MN: ‘Controlled risk’ – the financial and tactical reasons behind De Ketelaere sale

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan seem to have made the decision to let Charles De Ketelaere head out on loan and there are multiple factors behind the call, a report claims.

As MilanNews writes, the fact De Ketelaere remained on the bench for all 90 minutes in the friendly match in Las Vegas against Barcelona – ​​combined with the handful of minutes against Real Madrid and Juventus – was a rather clear signal of what was to come.

De Ketelaere is not an integral part of the Milan project and the Rossoneri management will not oppose his potential sale. Interest arose from Aston Villa and PSV above all, but it was Atalanta who presented Milan with a proposal that has already been accepted.

If the Belgian approves the transfer, the deal will be concluded on the basis of €3m loan plus a €23m option to buy and no buy-back clause. If he were to be bought in 2024, a capital gain of €1.7m would be recorded while 100% of his salary for next season is saved.

However, there is not only an economic motivation behind the sale of De Ketelaere. It is clear that the reasons are above all tactical because he never fit into Pioli’s plans while the change of formation to a 4-3-3 leaves him even more on the outer edges.

Milan think they can do without De Ketelaere even if he were to end up having positive season with Gian Piero Gasperini. Giorgio Furlani, therefore, is assuming a controlled risk.

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    1. Really? Because we have other players we signed to fill in for Pulisic, and this guy played a ton last season and had one assist all season long. His attitude is terrible.

    2. Yeah Pulisic gets injured Okafor can step up

      There’s Reinjders

      There’s Musah

      You think this is Maldini’s paper thin squad?

      Also we wont play an AM anymore so wtf does Pulisic have to do with this? Literally Pulisic hasnt played in AM at all in friendlies but you fans are convinced he will lol.

      1. First of all Chris didn’t read the part about 4-3-3. In fact there are a handful of 4-3-3 denialists on here. That renders the whole “who will play for Pulisic if he gets injured” question moot, as the assumption there is that Pulisic will be playing trequartista and CDK would somehow be his 35m Euro reserve.

        Even if we do play 4-2-3-1 with Pulisic playing as trequartista, and if for some reason they choose to persist with that formation in the event Pulisic gets injured (why not then actually play a 4-3-3 due to personnel availability?), then RLC can play there. Okafor can probably play there, and if all else fails there is good ole Krunic if he’s still with us.

      2. From the benefit of tonali’s (recruited by Faildini) sale, ACM is rebuilding the squad. Next year they will sell Theo, Maignan, Leao , reap the benefit of Faildini’s recruitment again but the fan base will keep blaming him for some failed transfer.

        It is easy to negotiate when you have to report to the owner only and have financial power to negotiate.

  1. Let’s hope that Pioli will stick with his 433. There’s no room for error this season. It’s really all on him now.

  2. This is good move. Ac Milan managed to reach 370 million on revenues, compared to 190 million couple of season ago, so now is time for Milan to keep pushing players to do better job.
    It is always best to sell players who can’t manage to prove in 1 season and bring fresh one, who would be able to play much better.
    Milan already lost a lot in De Keteleare, so selling him for 23 million will save all the rest depreciation and can focus money in next arrival from next season.
    Charles don’t fit in Milan way of play.

  3. Inside the Milan think tank….

    “We need a centre back, let’s loan out Gabbia.”

    “We need a striker.”
    “Hey didn’t CDK successfully play striker at his last club?”
    “Let’s loan him out with no buy back option. “

    “Let’s sell our youngest midfielder with the most potential, to raise funds and replace him with two to three less quality players.”

    “But we still need a striker.”
    “Let’s get another left winger and pretend he’s a striker.”
    “But we already got a left winger from Chelsea and we already have one of the best in the world right now.”
    “That’s ok, we’ll tell everyone he can play across the trident, even though we are switching formations to a 433.”

    “Are we filling our team with Americans for any reason?”
    “Yes, we will sell lots of shirts at Yankees games.”

    “Despite all these changes our team still looks to have the same problems we had in the past, and we can’t blame those two legends who we sacked. What do we do now?”

    1. We improved immensely at RW with Chuk and Pulisic

      Okafor is a direct improvement over Rebic and can play any forward position

      And Reijnders can become just as good as Tonali. As much as we all liked Tonali, let’s be real, he couldn’t take a free kick all last season. We wasted every set piece opportunity. Not to mention Musah has the potential for serious development.

      Thiaw will only get better. Hopefully we can add another young CB in the mercato and a proper DM.

      1. “As much as we all liked Tonali, let’s be real, he couldn’t take a free kick all last season. We wasted every set piece opportunity. ”

        Exactly. The bar has been set REALLY low for anyone who dares to take his chances with set pieces this season.

    2. Inside your dumbtank:

      “We’ve only got 35m to spend again, because we’re not cheating Juventus or failing Inter, but we need 4-5 starters”.
      “Ok, let’s spend it all on one player that’s unproven and maybe he will carry the club on his shoulders, even by April when we’re 50 games in and everyone has been playing every game he will be scoring 25 goals and have 25 assists.”
      Done….and then fail (Source: AC Milan 2022-23).

      1. Or maybe he thought that Milan already had a scudetto winning team and there was no need to buy anyone? Buying players might disrupt the morale too according to “fans”. 🙂

        1. I LOVE that argument by Maldini’s Hair Appointment 🙂 Never been heard of in the history of Milan fandom but let’s roll with it and keep Messias, Salad, Krunic, Pobega, CDK just because…. I dunno, they’re already here?

    3. “Let’s sell our youngest midfielder with the most potential, to raise funds and replace him with two to three less quality players”

      When the midfield is is razor-thin it’s wise to sacrifice one good player to get 2-3 decent ones. Just watch the Inter-matches if you don’t believe.

      And it also seems that Reijnders might make people forget about Tonali before the season is even over.

    4. Your comment are just the same as your nick name . Our team have the same problem in the past ? We fixed RW by bring samuel chukwu & pulisic , we fixed midfield by improve depth , we trying to fix last season mistake like activate buy option florenzi & junior , buy one belgian player using 70% budget and hope he can become the next kaka or kevin de bruyne , signing crap player like origi and loan many useless player then return them back , we fixed by trying sell that mistake this season .We cannot blame those 2 legend ??? So massara now AC Milan legend ? Dude come on i know comment are free but still dont show dumb in sempremilan site ,it is public site

    5. Inside Maldini Fanboy Center:

      “Guys, we’re in trouble! When CDFlop gets loaned out to Atalanta, what are we gonna cry about next? Whaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  4. Redbird is dumb. Gasparini will get the best out of CDK and sell him for 3x.

    All of you boneheads are drooling over these new signings. Remember all of Mirabelli’s & Fassone’s signings? Is anyone excited about the fact that they replaced Tonali with Musah and RLC?

    1. Yes, I’m excited we have now got depth at LW, CF, CM and proper RWs for Tonali, instead of waiting for one guy to somehow triple in value so we could sell him in 2025 and then finally do the same thing we just did now.

      All the best to Gasparini and CDK if what you say happens. Gasparini isn’t our coach and CDK would not have been his best here this season (and thus no hope of selling for even 1x next summer) with the same squad we had last season, with only Giroud at striker, Saladmaker and Messias CRUSHING it (not) at RW, Leao playing every game, Krunic playing every game next to Tonali until January because Bennacer is injured, and Rebic and Origi pretending to be footballers and doing absolutely nothing.

      1. For 35m euro ( without selling tonali & still same director ) they plan buy RLC & arnautovic cash also loan with obligation for berardi . So yeah still same like last season krunic – tonali double pivot whole season , for AMF they will use CDK again for brahim replacement while find loan player AMF for CDK deputy. So basically same player on bench like last season: Rebic,origi,new loan AMF,RLC,saladmaker,florenzi,ballotoure,another loan DMF player,arnautovic,colombo . They will hoping miracle drawing in CL again weka weka weka

  5. I think CDK will come good when he’s shown some confidence by Gasp. People are throwing around the fact that he played 1100 minutes in Serie A without really giving it context, he played a fair bit in some of the early games but in the last 30 games of the season he averaged just over 20 mins per game and I don’t think he had any consecutive games of longer than 45. If you’re lucky enough to have never had confidence issues, or have never played football regularly, then maybe you don’t understand, but for a lot of players let alone a young player coming to a new league with a big price tag on his shoulders, confidence is going to take a serious hit in that situation. He needs more regular games, for one chance to hit the back of the net, and he will build on it. Not having a buyback is a big risk in my opinion.

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