MN: Meeting with Club Brugge in Lugano ends with no progress made on CDK deal

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara appear to have made no progress in today’s meeting over Charles De Ketelaere, a report claims.

MilanNews reports that a meeting was staged in the centre of the Swiss town Lugano around lunchtime between the directors of Milan and those of Club Brugge to talk once again about Charles De Ketelaere.

The attacking midfielder has long been the first name on the wish list to reinforce the attack but progress has been very slow in coming. The report adds that the meeting ended a little while ago, and the positions of the two clubs remains the same,

Milan are continuing to offer €32-33m including bonuses, while the Belgian champions are asking for a guaranteed fixed amount of €35m. Therefore, it seems as though Maldini and Massara’s trip north of the Italian border did not bring the desire results, and now we must see what the next move is.

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    1. I think the only mistake is M+M spending most of the time working on this specific deal. Hopefully they are working on parallel deals that we don’t know.

      We cannot agree with crazy demands, sometimes you need to make an example, otherwise everyone will expect you to agree with their demands, but I think it’s clear at this point that Brugge is not going to budge.
      If M+M think he’s the best value we can get for our team at 35M, then we should go ahead and get him.
      If M+M think we can use the money differently, then we should though the risk is that if we might end up getting close to deadlines which might force our hand.

      If M+M thinks we can stay like this, then we should wait for Brugge to soften their requests, though it’s very risky… probably Galliani is good for this type of last minute deals.

      It seems obvious by now that we can get at most one player above 21 that is not Italian. Whether that’s the central defender, Ziyech or Sanches time will tell.

    2. But it’s always 2-3m more.

      Problem is, like Botman, the Premier League clubs have more money. And they can afford to keep raising the price. So every time the offer increases 2-3m so does the demand, because the English clubs will pay it.

      At some point you have to draw a line. With a resell clause already reducing the value of the player as an asset, how much do you throw at it before saying enough is enough and saving the money for another day?

    1. It is nor that simple, CdK is U21 which means he can be registered even though Milan already exceed the limit for non-homegrown. At current state, Milan has to reduce the number of non-homegrown players, so adding another like Ziyech means Milan has to reduce it even more.

  1. Im so tired of this Saga. Give them the 2 Millions or we lose him for 2 Millions like Botman 🙄 Wheres the Money from Hauge, Scudetto, Sponsors?

    1. Hauge money will have been factored into the budget for last year most likely.

      Scudetto is worth very little money in itself, I think it’s ~€4m more than second. The bigger money is in UCL and especially in qualification to the latter rounds, where it’s weighted to favour the same teams that always get there. And Milan haven’t been there for a decade.

      New sponsors… I’m sure there are some increases but it’s not going to be significant one year to the next, it’s a gradual thing.

  2. im quite interested in hearing what maldini was asked and then replied to the journalist before entering the elevator because he looked and sounded unusually irritated but whether it was in regard of the journalist or the fact that maybe brugge wont budge in their demands i have no clue about because i dont speak italian to begin with,

      1. Brugge know he’ll go somewhere this summer, which is why they can play hardball with Milan knowing he’ll go to England if not.

  3. I believe that now duo M and M could finally give up! I doubt their pride will allow the Belgians to pull their noses so far. I still just can’t believe that our budget transfer is only about 50 million euros, including the money we got for the Norwegian!? Devastating…😩

    1. Then don’t believe it. This site and others have explained before, that is not how transfer budgets work.

      What is true (and understandable) is that Milan’s budget is far lower than most English clubs’.

  4. Of course they didn’t make progress. No way Mannert is lowering his asking price and Milan wants to conclude a deal lower than that price. Simple maths really. Either we pay the price or we don’t. And it seems we’re not going to. Time to move on. It’s becoming embarrassing. No need to physically go somewhere when they can easily reject you over the phone

  5. I guess Milan will sign Ziyech, Berardi or Deulefeou maybe the worst scenario is Origi will be play in RW next season with Messias or Saele

  6. And more fruitless excursion in guise of transfer talks… What happend about adding counterpart or offering a percentage on resale? I really feel all this is a distraction to not make any signings

  7. Embaresimg, either pay the few millions or go to other targets, not just that this is disaster but for few milione our whole market is frozen. It simply has no point all of this for few milione. Of he is such great prospect invest the money or walk away.

  8. Tired of this saga, lets move on. I live in Belgium and i can tell you De Kettelaere isnt worth more than 20million. Media has hyped him a lot…
    Lets concentrate to other players.

    1. You are soooooo right, this CDK is just an overhyped dude, let him go to Leeds, let’s see if he will score 20 goals…….. There are so many players in Italy that can give us more dynamism that this dude, we already have enough young players, this is becoming childish drama, Infact it is a childish drama.

      No CB, no DM, no RW, no LB back up but let’s spend 70% of our budget and waste all the mecarto time on CDK 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. As I said millions of times – the price was and always has been 35M lol. Where are the ppl (@Flossonero) who said to “draw a line in the sand” at 32M lol. That’s fine but won’t get this deal done. Again, he’s under contract and Brugge do not need to sell apparently. All this time wasted over 3M is a joke. This has turned in to a circus. If you love the player this much and you spent this much time and energy and $$ (sent a plane lol) – pay the fkn 3M and be done with it. The opportunity cost of not having him in training camp to integrate with his new team and missing out on other targets far exceeds the 3M in extra $$. He’s 21 and well worth the extra 3M IMO – but of you had no intention of paying the fee – move on by now. This transfer is holding up any other deals and we need more players. Season starts in 2 weeks. Terrible. I don’t blame M&M they are doing their best. They obviously have to be conscious of every penny spent. AND This isn’t about M&M only valuing CDK at 32M lol. If so do you really think M&M are that stupid they would waste all this time on CDK and not budge over 32M?? Lol. Wake up gents. This is about ownership not supporting M&M enough to buy the players they really want. Redbird/Elliot gave M&M a pathetic transfer budget IMO despite being champions of Italy. If Ownership really cared about winning they would tell M&M they would increase our budget by 3M to get this deal done. Sad.

  10. With elliot still in charge,im doubt elliot want to give extra 3m euro consider in the past simakan & faivre deal failed because 2-3m euro offer. Just move on and go plan B loan ziyech for RW,buy ndicka 20m euro for CB ,buy aston villa wonderkid 15m euro or loan pape mata sarr for DMF . With that 3 position covered,we are ready for next season

  11. With elliot still in charge,im doubt elliot want to give extra 3m euro consider in the past simakan & faivre deal failed because 2-3m euro offer. Just move on and go plan B loan ziyech for RW,buy ndicka 20m euro for CB ,buy aston villa wonderkid 15m euro or loan pape mata sarr for DMF . With that 3 position covered,we are ready for next season. Maybe we can come to buy CDK after his contract almost expire next 2 years from now

    1. Where is Simakan and Faivre now? They are failed to impress everyone last season, I more faith in M&M decision and CdK not valuable than 32M, sorry to say in my opinion media overhyped in him alot

  12. The gap seems to be €2 Mio, which is 0.15% of Milan’s value. There are definitively things I fail to understand …

    Otherwise the price’s been €35 Mio from day 1 and I doubt it will change.

    From there, 2 possibility:
    a/ we walk away (for €2 Mio?!) or
    b/ we strike a deal at €35 Mio.

    These endless meetings are now like water off a duck’s back.

  13. Strašni ELIOT i još Strašniji REDBIRD ! uglavnom oba dva od glagola STRAŠITI !! Jadna nam majka ko nas VODI !!!!

  14. This may be a plan to not buy anyone at all for the mecarto….Origi was a free transfer so maybe 5he idea is to waste all the time on a player and blame not making any transfer on that…..I don’t trust this management at all

  15. this is unreasonable deal, match the 35m without sellon fee.
    the deal of 32 and 10%future sale will make the deal rise above 40 it make no sense

  16. Simple, I am highly dissatisfied with Maldini and massara on this… Brug is not an Italian team that you can play mind game with… Why should you loose out on what you need most bcoz of 2m,…how much have the management wasted on tfairs going and coming for this unreasonable negotiations

    1. It’s not M&M – they are doing the best with the limited budget they have. It’s Ownership not supporting them. Latest news is M&M had to go ask Gazidis for the extra 3M to pay Brugge the 35M. M&M are trying their best and we should be thankful we have them – but they can’t always perform miracles. It’s about $$ so unless ownership gives them more this deal won’t get done – and it’s holding up all our other transfers. Terrible

  17. I think it has been the most tough negotiation that has been met by 2M since they become directors duo. Two times negotiation without conclusion with only 2-3 millions without discount at all from Brugge.

  18. There is definitely some information that we do not have access to here. There seems to be meeting upon meeting without anything happening. But this cannot be right. The Brugge-CEO would not travel 1000 km just to be told the same as before. That is why, when DiMarzio keeps telling us that Milan har proceeding with faith and confidence that a deal will be struck, I find little reason to doubt him. Obviously there must be progress going on between the parties, or else they would not keeping meeting in this way.

  19. If we offered 33 million and they want 35 then we should just pay the 35. No use losing a player of his potential,who also wants Milan over 2 Million

  20. Then move on! Adli has shown great potential to cover that position so why gamble on cdk when we have our own in the team already? Go and get ziyech for the rw and reinvest that money into a striker midfielder or center back. If there’s trouble then there’s always January but this is just embarrassing and tiring now

  21. Move on to another target, n waste the same time we have spent. Milan is looking for very cheap articles, so let’s leave them to do it their own way. I wonder what M & M would be feeling right now. Really feel for those two. It’s becoming really embarrassing.

  22. Take it easy guys. It’s not a matter of 2-3 mil. That would be just stupid from Elliot. It says in the news that we offer them 33 with bonuses, which means more of a… I don’t know. 25 fixed + 8 bonuses? Something like that. And Brugge want 35 mil fixed. That would be 10 mil difference. And 10 mil cash for us is a half of N’Dicka or Sanches. That’s why there’s no progress. I don’t believe in 2-3 mil difference. That’s just silly. I’m sure that the press know nothing as always with M+M

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