan fans to the limit, when you underestimate the love and loyalty of a fan base capable of helping the team to win the extraordinary title 2 years ago, thanks to the creation of a perfect union between those who took to the pitch and those who were in the stands.

“You have enjoyed our faith, you have seen the incessant support of a people madly in love, you know how many of us there are and what we are ready to do for our Milan: what more do you need to take those steps that every Milan fan asks of you?

“What are you waiting for to answer with facts, not with chatter, to the questions that every AC Milan fan asks you, suffering and cheering for that AC Milan which is not a brand, not a company, which is not a factory but which is, instead, entirely his life?

“Evaluate and choose your future steps carefully, there is no more time to waste dear gentlemen, if you want to continue to have the unparalleled support of all the Rossoneri people who always and only have Milan in their hearts!”

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  1. Man, these idiots are annoying. Bunch of attention-seeking, self-important babies. Just fans, no more important than any other fans. Enough with the stupid protests and demands.

    1. As someone from Milano, this means a lot more to us than to you. We live Milano, Milano is our city, our home, you’re just a fan, to us it’s a lot more than being a fan, it’s a way of life.

      1. Never knew being “just a fan” is a bad thing. I understand your intentions, but I’d be careful belittling one’s opinion based on the sole premise that they are not in or from Milan. The love for the Rossoneri extends further than just the city of Milan.

      2. That’s fine, but protesting over what? Management not tell you in advance what they plan to do in the summer?

        Have they not shown last summer they are willing to invest? Does the curva need a manager to come out after every game and hold their hand? Tell them everything is gonna be OK?

        1. Yes and no because yes they was willing to invest a lot of cash brought in from the tonali sale which is obviously good that the money was reinvested but also no because we earned a sh1tload of cash the previous season which exceeded well above 100 mil just in the cl so they didnt really invest that much money in the end. Basically they invested 40-50 mil on top of the tonali sale.

      3. No, you are just a fan. That’s what you and these Curva Sud don’t understand. You are just fans, just like everyone else. These protests and demands are silly, self-important nonsense. And how big of a fan you are is not determined by your proximity to the stadium.

        1. Have you ever lived in Milan to be so affirmative? Were you able to compare being a fan in Milan and elsewhere? Spending a lot of money into tickets, some time into going to the stadium, thinking everyday about the next game, walking in the city and seeing red and black flags at the windows, speaking about the last game or the transfers with your hairdresser, your janitor, your colleagues, etc. Maybe you can’t understand. Italian people, especially in Milan obviously, have a huge bond with calcio and Milan. You choose a club to root for when you’re 7 years old and you stick to it for life. Most Curva Sud fans are long life fans and they don’t want to see that legendary football club being so misguided. If you were from Milan, you would understand the huge humiliation it was last season to be eliminated by Inter in UCL, and worse this season to lose the derby and see them being crowned at home for their second star.

          1. Of course there will be a greater amount of people rooting for the club in milano and obviously there is a better chance of ones family has been fans for generations. When that is said its basically an assumption made further up in regard of ones emotions compared to someone elses which basically is make belief. How can he know what other people feels or how much it means for them and that goes vice versa. You can also argue that some foreign supporters spends more money on it because they might travel half around the globe spending cash to see the club play and investing huge ammounts on hotels etc to just be able to be there while the locals doesnt have to do that. Add to that people might also come from countries where people have far lower income than in italy but still travels to italy or spends a month or several months of earnings on a milan shirt.

            Ive supported milan since i was ten and i will soon turn 45 so pretty safe to say that i have supported the club in thick and thin and the assumption made further up kinda deminishes various factors to take into the equation. For a long time the club didnt even play for half a full stadium so why is that because financially speaking people could really have shortened the banter era if they in fact had shown up in those years.

          2. “Most Curva Sud fans are long life fans and they don’t want to see that legendary football club being so misguided. ”
            How is it being misguided? There is one team better than us in Serie A. Yes, it sucks that it happens to be Inter, but they had an amazing season.
            LAst 4 seasons under Pioli:
            2nd place
            1st Place ( first Scudetto in 10 years)
            4th place (Semi-finals of Champions League)
            2nd place
            Now go look at the 4 seasons prior to that and tell me if Milan is going in the right or wrong direction now…

    2. I agree. This protest is idiotic and out of place… If you’re gonna huff and puff about management’s direction, wait and see how the summer plays out.

      -maldini gone? “We understand”
      -Tonali sold? “We understand”

      The Eff are they protesting now for?

      1. I assume its to put pressure on the management so they spend heavily this summer and make a clear statement of which direction the club should move and if it doesnt happen the threat of playing for not a full stadium hanging in the air could end up as a consequence in 2024/25 season. In that sense its a good action by them. Are they sometimes somehow annoying sure and i do find for example the action of the curva sud towards maldinis retirement to be well beyond disgraceful in the history of the sport.

  2. Yes we are with you curva sud either they must accept to spend money on milan or they must go they milked milan enough we need serious owners not sweet talkers

    1. Dense comment… Were you not a fan last summer when they spend a 100mil on new players? Or did you become a fan since 2024?

  3. I have supported AC Milan since 1990, through ups and downs. True fans support no matter what; if we look at the past seasons, one semi in CL and a scudetto, that’s more than Milan has achieved in a decade. With this squad and lack of assets, it’s an outstanding achievement. Of course, there can be improvements; with our history, the demands are high, but it takes time. I agree with K, the writer above, attention-seeking babies. They are not real Curva Sud fans. Grow up! Pioli has done a great job. These protests won’t help.

    1. Wake up, the ownership-managers-Players are fooling you, if you are a Cardinale fan, than delighted for you, satisfied with this fake Milan

      1. So the ownership, the managers, and the players are fooling us how? So ownership, management and players are all bad? And you are a fan of this club?
        If this Milan is fake, do you prefer the struggling, in debt, mid table, no champions league qualifying, no Scudetto in 10 years Milan that we had before the American ownership took over?

  4. This is how people lose their worth. So sorry for this curva sud. At this rate they will be humiliated to their rightful place.
    I’ve seen protests like this before. They usually don’t end well, because they don’t know when to stop.

  5. Fan support noise affects player psychology, both for the home team and the away team. Lack of support feeds the energy of the opposing team. For this reason, the form of the Curva Sud protests are cowardly. Their opinions have some legitimacy. But the form of their protests damages the team. And that makes them selfish cowards.

  6. Shouldn’t they go protest shîty policies from sĥity politicians? If you wanna protest at least protest something that matters.
    Childish to protest a club you choose to support. Idk

  7. I think protesters should gather in front of Casa Milan and demand to be heard by the managers. That’s where protests should happen; not at San Siro. I think that once Milan takes the field, fans should ALWAYS support the team.

    Great fans support a team through good AND bad times. Not cheering for the team only helps the opposition (in this case, Cagliari). We still have one objective left, finishing ahead of Juve; as small as this objective is, I still would much prefer to see Milan finish second rather than third (it gives is 4 million euro more, and the Supercoppa, so, even though I’m very unhappy with Pioli (after having supported him for a good while), I will still root for Milan with all my heart, regardless of my feelings about the coach and/or management.

    I do recognize that Pioli did well overall, in his 4-year tenure. He got Milan out of the banter era, got a Scudetto, and an UCL semi. He had more wins with Milan than Ancelotti, in fewer games and with a roster far inferior to the one Ancelotti had.

    However, I got really mad at Pioli for how he ended this season; for example, sticking with Giroud for 180 minutes against Roma, while Giroud has checked out and has contributed nothing after a certain point (the Lecce game); meanwhile red-hot Okafor and Chuk were left on the bench. That was stupid, and we could have had different results if not for Pioli being stubborn and not learning from his own mistakes.

    So, now I do want Pioli to leave. I’m thankful to him for what he accomplished, but now I want a more tactical aware and more flexible coach. I do want management to invest heavily and get us a very good striker, a defensive midfielder, and a right back. But my unhappiness will never prevent me from supporting the team from the stands, so I can’t really agree with what Curva Sud is doing.

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