MN: Milan want a central defender in January due to fitness issues

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are keen to sign a new defender in the January transfer window as they struggle with the fitness of Pierre Kalulu and Simon Kjaer in the early stages of the campaign, a report claims.

As has been reported by Milan News, Stefano Pioli and the hierarchy are not happy with the current defensive issues in the wake of recent injuries.

Pierre Kalulu has missed a number of games this season through injury and Simon Kjaer has had repeated injuries over the past two seasons which means he is not an entirely reliable option.

A loan deal in January is the most feasible option given money is being saved to sign a new striker in the summer transfer window.

It is not clear which defender that Milan have in mind right now but a loan deal is the viable option. There is currently a lot of strain on Fikayo Tomori and Malick Thiaw.

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  1. We have 5 CBs.

    Is that not enough?

    Why do we need more CBs than Man City?

    And why is the answer to every problem to just go out sign more and more players to add to our massive squad?

    Surely we’d be better off spending the time and money on our medical team to reduce the injuries?

    There’s more to running a club than money ball….

    1. Dude? WTF?
      Kalulu and Pellegrino are out with fractures, facing long term absences (e.g. Kalulu will return in March), Kjaer is injured too, and too injury prone due to his age.
      We LITERRALY have two, TWO CBs fit; Tomori and Thiaw.
      What will happen if one is injured/Sent Off?
      Will you step in to play in to play in our defense?

      Please stop posting the same non-sense of every article, for the sake of God.

      1. We’ve got a squad of 29 players!

        Man City have a squad of 25.

        There’s also Caldara there but apparently he doesn’t count.

        In fact let’s just keep writing off players and signing lots and lots of new players. And when they get injured. Sign some more!

        Another 3 in January to add to the 10 in the summer. This is totally normal. I’m the crazy one.

        1. We have 28 players, 2 of those are teenagers from primavera and one of those is the cladara who won’t get a minute because he is not in plans. And yes, he’s crâp.
          As our cb situation is and just the general injury situation the answer is fúck yes we need another CB! And a lb considering theos form.

          And yes in the summer at least 6 new players.
          2 strikers, one main one sub, one dm, one 3rd keeper a cb if it isn’t fixed in January and the lb if it isn’t fixed in January. If there’s something to snatch on free agent they should go Leandro Barreiro 4 example

    2. Kalulu absence 4 month . Pelegrino absence 1 month. Kjaer often injury and already suffer ACL injury before. 3 from CB not fit, thats why they want to find CB that available on loan in january ( not straight purchase) . Even if you spending money on your medical team , that wont solve CB problem instantly.

      1. Pelegrino is absent for 1 month?

        So we sign new players because we can’t cope for one month?

        What about Caldara?

        Had he forgotten how to play football.

        And heaven forbid we promote a youth player.

        No some randomer in January must be assumed to be the answer and better than every available option.

        1. Caldara is injured too..we literally are thread bare…. Tomori and Thiaw.
          And yes heaven do forbid we play a youth player because they’re not good enough. Did you see Simic in preseason? He was garbage (hint: don’t read the comments section here to determine that, look at the game yourself and see)

    3. Because in case you haven’t noticed, we only have two CB’s fit at a time and three out currently – one long term 🙂

      BUT, I would promote Simic to cover until January and see how that plays out.

  2. Konstantinos Koulierakis was our primary target for the defence in the summer would he be the best choice now. Unlike Pellegrino, Koulierakis already has plenty of experience from European competitions and he is two years younger as well. Looks like the next young star defender!

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