MN: Krunic now very unlikely to leave Milan this summer – the reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic has had a sizeable offer from Fenerbahce to mull over for a few days, yet he does not currently seem close to joining the Turkish club.

According to MilanNews, Fenerbahce have offered Krunic €3m net per season which is obviously a tempting proposal given it is double what he gets currently Meanwhile, Milan have asked for a €12-13m offer to even begin negotiations.

Offers of the kind – not even inferior ones – don’t seem to have arrived, so much so that Milan are determined to listen to Stefano Pioli on the future of the Bosnian midfielder.

“The midfield as it is I like, and so for me it would be complete. Rumors about Krunic? Do you think I let a player play who doesn’t train well or with his head in another place? He tells me something else with his attitudes. it’s the words that count but the attitudes and Rade has never been wrong about this,” he said after the Monza game.

Krunic is very unlikely to leave Milan this summer, also because he carved out an important role in the Scudetto campaign and in last season’s excellent Champions League run while being ready to be a protagonist in the new Milan that is being born.

Pioli will keep him as a starter in the new midfield, deploying him – as already seen, with mixed results – in the summer friendlies as a resgista in the 4-3-3 formation.

It would be a new role for the Bosnian, but at 30 Krunic has the right experience and reliability, according to Pioli, to do well even in an unknown role.

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  1. He was a joke last season in the league. Often being bypassed, losing passes and being an invisible clown in midfield.

    When we signed other midfielders, he needs to sit on the bench. If management had any sense they would sell him and take the 8 million.

    1. ALSO, he sucks as a regista. He can’t play there. Can you imagine someone with such limited physicality playing that role? Because I can’t.

      1. Turks signed Fred. He isn’t going anywhere. He stays as a transition figure this season to help integrate new players. Hopefully he moves next summer.

        1. What a stupid move. Having a good player as a transition figure makes sense. Problem here is he isn’t a good player. And next summer he will leave for 1.5 million and then the same trolls on here will cry why we didn’t sell him sooner.

    2. He was a joke last season?
      What games did you watch?
      Milan season was literally saved the moment Krunic was inserted into the starting line up in place of Bennacer. Prior to that Milan midfield was getting outplayed, outrun, outmatched, out muscled by most teams thay play against.
      I do want an upgrade in the regista role, but don’t have to crap on Krunic in the process.

      1. Lmaooo you must be sarcastic. I really hope you’re being sarcastic. The guy was a key reason we drew so many games. He was lousy last season in midfield especially in the league.

        Krunic defenders are delusional.

        1. And thinking Milan was saved every time he was on the pitch. He was a damn liability with how many misplaced passes he did.

        2. Z you are absolutely rightseriously, we won the most matches WITH Krunic in the team last season, we lost and drew a LOT when he was injured/benched, those are facts. @gianjano for a guy that is here 24/7 you know very little about the team u support, it strikes me every time

          1. Lmaoooo you guys need to be joking with me. Maybe you need to consider doing stand up comedy and become a comedian. Tell me I’m being punked.

        3. He was the reason we drew games instead of losing them. You are right.
          Did he have more or less misplaced passes than Tonali, Bennacer?
          Also, you and few others act like Milan turned down 10-15 mil offers for Krunic and wouldn’t sell him for any price.
          Fenerbahche offer was less than 5 mil. At that price you are better off keeping Krunic.
          Milan should sign another midfielder, don’t need to give him up for peanuts just to get rid off him.
          And yeah he deserves a raise.
          If bums like Bakayoko and Florenzi, who give nothing to the team can make 2.5 and 3 mil, why would Krunic only make 1.5.
          2.5 mil salary for Krunic is not that big of a deal because you know you can count on him to do whatever his duties are at whatever position

          1. He’s a bum himself. His misplaced passes also caused us to lose when he gave up goals. You’re a joker. Consider becoming a comedian. I can’t believe you’re saying this all seriously.

            Krunic should go for 8 million. That’s fine with me.

            Also, Bakayoko is gone. But you can ask Maldini. Same with Florenzi.

            Krunic is mediocrity. You are stuck in the banter era. Bet you thought Borini and Mesbah were amazing too.

          2. For the 2022-23 domestic season Krunic had a higher pass completion percentage (85.8) than both Tonali (75.7) and Bennacer (85.7). While Bennacer had better short passing, Krunic had head over shoulder better long passing than the other two. He also has lower displacement when tackled and lower percentage of being tackled by an opponent when in possession.
            He also is more successful when taking on player and getting past them while in possession than the other two.

            Bro if I really post a comparison here ppl are going to go bonkers

          3. Ikwdyydhabdwhe is posting some bogus stats about Krunic. Never mind all the times the fumbling fool lost the ball in midfield. Krunic fanboys seem to be so infatuated with him.

            Imagine wanting him to stay and giving him a salary increase. Also he’s slower than a 80 year old grandma. Just imagine when he gets older. I bet Giroud could outrun him right now. Lolllll

          4. I see they’re going bonkers already and I ain’t even do a full comparison 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Who makes such specific stats u like that??? My resume my be banging.
            It takes a certain kind of special to be in that level of denial.

          5. You’re honestly sitting here and saying Krunic is better than Bennacer or Tonali. Wtf are you even smoking? You’re delusional.

          6. Let’s be serious here. Krunic is an ok utility player to have on the bench. Can give some useful minutes and fill in if injuries happen. But if he is starting a lot of games Milan is in big trouble. The fact that he played so many minutes last season for Milan is exactly why they finished 5th in Serie A points. You can tell how good or bad a season Milan is having by how many minutes Krunic plays. The more minutes, the worse the season.
            If you think Krunic is good enough to be starting for milan it shows how little you think of Milan.
            I asked this in another post but got no answers. What other top team would Krunic be starting for?
            Man City? Chelsea? Aresnal? Man United? PSG? Bayern? Real Madrid? Barcelona? Atletico? Napoli? Inter? Juventus? He’s not getting anywhere near the pitch on any of those teams. Why is he good enough for Milan?

        4. 12-2-2 with Rade as a starter. Where are the draws? 8-8-6 with him on the bench.
          Every time you post anything you just keep proving you know nothing about the game.

          1. Another clown. It isn’t because of Krunic. It’s because other players stepped up. You’re just another Krunic fanboy.

          2. Thank you @wcsg.
            We all want another midfielder to be signed that will start over Krunic, but we don’t need to make it look like he was the worst player ever in the meantime

          3. We’ll see how the season plays out and if the midfield gets dominated against weaker sides you clowns have no one to blame but yourselves, the team will have another crap season because all you krunic worshipers accept mediocrity.

      2. i would not bother with these people. they dont understand what they see in 90min gametime. they have a premade image of the player and that is it

        1. I look at games the full 90s minutes and don’t understand what Krunic even contributes lol. Dude backpasses more if anything.

          1. That’s right you don’t understand, you are completely clueless about the game. It is very clear that you have never played and certainly never coached.
            Scott Parker was the EPL FWA player of the year in 2010-11. He scored 5 goals in the league and had 3 assists. Very similar player, scored more than Krunic yes, but Rade is not winning any awards. Those who actually know the game understand that there is more to it than a fool like you can grasp. Now go back to your mommy’s basement and let the adults talk.

      3. Giancarlo and others are not really that concerned with what actually really happened in real life because that can never live up to their imaginations.

        So a manager and players who actually won the Scudetto are written off as being a manager and players who could never win a Scudetto.

        Apparently actually winning a Scudetto is not a measure of a person’s ability to win a Scudetto.

        Actually making the semi-finals of the Champions League (in a large part because of Krunic) is not a measure of a person’s ability to get to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

        That reality apparently never happened.

        1. Why don’t you look at how many minutes Krunic played when they won the Scudetto vs how many minutes he played last season when they finished 5th in points. That might help you find your answer
          whether he is good enough to be starting for Milan.
          He’s not. ANd there is no other top club in Europe that Krunic would be playing any kind of serious minutes for… name me one. You can’t. SO why is he good enough for Milan?

    3. Haha these people are delusional, he’s such a bum. He does nothing, straight garbage. People clearly do not watch the games. BUM.

      Him and Pioli need to come out of the close already.

  2. If krunic plays and no DMF as support player we will concede goal and hard to make goal on field. But maybe that’s just in preaseason.

  3. I don’t care if he comes off the bench for some minutes, but it will be hard to take this team seriously if Krunic is in our starting lineup. And if they give him a pay raise they should all be sacked. It’s embarrassing if we are trying to compete with the top teams in Europe and we have Rade Krunic in our starting 11. Pioli is going to lose his job over this love affair.

  4. So many weird Krunic defenders on here thinking he had a positive impact last season lmao imagine being so ignorant about football

  5. He holldddsss the ball so well lollllll

    The newest excuse for the Krunic cheer leader brigade on here.

    As if that’s a qualifier to play in a CL team.

    1. He doesn’t even do THAT at all, lol.

      The guy literally one of the worst players when it comes to resisting press, the moment he gets pressed he immediately loses the ball.

      And don’t get me started on his passing range…

  6. Dude right, he’s a donkey. Zero quality. Does absolutely nothing. Now a pay raise!?

    This is embarrassing. Watch how bad he does these first few games.

    When does Pioli change his last name to Krunic too?

      1. You don’t read follow flow of conversation. Just vile and vitriol. Z wanted to know if Krunic had more misplaced passes than Tonali and Bennacer so I gave the actual/factual pass completion rates as a proxy for all three regardless of whether u think they’re made up. PS you’re just losing your own credibility because actual data doesn’t suit your narrative. No one said he’s better. Each player brings something different. One player might pass better, another might tackle better. “Better” is difficult to conclude outright. I could have put he has a poorer tackling percentage but I just wanted to see you lose your mind 😂. I knew u weren’t smart enough to reply with something that’s also factual lol

        Man I’m having fun here…
        Btw how do you do that? Talk to yourself on two different accounts? LMAO 😂

        1. There Is saying ” when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”.
          You continue to dig deeper
          No one is saying that he is better than Bennacer and Tonali. People are just giving you numbers that are disproving your claims based on emotions, that Krunic is awful, that we drew and lost games because of him, that he keels misplacing passes, that he is the worst and claim ignorantly that he is at Milan because of a love affair with the coach.
          You didn’t like it, so you decided to move the goal post and now accuse people of saying that he is better than Tonali and Bennacer.
          There is honor in admitting when you are wrong

          1. Krunic sucks man, stop being a cuck. He only plays bc Pioli is in love. You better believe a new manager will never play him.

        2. The lack of class and humility in your comments makes you the clown Giancarlo.
          I disapprove of everything you say about Krunic.
          As Z & IKWYDLS told you we all wish for a world Class Regista but it’s no excuse to talk the rubbish you did about Krunic .
          Stop acting like a wannabe Moncada and be humble.. after all in real life away from a phone you wouldn’t compare to Krunic on the pitch . Be humble and comment with respect for real players.

          1. Lolllllll you disapprove of everything I say about your boy toy? Okay, I am soooo sorry that I got your disapproval. You can keep dating him. Fine by me.

            I’m sorry I don’t approve of a banter era level player.

  7. Brace for it folks….there’s gonna be a whole other set of solitary posts below from a certain person (bonus points if you can guess who)

    1. Brace for it folks, this guy is going to white knight for Krunic and Pioli. Dude they’re not gunna sleep with you. They’re both bums and suck at their jobs. Embarrassing that “fans” accept this mediocrity as their starting regista

  8. krunic cant play as a starter why? because he cant handle being no1 and all the good u guys say he does somehow not gonna do anymore as a starter . hes better on the bench and as rotation player same as pobega milan should sold him right away because hes time has passed same with messias sure there was some time they played surprising well but they cant do it at all times so 6 or 7 m they sould have sold him lets hope ballo toure doesnt stay . the same goes for caldara kjaer florenzi they need to leave because they cant help the team anymore (kjaer florenzi ) caldara cant even be solid also me personally pobega should leave too. but idk if they have time to replace all these players so krunic out dominguez in for rn (also lets hope they dont sell maignan rn they dont have time to find replacement /-s)

  9. People stating actual numbers and statistics but no counter argument which would debunk these facts.

    Instead, a bunch of immature babbling and insults.

    I really cannot believe what I’m seeing. Some really shouldn’t have access to internet.

    1. Put down the soy, estrogen boy.

      People actually watch every game and see with their own two eyes that he’s terrible. Others pull random empty “statistics” that mean nothing. You want him to come off the bench fine. But the starting regista? And a raise? Have you gone mad?

      And true fans aren’t sheep, we aren’t going to agree with every stupid decision Pioli makes.

          1. What random stats? IKWYDLS gave you successful pass completion numbers which are far from bad. I mean, I said many times Krunic is a bench player but the sh*t storm you dropped uppon Krunic on this blog is completely unjustified without any basis or facts behind. It’s just a figment of your emotions from that hype train you and your toxic buddies here ride for months now.

          2. Imagine wanting Krunic to stay and start. Then you’d be Ted. Backpasses count as pass completion. Krunic is a banter era signing. I’d rate Juraj Kucka over him.

        1. I knew who you are!! How is your hot dog s**king business going in the truck stop corner washroom? based on your time spent in posting comments, looks like you are having limited customers.

          Guys leave his alone. Business is not going well.

          1. I didn’t need to know about your personal life. You lot are all about self projection. Accuse others of which you’re guilty of doing.

      1. True fans are those who chant 90min every game.
        What you and the rest of the haters are is just weekend fans.. you got nothing better to do than to write shît about Milan players and if you saw them in real life you’d be begging for a photo and an autograph.. post it online on your fb or insta or whatever and then continue to write shít about them anonymously..
        Cowards and twofaced smoll pipi persons

        1. I would chant against bums like Krunic and Pioli all game every game. True fans aren’t sheep and agree with every stupid decision the coach makes. This is AC Milan, not Hellas Verona or Genoa, we’re the most successful club in Europe behind only Madrid. True fans don’t want mediocre, bums starting as our regista. We’ve watched the likes of Rijkaard, Albertini, Pirlo in a similar role. And now we are expected to be content with this terrible player?

    2. Well you just have to wait and see how your favourite boy krunic will bottle this season and end up at the bench after pioli gets sacked.

  10. @Martin Bernhard @Ted, would you agree that this blog has become toxic with underage teens, admin need to flush some account out of hear

  11. You don’t even know what the stats even are. Typical Ted. Krunic is a lot like a banter era player and there are plenty who agree with me on here.

    I mean even Juraj Kucka was a better player than Krunic.

    And my reasoning is based on fact. The guy is mostly useless in midfield.

  12. Krunic doesn’t deserve a raise because his time has passed and Milan should move on from a rotation player .same thing with pobega Florenzi Kjaer ballo toure origi. Also no one say anything about management not signing not a single CDM Which we need . Where all these people saying wHeRe’S kEsSiE RePlAcEmEnt rn. Sell Krunic buy Dominguez and Federico Redondo or Lucas Gourna

  13. its proven now how people here actually dont watch the game, just commenting on youtube highlights.

    Krunic, like some people said has been the 12th player of the squad like ambrossini (yes im tilting some of you for fun). he is not the best player, but he is able to cover most place in the squad when needed, which gives the coach tactical stability as he dont need to shuffle tactics. by the looks of it, he is also very influential with the squad off the field.

    He should be sold, but not now. maybe in winter or next season as Pioli basically drafting almost same tactic. this will help transition new players into the team without us losing too many games.

    im always against many signings in a season because of this. 1-2 big high profile names instead of 8 signings is always better. guess we had to many holes to fill.

    1. Comparing Krunic to a class player like Ambrosini is incredibly insulting to Ambrosini. Also, unlike Krunic, Ambrosini was an aerial threat who knew how to push forward. He had 10 goals in a season once. And I remember how he played clearly.

      1. Correction: 8 goals in a season.

        Also the guy could actually string passes together and not back pass. And he wasn’t shy of a challenge.

  14. Fenerbahce already buy fred . They dont need krunic anymore. Krunic will stay next season , just stop this hate for krunic . Even if krunic leave , ppl here will target calabria as next target, living with hating are not good for your health dude

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