MN: Elliott evaluating offers for Milan from Investcorp and RedBird – pros and cons

By Isak Möller -

Elliott Management are currently in negotiations with two separate firms over the sale of AC Milan, ready to part ways with the club after four years. Evaluations are currently being made, a report claims. 

Investcorp have been in talks with Elliott for quite some time now, as MilanNews report, but their exclusivity expired a few hours ago. As a result, the American firm RedBird Capital have also approached Elliott to discuss a potential purchase.

RedBird’s offer, however, is inferior to Investcorp as they have put €1bn on the plate while the Bahrain-based fund have offered €1.2bn. There are more factors that Elliott must consider before making a decision, though.

RedBird have more experience in sports investment as they also hold stakes in Toulouse and Liverpool, as well as baseball and basketball clubs. Furthermore, the fact that Investcorp intend to finance part of their €1.2bn offer with a loan is something Elliott must take into consideration.

In any case, there is a bright future ahead for the Rossoneri and Elliott will make sure that the club ends up in good hands.

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  1. Redbird has much less assets at around $6bn. So I doubt they would pour more than a few hundred million in cash, it would also be separate investment/capital raise or debt. If they were to use a leveraged buyout like Grazers/Manchester United, that would be disastrous for Milan.

    They are big on Money Ball as they control Redball which is Billy Beane’s sports investment firm. They also have a sports analytics firm which they’ve used heavily in Toulouse and own fantasy app platform for sports in India.

      1. Also Lebron owns a stake, he loves to mix politics and sports so maybe better not to have people like that anywhere near Milan. These Qatari and Saudis are using sports to polish their reputation, which I also dislike but much less than Lebro and US owners.

  2. If that’s what Red Bird did to put Liverpool back to the top then I’d prefer Red Bird. Liverpool was in disastrous shape just like us after the late 2000s but Liverpool has since turned it around with key investments with sport in mind like Alisson and VVD among others.
    Investcorp sound so shady with no clear owner. Seems like they’ll be hiding behind a few layers and funneling money for their toy. I’d prefer a name that has ability in the sporting arean. But at the end of the day it’s not my call. Still kudos to Elliot.

    1. That was majorly due to Klopp imo. We too need a revolutionary coach which pioli definitely is not. we need a step up to go to the next level when it is time. probably 1-2 more seasons.

      1. Gives credit to Pioli.

        I doubt Klopp can put Milan back to UCL again and stay in the top of serie a with just inexperience and unknown young players + a couple 35-40 years old veterans in his disposal like Pioli did.

        What Pioli needs is better players right now. How can you expect Pioli to keep Milan winning when he doesn’t have a playmaker and players who can’t score 4-5 chances?!

        1. I am not saying Pioli is a bad coach. But the fact that he isn’t quite on level of other coaches is agreeable.

          There will be a time when Milan outgrow Pioli and we would then need a top class coach like a guardiola or a klopp which pioli is 200% not.

          man we spurn crosses in the box consistently. pioli is known to have no plan b which cost us the scudetto last year. this szn we were better and we will keep on getting better but after 1/2 seasons pioli won’t be enough for us anymore.

    2. Red Bird has a small share in Liverpool, they are irrelevant with their %. You prefer a name that will look to get profits out of the club and not really look to invest to promote themselves? US investment companies do not put their money for the love of football or even to promote themselves or their brands, but to take money out through interest and dividend payout.

  3. Sure, same as they made sure Lille is in good hands right? A club that is on the verge of garage sale due to owners incompetence to run a club.

  4. The only thing that concerns me is that red bird don’t finance the deal like what has happened to man u, I have read that man u the club have paid over 1 billion in interest alone and this absolutely can not be allowed at Milan, I hope Elliot take in the interests of Milan as well as their bottom line.

  5. There is literally no doubt for any Milan fan. As much as I wouldn’t want an owner connected to Saudi Arabia, I’d much less want to get US owners. Elliot invested to get Milan back up and get a better sell price. These guys would look to make profit from Milan soon.

    Middle eastern companies just tend to use that as marketing for themselves, to show how powerful they are and to promote their own brands and companies. Simple as that, Milan has a brighter future ahead with Investcorp, 100%.

    1. And yeah I forgot, Lebron James holds a stake at Redbird, I wouldn’t want to see him around Milan in any possible way, let alone owning a share. He will involve some pointless and worthless political stuff and agenda with Milan, no thank you! Sports and politics shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence unless we are talking about stadium permits. He doesn’t understand that.

  6. Religion has got nothing to do with it. I am Christian bt I believe Investcorp has got more financial resources than Redbird. Normally Arabs who own football clubs tend to spend more than Americans. When it comes to buying players e.g PSG, Man City.

  7. I would LOVE for:
    Milan, to: be “CO-OWNed”; by: loads, of: wealthy_ shareholder’s/”CO-OWNer’s”: for instance; even “Alibaba”; “Apple”; “Amazon” and many others, also too?? As part of such (a) deal(s); they could have their good’s/services’ etc., in and/or; as close, as possABLE, to: the [very] stadium(s)??

  8. What are the ways, in which;
    I Hope; that: ‘we’: (the Club: =A.C.); would benefit: =1st, of ALL: having more -investment’s/money. (As much as possABLE); **For: buying new players and “Youth_development” etc.** (and/or; what-ever other nec. costs + “The charity work/Foundation!?”!!)?? 2, “Such fund’s/money; (say); To be spent, on: “Marketing/Branding etc.”; also too. 3, “A Clear vision: for our future!!”!! And 4, if the club, is “Co-OWNed”; then: hopefully; between “all the [very] co-owner’s”; they can “get things right”. Oh yes and 5, “A Promise/delivery of (I.E. A Promise, which or that; I hope: will be -delivered): of/for: a “5-10 year plan”!!”!!?? And 6, [Alas]; “to (say) WIN_ TROPHY’S!!”!!

  9. What would (can and/or; @ least, could!?); be: “In it for “them”!!”??
    1, A.C. Could have many (new) “nick-name’s”; E.G.: “APPLE/AMAZON/Alibaba/Alphabet: Calcio_Milan!?”!!!!?? (For [4]: “their brand’s” (“exposure to/for!!”??)??
    2, “To: have their shop’s/store’s: good’s and/or; item’s/service’s etc., in/as close as possABLE, to: stands (which or that; they themselves; could -Sponsor/invest in)/stadiums!!”!!!!
    3, “To: get more sales’ (from A.C. Fans): providing, that they:
    “Promise, to: “re-invest say; 10% of: the profit’s, from such/said sales:
    back into: the club”!!”??”!?
    4, “The pride of win-ning trophy’s/buidling/growing -success’!!”?? 5, “Marketting”/”Branding”. 6, “Learning off/from other club owner’s:
    how to: “Profit_Maximise”” (“share prices”). And 7, “Networking, together; with each other: towards; “common goal’s/shared_ -success'””.

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