MN: Injury will not halt Milan’s renewal plans for ‘precious’ midfielder

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic’s injury setback will not slow down AC Milan’s attempts to try and agree a contract renewal with the midfielder, a report claims.

Krunic is expected to miss around a month after sustaining a muscle problem during Saturday’s win against Hellas Verona, so now Stefano Pioli must reshape the midfield without his trusted balancer at the base of it.

According to Antonio Vitiello’s latest for MilanNews, Krunic’s injury will not slow down the negotiations for the renewal of his contract, which expires in 2025.

For Pioli he is a ‘precious player’ and during the summer window the coach himself made it clear that he wanted to keep the Bosnian despite interest from other clubs.

Milan are working to extend the deadline beyond 2025 with a pay rise to reflect the former Empoli man’s status as a leader within the team, something that attracted Lyon and Fenerbahce in the last mercato.

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  1. Pioli: “Let’s give him 3.5 a year and make him our starts for the next decade”

    Me: “1.5 and be a sub until another decent offer comes”

  2. Postt and Arber you are talking about milions and you are not worth even 500 Euros. Krunic is best Milan player this season statisticaly and you are just jelouse. The only Milan player who was wanted by lot of teams

    1. Hell yeah, he’s awesome, he passes backwards every time. He’s so good, you don’t even notice just how good he is. You’re right, he was the only Milan player wanted by a lot of teams. Eat your heart out Pep, this is Pioli’s man.

          1. im upset i gotta read the same sewage from you every fuucking day, tho most days is just ignore it..
            Jesus. Krunić is in the club and does well. Accept it and move on.
            You tear into the guy daily like he did your mama with a bbc dildo while you had to watch tied to a chair with candle wax driping on your lady parts

          2. Whoa man, you’re weird, who thinks of that kind of stuff in such detail. You should probably go talk to someone and get back on your meds.

          3. You said you get upset when people talk bad (truth) about him. Are you named Stefano Pioli or you just in love with him too? Did you describe one of your strange fantasies with him when trying to talk smack before? Read what you wrote, you’re unhinged. Ask your mom to refill your prescription asap.

          4. I never said/wrote that. You’re insane, repeating the same thing day in day out and you wanna point to me to being unhinged?
            Boy, get help..

          5. “ You tear into the guy daily like he did your mama with a bbc dildo while you had to watch tied to a chair with candle wax driping on your lady parts”
            -Flying Turtle

            You wrote that, you’re creepy and insane.

          6. -You said you get upset when people talk bad (truth) about him-
            I never said/wrote THAT!

            The way you’re jumping around the bbc part i sus I hit close to home with that. So you do know Krunić from a personal exp..

      1. You are so full of sh*t. Krunic has as high a progressive passing as Reinjders smh. But let’s just target Krunic.
        Passes backwards all the time but as soon as he got injured in Verona and Reinjders played in his role what does he do? Pass backwards and not just once but just as often. Smh. Why didn’t u comment then on that.
        Don’t even get me started on blocks, pass completions, tackling. But yea, can’t even support your own players

  3. I will prefer he joins a rival Serie A team so that we will learn how to appreciate what we had once more. That’s the only way Milan fans here (not in San Siro) will learn how to appreciate a player.

    Like I have said before, more than half of those that comment here only criticise their own players and appreciate the players of other teams.

  4. Ac Milan in spending the less money for best possible results of trio biggest italian clubs.

    Inter and Juventus are still clubs that handling business with loss, and Milan manage to buy cheap and have fair results for money return.

    We are very close to become number one team in Italy.

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