MN: Squad exclusion a clear signal as Bakayoko dilemma remains for Milan

By Isak Möller -

This summer, AC Milan have managed to offload quite a few players and there is still some work left to do on that front. Tiemoue Bakayoko is getting increasingly closer to an exit, a report claims. 

The Chelsea-owned midfielder was brought in on a two-year loan last summer and after a disappointing first year, he’s now expected to leave. It hasn’t been that easy for Milan to find him a new club, though, as well as convincing the player to leave.

According to MilanNews, the two squad exclusions for the friendlies against Vicenza and Pergolettese paint a pretty clear picture. Stefano Pioli doesn’t consider Bakayoko a part of the project and his agents are now starting to look around.

An agreement will have to be reached with Chelsea on the solution but Milan are more than willing to let him leave one year earlier than expected. It remains to be seen what the outcome of the situation will be, but it’s clear an exit would be good for all parties.

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  1. Of course he is not part of the project, he can’t even be registered at Serie A squad due to non-homegrown limit.

    Can’t Milan just terminate the loan without waiting for new club?

    1. Most likely the scenario is this: Milan has to pay for the remaining time regardless if they keep him this season or not. They could send him back to Chelsea but still lose the money. Not sure how the salary issue would go.

      If some other club would loan him then Milan wouldn’t have to pay anything(?) as Chelsea would get their compensation from the new club.

      1. Tiemoué Bakayoko is on a two year loan costing 3 mil euros last year with an Obligation to buy with conditions according to transfermarkt. Recently there was a report that those conditions are if he plays 15 x 45 mins this season we will be forced to buy the player.
        If we have no intentions of buying him and even fielding the player then it would seem like the best solution for chelsea as well to accept a termination of his loan deal unless they are fine with that he wont play many minutes if any which would further plummit his value.
        At least in the case he returns to them they can cut their losses and then sell him at a lower cost than initially planned with us which i believe was set at 17 mil.
        Cost wise i would suspect that the 3 mil for the loan is gone, salary shouldn’t posses an issue if terminated.

    2. First of all, we don’t know the official registration as yet (unless you do, I certainly haven’t seen it being announced as yet). If u do, please share. Secondly, Bakayoko is not SOLELY the reason why the registration is in jeopardy. It can be any of the long list of 19 non-homegrown players. It could also be Diaz, who we can send back seeing as we have 3 CAMs now. It can be Fode who we sell or loan, who is really terrible as a backup for Theo. It could be Salad, who might be forced to be loaned out to accommodate registration. Or any other. We may even listen to offers for Rebic and we may even sell Bennacer, who knows.
      Also you keep going on about registration for the umpteenth time. The 17 non-homegrown players is just a math issue that is resultant on the requirement but it doesn’t mean you’ve fulfilled the squad requirements. Even if Bakayoko goes back and Ibra is not registered,.we still haven’tet the squad requirements even though there would be 17non-homegrown. It would obviously mean just registering youths to fulfill the 8 local/own- club quota but still the point remains.
      I would say it would be wise to pick up Berardi or similar and send back either Yoko and/ or Diaz

      1. Did I even say the registration is in jeopardy? I only reveal that Milan has too many so there is no room for Bakayoko.

        Did you read Pioli’s interview? He said Milan is still lacking 1 midfielder while at the later part he talked about midfield consisting of Tonali, Bennacer, Pobega, and Krunic. He didn’t even mention Bakayoko.

        Furthermore, the names you wrote had been featuring in the last 2 friendlies while Bakayoko did not.

        Isn’t that obvious enough that Bakayoko is the one they don’t plan to register as part of the squad?

        1. You didn’t answer the part about knowing who was registered or not. Where u get that info? I couldn’t find it online.
          I don’t understand what ur saying. It’s very conflicting. Ur saying registration is not in jeopardy but right after say there are too many players. Then, yes if there are too many players registration is in jeopardy because you’ll be paying for players that can’t make the team 🤦‍♂️
          Even if they send back Yoko, they still need another player to go, which I’m assuming would be to register Zlatan in winter. You’ll still need to offload someone eventually. I don’t know what Milan’s plans are. Liverpool seems interested in Bennacer due to his relatively low transfer clause. He could go. So too Rebic who has admirers. We don’t know who will go

          1. The season has not started. No registration yet. Everyone who know the rule know that there will be at least 2 players not registered among Milan’s current first team players. But it is no-brainer that Bakayoko is going to be one of them, you can read a lot of article talking about the exclusion of Bakayoko. Registration can still change until the mercato is over, so your question is irrelevant.

            The registration is not in jeopardy. If Milan is unable to register 1-2 players, is it jeopardy? No, Milan just need to trimm the squad before the mercato is over. Imo, Milan has a good squad, just terminate Bakayoko and Diaz, then the remainder can all be registered. The issue can arise if new players arrive in this is why I was talking about homegrown issues.

            I talked about homegrown to tell the other Milanisti not to expect the club to sign someone who will make it harder for the club to register all first team players. I encourage them not to fall to media hype and rumours, some of them doesn’t make sense especially as Maldini himself said he want consolidation, not overhaul. Some of those names can only come if Milan sell a lot of players from last season, which is overhaul that will hurt the solidity of the team, againts Maldini’s plan.

            Honestly, I was bemused seeing your comments, it is as if I was asked respond to someone else statement.

      2. The 8 local/club trained is not important issue. They can be filled with primavera.

        Selling Rebic will only add another issue as Milan will need to look for replacement.

        I agree with you that Bakayoko and Diaz should be removed.

        1. @yelnats why bemused? it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out it was you who I was referring to. I’ll @ you next time if it helps. After all I specifically went into about registration, your original comment, and about homegrown quota, who else on this site’s comments section repeatedly bombards us with such comments other than u?

          Anyways, perhaps jeopardy is not the best word to use but u should have easily gotten the point. Jeopardy means exposure to or imminence to loss which is exactly what this is. But for sake of simplicity, maybe let’s use problematic. I was talking jeopardy in terms of financial management and squad selection ie. Milan would be left paying for players that can’t actually play in the squad based on the current team and would need to make a choice to select one player over another to meet registration requirements. And no, while I would like it to be Bakayoko, it’s not necessarily a no brainer for the reasons I’ve put forth ie there may well be other players moving rather than Yoko and/or Diaz. We really don’t know what M&M have in mind and you shouldn’t believe anything u read in media like even u said. We’re only 4 days away from the first game, so yes it is problematic if we don’t resolve those issues before the season starts. If M&M don’t seem concerned, I wouldn’t too. Maybe we missed a legal loophole or something in terms of homegrown. But who knows

  2. I get he’s no good but squad is a little light in double pivot. Already panic stations that we’re gonna start Krunic in the opener after Tonalis injury.. and before ppl defend how well lord krunic played in the run-in last season, that was in CAM not CDM.

    Of course we are trying to cut our losses w Bakayoko but we prob need at least one new CDM option if he leaves. Personally I’d be up for trying Adli there as an experiment alongside Tonali covering. Am hoping Pobega adapts well to the role but seems more of a no.8 than no.6

    1. I prefer playing krunic on cdm for first few games rather than paying 17m for bakayoko just for backup that never look good last season, we can just force calabria to play there too if no one come to fill the gap,

    2. Squad might be a little light at DM, but Milan can only register 17 non-homegrown (foreign-trained) players who are not 21 to play at Serie A. Milan currently has 19 of them (exceed the limit by 2), so alongside the injured Zlatan, Bakayoko is not registered.

      This is why Maldini is currently looking for a midfielder who are either homegrown or U21. Milan still has 1 slot for Italian-homegrown and U21 is not limited in Serie A, so they can be registered, unlike Bakayoko.

  3. Tu smo tanki !! vidi se sada kad fali Tonali !! Imamo ga još godinu i vazda može uletit kad je stani pani !! Para nema Dakle ZDARŽAT ga ipak je tu trenira i košta ništa ! Ovako je manje više dobar OSIGURAČ !!!!

  4. more than willing to let him leave……LOL, a wonderful example why it will take that long to get back on top for Milan. M&M wants to have a expensive mercenary in age of 27 (after incredible bad season in Napoli) instead of giving an agreement to teenager for starting minutes.

  5. From the beginning why loan 2 years for bakayoko? Just 1 years enough, if we failed to return him to chelsea it will be disaster and no DMF will come

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