MN: Kessie has a decision to make – English clubs queue up as Milan offer big pay rise

By Oliver Fisher -

The stalemate between AC Milan and Franck Kessie over the renewal of his contract continues, with a latest update having arrived.

The latest from Luca Serafini for MilanNews writes that Kessie is not alone in using the leverage of the fact his current contract expires in 2022 to try and get a better deal, as we are seeing it with Kylian Mbappè, Lorenzo Insigne, Paulo Dybala and many others.

However, when the negotiation is preceded by a public declaration of love and oaths of fidelity as Kessie did in the middle of the Olympics, the signing must follow almost by default.

He has wanted €7m net per season to renew since July and not the €6m that many were reporting, but he currently earns €2.5m and therefore it would consistute a huge pay rise. Milan have offered a contract that would see his pay grow by almost €30m over the four years.

English clubs are in line not to start an auction, but to entice the player, so the ball passes to the Ivorian who must either keep to his word or emulate Calhanoglu and anger a lot of fans.

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  1. Fcking bullshit. Tell him to sign or bench him completely. No registration in Serie A. Neither in UCL. Nor in Copa Italia. Let him rot on the bench.

    1. Ive allways been in line with what you and rimp suggests as players should realize that they shouldnt even consider making fools out of us and try to hold us hostage as one year not even on the bench should make them reconsider such approaches.

  2. How is it that teams are allowed to present him with offers, when AC Milan has not accepted any offer for him, back in the day that was the case. Or are they just teasing him with some social media bs!

      1. Yeah i agree back in the days it certainly wasnt allowed and has also asked this question myself on social media before but never really got a reliable answer.

  3. Seriously, clubs need to grow some balls, don’t be subservient to these agents and mercenary players. If he won’t sign then, don’t register him for Serie A, Coppa and UCl. Let him train and play with primavera for a year. As soon and if he signs then he is back and we register him during the winter window.

    If we allow these players to extort us – Milan as a club will be in bad shape financially and we risk the club – not worth it.

    1. U are very correct! These players wants to ruin the club with exorbitant demands. Though I feel he’s asking for such demands because he wants to leave. He should just say it than toying with our hearts….. This guy has had just one good season out of three and he is asking for 3times more of his current wages. We want passionate players hungry for success not just money!!😡

  4. Klub Inggris hanya mau merusak , mereka tidak akan mau membayar 50 juta euro sekarang , mereka menunggu kontrak habis , dan mungkin mereka akan mengontrak Kessie hanya 4-5 juta euro

  5. It’s very unfortunate for Milan this days as they’re united with ungrateful and unloyal players. First,it was Donnarumma andCalhanoglu,and now Kessie. No player is above the club,if he isn’t comfortable playing for Milan,he should find his way out before things get out of hands.


    1. Nobody is to my knowledge questioning his value to the team but over doubling his salary isn’t a huge pay rise ? The player should understand we can only pay as much as we can afford or it could become detrimental towards the clubs ffp and might even tumble the financial wage stucture of the club as all players then will demand higher salaries according to his so either he follows through on his previous comments of wanting to stay for his entire career and renews his contract or its just cheap talk to paint himself in a good light towards the milan fans if he ends up leaving,


      So offering 2-2,5x the money he now gets isn’t fair? WTF are you talking about?!

      He wants to earn more than Zlatan. Zlatan has won more awards & trophies than you have fingers. How many goals has he scored? How about Kessie? So he has no trophies yet? OK. I see. Yeah… Give him 10M€/year and another 10M€ as bonuses.

  7. I dont want to be rude,but management has to,HAS TO,deal with contract issues before at least half of August.If deal is not sealed,there is 2 weeks or more,for Sell/Exchange players.And thats it,simple as hell.There is no place for stuff like”I love Ac,I wanna stay here!”thats bullshit,and Paolo knows that.To hell with that!You wanna play,ok,stay and be a part of it.If not-wish him luck and thats it.For players is new club on free transfer way more profitable as changing club over selling,thay cash way more on free transfer…and football is played for money,right,not for coconuts.I would please Paolo to take of that rather sooner that later.It seems that Cassie is not diferrent from Chala and Dollaruma….exchange him wit similar player typ,there has be enough offers from abroad and continent,we have already lost too much with those two who run away without a penny…..shame,shame

    1. The management is only half of the parties here (well.. actually 1/3 as Kessie is one, his greedy agent is one and then there’s Milan). Milan cannot make any decisions alone.

      Milan has made several offers already but Kessie’s greed & his agent has turned down every single offer. Milan needs Kessie’s signature. So it’s not 100% Milan’s fault.

      It takes two to tango.

      1. Of course it’s not only Milan’s fault.I was just saying that we see here same behaviour like at Dollar/Challa.”I love Milan,Milan gave me everyt hing,blah,blah…”week after week they managed to get close the gap between transfers windows,and managed to get to free agent in end of june.Ususaly,it is imposible to make normal contract with player because no club will pay huge bonus for plus years.But,every club will pay huge bonus,on hands,if player come as free agent from another club.And that is it what Cassie does,he use same sistem as Dollar/Challa to get close to end of june 2022,nothing else.There is no such thing as thankfullness,only money…cash,no feelings.It wasnt like this back in the days….today we have industrial football.Cash only

  8. Frank The Tank will renew with the Rossoneri, I’m sure of it.

    The worst has been and gone – a goalkeeper who was nurtured from a young age by the primavera, etc, who proclaimed everlasting love, respect, etc for the Rossoneri and left on a freebie without even a £1.00 being paid to the club that made him what he is. Ungrateful …………..

    1. Kessie will join these two ungrateful bastards. He’s too greedy to sign with Milan. You’ll see. IF he wanted to stay, he would have taken the 6M€ already and not ask for the moon from the sky.

  9. Kessie has lost his supporters from Milan. Management should understand that he would again repeat this after 1-2 years just as Donnarumma did in the past. Even if Milan keep Kessie, be shouldn’t be given enough game time, now that we need to find a player who can become a symbol for years to come.

  10. He should be loyal like Maldini. If he is proving difficult to sign a new contract sell him to Tottenham and spread the cash on 3-4 new players

  11. A player is worth what he is worth…does not matter if it is doubling the salary or not. Where is it written that a player cannot do better than doubling his salary? If his production is worth 100M, then that is what he should get paid. Kessie has been playing like a player who earns 10M a year for Milan…he did not complain that he was making small money.
    Don’t say Kessie is very important to the team, but not worth what he is asking for. We all know he is getting offers bigger than what he is asking Milan for.
    If you don’t value the player, get rid of him and go sign a player who will play for peanuts. One thing is certain in life…you get what you pay for.

    Players are not slaves and they have families to provide for.

    1. Im not saying you are overall wrong in your assesments as you deffently has some points but saying even the 2.5 mil he is currently paid is peanuts is idiotic and he has actually been offered 7 mil combined with bonuses according to media reports. Add to that i personally find it offensive to the common working class to call people who earns as much as football players does even as teenagers does is a travesty. You know who pays the players salaries the common man who year after year has to struggle to pay more and more of their actually hard earned cash to for some pampered atlethes that demands more and more. Obviously players isnt slaves but if the club chooses to bench him an entire season because he wont renew then thats a choice the club can make as well as he is currently owned and paid by the club so he is contractually bound whether you or he likes it or not.
      If he wants to get his big pay day fine but then he should come forward and say so and not holding the club hostage til the club has no other choice than to sell him for a small fee in january or let him for free next summer.
      The player actually said recently that he would like to play for us for the remainer of his career but thats easy to say that if he wont budge at all- Ergo cheap talk as he knows that the club has its limitations in cash and that we need to comply with the ffp.
      Finally kessie might want more and has a family to support but as things stands he should be set for life

  12. IMO this is all management’s fault. Should have learned lesson with Donnaruma And Hakan. Should have foreseen this as a possibility no matter what Kessie said publicly. What else is he supposed to say -he hates it here? Times have changed. Words don’t mean shit. Only a signature on a contract does. It’s sad but unfortunately true. It will be extremely rare to see a player like Maldini, Totti, De Piero stay with the same club his whole career. This was foreseeable and management should have planned for this. Now we are 5 days before window closes and we have lost most if not all of our leverage. Kessie is worth 50-60M to an EPL team but we are lucky to get half that amount since they can sign him to a contract for free in January. Regardless of what anyone think is a lot of money it’s all subjective and based on market value – and not what we think is fair or not. IMO Yes, I think We offered him a fair deal but it doesn’t matter what I think it matters what Kessie thinks and what the market is willing to pay and what we can afford (same w Donnaruma). So since it seems we cannot pay to meet his demands we should sell immediately to the highest bidder take that money and invest in players young like Faivre, Yacine and Kamara or Sanches – before we risk losing yet another player for free. I say young players because they won’t ask for high wages we cannot afford. I also don’t think it helps our cause when we re-signed Ibra and gave him the highest wage on the team. Just gave players like Kessie another argument against the club wondering why we can pay Ibra 7M and not him – not saying he’s right or wrong – but I can see his argument. Is he not worth more? That is debatable, but you get his point. Exceptions CAN and HAVE been made (but perhaps not for him). What’s more concerning (aside from the lack of urgency to sell or resign Romagnoli) is that this will happen again with Theo and possibly Bennacer who have PSG already Sniffing around. Theo already turned down 5M/season offer from PSG but how long do you think that will last IF we do not give him a raise??? Do you really think he will play the next 3 years at 1.5M salary? Perhaps but most likely not. Again this is very foreseeable and we should give him a raise and extend because he has outplayed his contract pr we should be prepared to sell because you better believe PSG will come back again next summer and offer him a huge deal again and he won’t continue to turn that down. Management needs to wake up. This is a business and in business you have to always have a backup plan and not rely on the “let’s wait and see what happens” approach – which is what we did with Donnaruma, Hakan and now Kessie. Fkn shameful.

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