MN: Leipzig star Sabitzer a perfect opportunity for Milan – from experience to quality

By Isak Möller -

In addition to Brahim Diaz, Milan are looking to bring in another playmaker this transfer window, seeing as they need two players for that position. Marcel Sabitzer has been mentioned and would perhaps be perfect. 

As highlighted by MilanNews, in their quest for a playmaker, Milan should seriously evaluate Sabitzer. In many ways, he’s the perfect profile for the Rossoneri and his contract situation makes him a great opportunity.

The Austrian has a lot of experience and also has good numbers for RB Leipzig, which of course is needed from his position. He has made 25 appearances in the Champions League and that shouldn’t be underestimated by Milan, finally back in the competition.

In addition to his club stats, he has made more than 50 appearances for the national team and that’s a testament to his quality. Versatility is also one of his main strengths, being able to play in almost every role in attack.

Under normal circumstances, he would be too expensive for Milan. However, his contract will expire next year and a renewal isn’t on the cards, forcing Leipzig to lower their claims to a mere €15-20m. An opportunity for many clubs, and not just the Rossoneri.

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  1. And that’s the reason why we should get him first before someone else comes up and takes him and we are fcking stuck with Diaz who’ll go back to Madrid and Krunic as AM.

  2. Honestly I’m really surprised about the hype around this guy, c’mon he isn’t that good.

    Maldini and co should do everything possible to sign either Coutinho, Isco or Ziyech, don’t even waste money on this guy. With signing either of the aforementioned players, our AM will be adequately covered in quality, and in two years time, Diaz will be way way better than this Sabitzer guy.

    1. If Coutinho can’t make it in Spain with world-class players next to him, he will not make it in Serie A either. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced and overpaid anyway.

      1. For everyone who understands football knows Barcelona is Barcelona, a good player may not necessarily be a good fit, but that by no means reduces his quality, hell, even Ibrahimovic was a flop at Barcelona despite being “surrounded by world class players next to him”, do you want to name good players who were flops at Barcelona? The list is endless.

        Coutinho left Barcelona to Bayern Munich and even scored two goals and one assist against Barcelona in the Quarter final of CL.

        Only problem is injury, common, on good day with everything as normal, he is one of the very best AM in world football, this is Coutinho who took the Premier League and the world by storm, this is Coutinho you talking about, common show some respect bro.

  3. But seriously I’m really surprised about the hype around this guy, c’mon he isn’t that good.

    Maldini and co should do everything possible to sign either Coutinho or Isco, those are real quality AM, then in two years time Diaz will be way way better than this Sabitzer guy.

    1. Have to disagree. Stabizer is perfect for Pioli’s system which requires defensive as well as offensive capabilities. Something Krunic (defensive) doesn’t have and Diaz is suspect in as well. For 15m Stabizer is a steal and a reasonable cost effective fit. Should sign him immediately.

      1. Well, it’s obvious you rate Sabitzer higher than Coutinho, Isco and Ziyech, I wouldn’t agree or disagree with you, everyone is entitled to his opinions.

        There’s a reason why at 27 Sabitzer has never played for a big club while Coutinho, Isco and Ziyech have down top colors like Ajax, Chelsea, R. Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern… I mean, you don’t move from one big club to another by luck, talent speaks on the pitch.

        Sabitzer at best is just slightly above average, never top class, all I see is hype, ain’t falling for that shit.

        1. I’m not saying he is better – at least not offensively (defensively yes) just saying for the price and what we can afford (transfer fee and his salary 3.5M) it’s probably the best we can do. Would I like Ziyech, Isco or Couthino? Of course. But we are spending that kind of $$. It’s sad as we should get One of them but they make too much and we won’t spend that kind of $$. So Stabizer is a very solid starter and a system fit, and his cost, based on what we can actually afford, would be a great addition IMO.

          1. Well, personally I didn’t know that Milan needed a defensive AM to compete, as for me though, I never knew Pioli’s system requires a defensive AM. But I know for sure that when Milan fielded a more offensive AM (Diaz) towards the end of the season, we all can remember how it all went, we played with more fluidity, pumping Juventus 3-0, demolishing Torino 7-0 and also beating Atalanta 2-0.

            All those results were earned on the pitch while playing with a more offensive AM. As it stands now for Milan, our DF department is okay, our MF needs backup, but the most obvious upgrade starts from a pure attack minded AM, to a pure attack minded RW, and also a younger CF.

            If we want to compete for titles, we gotta drop this defensive AM crap, the best AMs in the world don’t defend, they attack and attack and create attacks, that way, the team scores goals, win matches and titles. Just think about having Kaka’ and asking him to defend, for who? That’s crap.

          2. Well, as for his transfer fee (€15mil)
            The signing of either Isco or Coutinho wouldn’t be much of a difference as their respective clubs are demanding around €20mil, only Ziyech will be around maybe €30-35mil.

            As for the salary, please look it up,
            Sabitzer earns around €5mil (I think he’s the paid in Leipzig), Ziyech also earns around €5mil too, Coutinho earns around €8mil (but there’s no way he wouldn’t cut his salary to get a transfer), only Isco earns around €10-13m and I hear he wants the same kind of pay in the event of a transfer.

            That said,
            *Coutinho goes head to head with Sabitzer in pure economic terms,
            *Ziyech (if they can structure the transfer fee in installments) also fits into the Sabitzer economic comparison,
            *Isco remains the toughest option, if only he will lower his demands, then he can also fit in.

            With all being said, I will rather pay a few more money for any of the following and be assured of the quality rather than just pick a low budget average player who we will be struggling to offload next season, just look how difficult it is to sell any of our current players on the market, because they are average at best, and this Sabitzer guy is by every means a perfect example.

  4. No serious attemps this week to get in new players or offload ourcasts. Milan have to offload first Conti, Caldara, Castillejo, and Hauge before make a signing for AM, RW, DMF, RB, and CF players. AM is the first priority, followed by RW, RB, DMF, and Young CF.

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