MN: Early Champions League exit costly for Milan – the revenues at stake

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have made qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League nearly impossible after yesterday’s home defeat against Borussia Dortmund, and they stand to miss out on some serious prize money.

MilanNews recalls that at the end of the 2022-23 campaign, Milan had amassed a total of €114m from prize money alone, which becomes around €130m if the market pool is also included. To date, in the current Champions League, the Rossoneri have collected a total of €20.3m: €15.64m for participation in the groups and another €4.66m for the victory over PSG and the two draws with Newcastle and Borussia Dortmund.

In case of elimination the Rossoneri could reach a maximum of €23.1m in the event of a victory against Newcastle that would not be enough. That would however guarantee at least a minimum economic parachute represented by ‘relegation’ to the Europa League.

With a draw, and therefore automatic elimination from everything, Milan’s European season would result in €21.2m collected for the results achieved, with a defeat that €20.3m would remain.

The comparison with last season is scary: in the best of scenarios (in which Milan are eliminated) the difference exceeds €90m, while in the worst case it is over €100m.

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  1. This is what I was saying during the transfer window. Saving money on transfers gets you out of the Champions League early because other clubs have top players, you don’t go far by getting 5 or 10 players for 20M each and in the end you lose 150-200 millions of € with the new world club championship. Where did the money for those transfers come from? From last years CL money, literally all that was spent. But they increased income from sponsorship by 7M, that will do wonders for the team. Good strategy…

    1. Exactly! People love to follow winners. They don’t like to sponsor or follow teams with mediocre onfield performance but great social media presence.

      Making the team great is the FIRST and only objective. Once you have that then the rest can follow.

      In firing Maldini they got rid of the only person who knew what’s required to win.

      I am still going to wait until the end of the season to judge Cardinale and Redbird but I’ve had a sinking suspicion since Maldini came out and said what he said about needing the right investment to compete in the UCL.

      Good luck for us and 4th.

  2. Good for the financial wizards, Cardinal and his stooge Furlani, who think their paper-shoving & snatching money from thin-air skills would bring Milan miracles!

    1. Well from what was written Milan made an offer and said they won’t increase it and Inter offered him more and sold him a better story of their project in the end. I’m sure if Milan said we really want you and we will pay even more he would be at Milan. But apparently 500k or 1M per season is life changing money for a club like Milan and they couldn’t burden the club with another few M per year in costs as it would destroy Milan financially. Even though the player cost 0€ in transfer fee, so about 40-50M less than any other good striker. That is why 37 Giroud is playing.

      1. Honestly, where did you come up with that? What a random information. He didn’t sign for Milan because they did not want to pay him enough and he saw that Inter wants him more. Also, from what I remember he was told that he will ROTATE WITH GIROUD. Ok? A player of 25 gets information he will not be the first striker but he will share it with Giroud. Where would you go? Play with Lautaro in the first team or warm the bench for Giroud? Nobody had an agreement before, but Milan couldn’t even offer what Inter offered.

        1. Less money and on the bench or more money and in the first team, in a team that just played the finals of CL and didn’t embarrass themselves against City. And destroyed Milan in the semi finals? And then Milan offers less money and mentions Giroud as not a bench warmer. It had nothing to do with anything else but the bad attitude Milan had in this case. Nobody would sign for Milan in this situation, maybe some guy that was a fan since he was a kid, like Tonali. No one else.

          1. Berardi is maybe a bad example because he also gets injured but a bit less. Still, the whole recruitment was made in view of sponsorship and marketing. The money that Milan gets from sponsorship increased by nothing compared to TV and prize money gained from getting to the semi finals of CL last year. Now Milan will miss out on 150M€ from that and how many players is that? 8 for Furlani, 2-5 for me, depending on quality. Spending more to have a top striker and backups for LB lets say could be free in the end, that money will not come to Milan now and it is because the team was lacking…

          2. The management/pioli/other staff all are rotten to its core. So basically Thuram chose over us because he was offered a better chance there in Inter than at Milan. He is not a natural striker who can play as a single man, just like how he would have played at Milan. Money might be secondary for him at this age, because PSG also offered his a contract and they were offering more than. At Inter he has much more freedom, and he can be more creative because he is not the target. It shows with the many assists he got.
            Imagine being 25 and getting benched by Giroud. Not saying Giroud has been bad, but at this age he should be a super sub rather than a starter.


          So even if they had matched Inter’s offer I think he still makes that choice. So we had to surpass it, and then MAYBE he chooses us. Is Thuram a 7M net player? Sincere question.

          1. The question is he a 7M net player for 0€ transfer fee. For 40M transfer fee no, but for 0€, possible. Let’s say Milan sign David, only his fee will cost as much as Thuram will cost Inter for 3 season. When you add the wages which will be 4-5M net, you can easily detect which option is financially better. I do understand it bring some other issues like other players asking for more wages but I also think there isn’t a free striker of that stature available every season, so you need to go over the top a bit. And Milan is trying to get a discount on a 17 year old super talent from Schalke that half of Europe is looking for. Apparently 11M is too much for Milan. This is the issue.

          2. Imagine this kid hearing about Milan interest and asking for a discount on his clause. He will never pick Milan, just like Thuram didn’t. It will repeat itself until these guys get the point.

          3. Maybe we should’ve gotten a manager who has actual experience being successful in multiple competitions, and would actually play to the strengths of the squad instead of forcing one brain dead defensive system on them. No team with Leao, pulisic, chukuwueze, and giroud up top should be failing THIS HARD to score goals, or even create scoring chances. Get a manager who will actually adapt

          1. We all read random things sometimes and believe in it a bit. But also you need to consider it isn’t only money. It is also the will of the club to offer more and show you are really wanted. Like one club says to you “5 and that is our final offer” and the other offers more and says “we really want you, here is 6M”. It also influences the player, he has the feeling one club needs him more. If you ask me it was a big mistake. Now Milan will spend big money on a striker (hopefully) and Thuram can do most thing Giroud can and is good with the ball at his feet. Yes, Inter might suit him a bit more, but he wouldn’t do bad with 2 wingers besides him.

  3. But… Furlani is cooking…? No? I thought this management brought in the most amazing transfers in the history if Milan? Hmmmm….

  4. The pennies we pinched by not signing a player really paid off.

    Glad our heroes went to the dressing room to tell the team they did well considering half the players they bought were low cost injury prone, unproven gambles. They placed more bets on football than Tonali this summer, they lost.

    Say bye to Mike, Theo or Leao this summer I promise you that.

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