MN: Milan beat competition from Juventus to sign Salzburg star in €15m deal

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have secured the signing of Noah Okafor from Red Bull Salzburg and they beat competition from rivals Juventus, according to a report.

According to what is being reported by MilanNews, Okafor will be in Milan in the next few hours and it is possible that tomorrow he will already be in Italy carry out the routine medical examinations and sign his contract.

Then Okafor will join the team for their preseason tour of the the United States and will take part in the friendlies against Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona.

The deal is worth €15m in total, which we presume means including bonuses, and Milan secured Okafor with a sudden acceleration this morning.

The Rossoneri management closed with Salzburg, beating the pressing and competition from Serie A rivals Juventus in the process too who also wanted him. Now, the Swiss international could turn out against the Bianconeri later this month.

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  1. “Then Okafor will join the team for their preseason tour of the the United States and will take part in the friendlies against Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona.”

    So he’s not injured like Transfermarkt reports?

  2. Sorry for being clueless but what position would he be playong for us? Does this mean chuku (from villareal) is no longer coming? Or will be be leaos deputy?

    1. He is mainly a CF that can play on either flanks so probably rotation for Giroud but also, in some situations if Colombo gets opportunity back up for leao and hopefully Chukwueze 😁

        1. I don’t think he’s the perfect striker who would score 20+ goals each season, but I believe it’s the best option out of the names we’ve heard and he’s a big upgrade on Origi or Rebic.
          For 14 mil there’s no better option.

          1. Leao and chuk can score. We also have Giroud, Colombo and CDK so he doesn’t have to score 20+ goals to have an impact.

        2. “So would he be the answer to our CF problems? Thank you for answering my question”

          Nope. He’s not the goalscorer we need. Sure he plays as a CF but no, he’s not a natural goal poacher a la Pippo. Hope he proves me wrong but I say he will never score double digits in Serie A.

          1. Sometimes a 20+ goalscorer is not needed if your wingers and middies are scoring. Rafa with 15, Chuk with 10-12, Pulisic with 8-10, Reijnders with 5-6, Okafor with 10-12 plus a couple of others scoring 4-5 goals is a powerful attack. This vs the 25 goal season from one guy and not much from anyone else. Then if that one player gets injured?

        3. He is a perfect striker for Milan but the advantageous thing about this transfer is that we have two great personalities in one, left winger n CF and incredible good with the ball at his feet….generally speaking we have approximately 5 to 6 players now who are good with the ball playing method, which includes ball control; skills n dribbling abilities

  3. Huh, another average player! I remember how people got excited when Fassone and Mirabelli kept spending “real” money on apparently “real” players, and we all know how that turned out.

    This is potentially worse. Let’s forget about the fact that it’s never a good idea to change a team so much (Chelsea, anyone?) and think about the fact that these are average or downright crap players.

    Looks like the signing criteria of the management for almost all the newcomers is that the contract must expire in 2024 and the player must be valued under 20m. At least Taremi could’ve guaranteed something, this guy has 7 goals in 21 league games in the AUSTRIAN LEAGUE in a team dominating all the others. I mean Jesus… expect that number to drop to around 3 goals in the Italian league.

    But still, the crappiest signing of them all remains RLC. Money down the drain there.

    We’ll see if Pulisic stays injury free and if Reijnders adapts well, but for the rest it’s been a crappy transfer window full of questionable choices up until now. Let’s see the rest of it but Musah does not convince me either. He won’t make us better, at least not short-term. Chukwueze is a real player and a huge improvement though I don’t see these people splashing 30m or anything over 20 on him.

    Sorry to burst your bubbles. SMH

    1. It’s ok, these players will probably burst YOUR bubbles soon enough.
      None of them are world class but they are a clear upgrade on what we have, not to mention they actually fit the vision of the coach, unlike CDK or Adli.

    2. I agree with most of what you said, apart from Taremi, he’s too old and too slow. Okafor’s numbers are poor, but he’s €15 million, not €30 million, he’s a low risk for the price and he’s quick, something we lack in the forward areas. He’ll probably play due to the useless cripple Pulisick breaking down by the third week.

      1. For that money he’s welcome. We SHOULD be able to sell him for profit – provided he doesn’t pull an origi and refuse to leave no matter what.

    3. Im sorry to burst your bubbles but you are clearly delusional, while the question of whether the new players is perform or not is no clear but trying to compare this mercato with Fassone and Mirabelli is borderline smoking weed and taking lsd while riding a rollercoaster, first of all we are not rebuilding like that F&M era, we HAVE already players that are capable and world class, Leao, Theo and Maginan, the players that are coming are considered good prospect and an upgrade to every department we are lacking. Our current squad and the F&M squad can’t even be considered heaven and earth, it’s beyond that.

      If I were to speculate, u are just a salty fans because the management sold Tonali and fire Maldini hence you clouded by your own emotion trying to make blame for every new management move, which is not bad nor good moves but certainly a necessary one.

      Oh and sorry to burst your bubble, Tonali is not a world class player, among our top players he is the most replaceable and Maldini is only Maldini legend as he is Malidini is not Milan, Milan is Milan and losing him won’t change our colors to blue and white.

      1. Wow talk about being a moron. Here’s an assignment for you. Find the word “Tonali” in my comment above if you can.

        I bet you were salivating from the corner of your mouth when the Chinese invested 300m on new players. lol

    4. CDK scored 14 goals in 40 games in a comparea le league and we payed 35m for him. Of course that is still valid critisism but for 15m the risk reward ratio makes much more sense compared to a transfer that was super overhyped.

    5. while I agree with you comparing current management to Fassone and Mirabelli history about buying many players in one mercato, but let’s just hope that the output is different now and all the new players can develop into a new level.. let’s be optimistic instead of being pessimistic.

    6. Aside Tonali, who was sold, all the players they have brought in are going to be a part of the team. We’ve had too many bench warmers – Bakayoko, Rebic, Ballo-Toure, etc, over the years. The new owner has made concrete and decisive steps at getting players for the coach. Now, no more worries about who to bring in, in a crucial match, or players to use in the league ahead of a Champions league game. I give them kudos for the job done so far. Barcelona went Reijnders, Juve for Okafor, and other clubs for Pulisic. Aside that, these players have image values. Our team store is already raking in money. I had my doubts about their intentions too, but, I must confess they have done really well. Now, the coach can do his job better. They may not gel immediately, but, there’s hope for tomorrow.

    7. @Milan Fan in the back of my mind this is what I’m thinking but outwardly I have to be optimistic. But I know in reality players don’t all have their best seasons all at once, esp not in a new league.
      That being said I’m sure one of the signings will spark by law of large numbers

    8. Wow….I like your criticism…let’s start analysing the transfers n players starting with Kalulu he was not even a first team player in his formal team….Tomori was benched for approximately half a season….Theo wasn’t even recognised at Real.M…Leao was almost sold because he wasn’t upto standard….Giroud !!! I for once was against the deal because I thought I knew it all….just to list a few….lemme now update you on what I anticipate regarding these players it was all a mentality game….these players were psyched n made to understand that no other team or player were better than them in any form or way…..this great responsibility falls on Ibrahimovic n the players acknowledged it….it’s okay to dream it’s also okay to think of the negative impact but in all of these; it’s much better to understand that with the right mentality even a dead wood will score; win n play attractive football and please be informed that those that are majorly anticipated to do well most times fails to met up with expectations CDK for example….just a little patience and you be proud to be called a Milan fan

  4. Milan hasn’t changed at all. Tonali left. And diaz. Everyone else is here. Except now Milan has actual depth in midfield and on the wings… Chuky will arrive. Milan seems pretty determined for him. I’m not the biggest fan but he’ll definitely improve the Rw, if what people say about him is right

  5. Let’s watch and see and as well clear your doubt so far give credit to the management the time of fassone and co is different from this era and likewise players be optimistic man

      1. Maldini was after RLC too and he’s a crap player. Makes no difference to me. All I cared about his dismissal was fairness and the lack of class on the owner’s part.

        You, on the other hand, I bet would lick the American’s arsehole if they take a dumb.


        1. Everything is crap to you apparently now. Go cheer on Manchester City or something. You aren’t a real Milan fan. And I criticized this management for selling Tonali several times. You got serious problems and personality issues.

          RLC isn’t a crap player by the way, but if you knew anything about football you would realize that.

  6. How can you guys be this hyped, you really think RLC and Okafor etc are title winning players? You think they would play in other top teams?

    1. Okafor is 23 and better than anything we have. For 15m, give it a chance. He wasn’t my ideal striker but to be honest I don’t think one was even going to arrive. So if chukwueze still arrives look at the speed and strength we’ve just added to the attack. I just hope they’re able to sell soon

      1. Based on what is Okafor better than everything we have ? 7 goals in the Austrian League ? Lol for a CF those are some terible numbers, Colombo is better and needs to be given more playing time rather than this guy.

          1. Colombo is two years younger and scored 5 in a much stronger league playing for small team that mainly defends. This guy scored 7 in a weak league while playing for the most superior team in the league. Im preaty sure that Colombo could have scored 2 more goals if he was playing in Austria for the best team in the league.

          2. Lol the lengths people go to overrate Colombo on here. When he gets loaned to Genoa don’t come whining to me about it.

        1. PS. This is same as last year for Origi, people were hyping him for no reason even that it was obvious that his stats were bad. And based on that it was obvious that he was a waste of money.

          1. Actually quite good. And he often players as a winger. His issue is injury though. Only thing that concerns me on this transfer. Other than that thumbs up.

        2. Based on what? Rebic 3 goals in over 30 games. Two goals were in the same game on the first matchday. Origi two goals in over 30 appearances. CDK 0 goals. Don’t know what your talking about. He’s 23 and better than anything we have or had.

  7. Pioli has said he wants no clear point of reference in attack so he’ll probably post a false 9 when in the 4-3-3. Having players like Okafor, Leao and Pulisic who can attack from anywhere and shape shift in transition will make us unpredictable and dangerous. Having Giroud fresh to help us break down teams playing a low block will be a boon and hopefully he won’t need to run as much as last season. I don’t see how you could see this window as anything but good.

    1. I think no points of reference means not going to Leao all the time for offense. Having other players who are 1v1 capable in other areas of the pitch is what he wants (he also said this)

  8. Well we have got another centre forward, but am I pleased …I don’t think he will score many goals in sera A ,,,but as a back up for Giroud we will see…He will never replace Olivier …Giroud will have a superb season for us ..I have no doubt about that …
    We have made some good signings in Loftus cheek and pulisic amongst others …of course we still have Rafeol leao …So lots of goals will be scored especially from Rafeol leao again and that man Oliver Giroud.
    Yes certain Olivier Giroud will have an amazing season
    He is technically brilliant even at his age ,and he knows exactly where to be at the right time ..
    He will score goals against any team in world .
    Never ever write him off ..This season should be amazing for us ,we can challenge for the title again this season ,and should do well again in Europe..
    Please remember,I have told you this in advance .

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