MN: Milan convinced by choosing Messias over James Rodriguez and Isco – the reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

The Milan management have not ‘settled’ for Junior Messias of Crotone but rather firmly believe in what he can bring, it is claimed.

According to MilanNews, the Rossoneri’s incoming transfer market will be closed with the arrival of Messias after operation that was concluded overnight and that completes the attack from the point of view of a numerical level.

The report notes how some fans wanted a more well-known profile and one more congruent with expectations both domestically and in view of a return to the Champions League, especially in a summer where other top four rivals have made big changes that could yet be positive.

The Rossoneri management is firmly convinced by Messias, despite the fact bigger names such as James Rodriguez and Isco were proposed, both deemed to not be wise investments for various reasons such as physical condition and salary.

Messias on the other hand is versatile as he can play both the attacking midfielder and right winger roles, he knows the league well, has a low salary and it was a quick operation to complete.

Romain Faivre was also a target but that deal fell apart due to the fallout between the player and the Ligue 1 club as he did not show up to meet with the squad to depart for their game at the weekend.

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      1. An elliot defender I see. Maldini and co found the players like theo, bennacer, tomori, kjaer and ibra. Not elliot. Ibra instilled the winning mentality and without him we don’t qualify…ibra (and to some extent kjaer) not elliot. Elliots policies of never budging too far on salary are also why we lost gigio for free and will likely lose kessie and romagnoli for free too. Just watch, we will stagnate here and be a consistent 3rd-4th place team and muddle around in the beginning stages of CL and not go much further. Just you wait. Hoping this isn’t the case but I believe it will be.

        1. Damn right I’m gonna defend Elliott. What have they failed to do! They have done more to get Milan back on track in the last two years than anyone’s done in the last ten. If we finish in the top 4 again that’s great! Before you build a house you build the foundation…

        2. What did Elliot do? Not dragging the club into spending too much too soon like Inter. Just understand that Milan is not rich, and the most they could do is make sensible signings with a budget. Of which our track record of signing players seem positive lately. If you have a decent thought process, you’d understand that Elliot is building up the team’s technical and financial capacity over time, and that means by not overspending on contracts and signing/transfer fees.

    1. Messias has way better stats than Zaccagni. I am glad Messias joined rather than Zaccagni. Cut him some slack and actually wait to watch him perform.

  1. In statistic Messias better than Zaccagni, in Serie A with Crotone from 36 play he have 9 goals and 4 assist, Zaccagni from 81 play in Serie A with his teams just have 9 goal and 16 assist. In Serie B, from 34 play Messias have 6 goal and 6 assist, Zaccagni just have 5 goal and 6 assist from 55 play with his team.

      1. It’s the other way around. Most “forum athletes” discard statistics because athleticism and brains rarely go hand to hand. But there are some that feel comfortable both with a ball and with numbers. If you feel out of your depth when stats are discussed, maybe you should listen instead of lashing out. You will avoid embarrassment and you might even learn something.

        1. Who is embarrassed? And who is “lashing out”. You’re a sensitive soul i see. I mean, there’s just so much lashing out I can’t even handle it omg!! Chill buddy, it’s ok to disagree. You dig stats, I don’t, it’s ok. See? Wasn’t that easy?

    1. Also only we are interested in Messias where as us, Lazio, and Napoli all interested in Zaccagni so yeah I’m going to go against the stats and go for Zaccagni for the same price every time. That said as i cant so anything about it i wish messias all the best.

      1. It’s nice to have native player in your squad but it doesn’t change the fact that they are average. Everyone wanted Berardi after one good season.
        Also you can use Vardy and Bamford who came from lower division and were able to continue their fine form in the premier league. Nobody knew who Vardy was when he set his record during their tittle winning season.

  2. There’s no way to settle this now, it all
    depends on how he will do and what
    he will bring to Milan. I don’t know yet
    and neither does anyone else.

  3. Well,the fact that messias is coming from a relegated team doesn’t make him a bad player, Ismail Bennaser and krunic were bought from Empoli, a relegated team but are still doing very well. and from the way I look at it, he may play with all his heart giving that he has never expected to come from relegation to champions league. I believe it is a honour to him, let’s all wish him well until he proves otherwise.

    1. Nobody is against messias himself and they shouldn’t be, from all accounts he’s supposedly a really great guy with a greag story. The issue is that we wanted the team to take the next step but we were unwilling to invest in Chiesa last year and missed the boat and now we were unable to invest in Berardi, Ziyech, or Vlasic this year so it signals that we will not be stepping forward and once again just trying to get 4th.

      1. Correction, Chiesa chose Juventus over Milan. Milan went after him, more Fiorentina was playing hard ball they wanted to sell outright. Juventus signed him because he wanted to go and force the move. Fact check yourself buddy.

    2. The exact cause people are upset with this signing isnt that he is coming from a relegated team but rather cuz he only had one season of 1st tier football at 30 YEARS OLD and with a club like crotone without any expectations or ambitions or Pressure from fans (which is obviously the exact opposite of what he will have to go through in milan ).
      Besides ,You cant compare Vardy experience to messias for many reasons ,vardy joined leicester city when they were in the championship so no huge expectations on him plus the team objective was as simple as to qualify to epl not wining the EPL or passing UCL group stage ,Also vardy joined leicester at 25 years old so he had time to adapt and develop not at the end of his career … there is a huge huge difference between both scenarios actually

  4. Why does everybody blame the owners? They aren’t even allowed to put money in the club by UEFA. Milan has signed an agreement to be allowed back into European football if the club finances would be sanitized. Another owner would face the same difficulties. In the light of the last 10 years, the current owners are doing great. They were against the signing of Messias but Maldini and Massara wanted him. I thrust their judging and hope this guy can surprise us. The team is definitely stronger then last year.

  5. Junior Messias may not be the choice for most of Milan fans, we have watched him play and if he is able o score against Inter or Juventus, who is Liverpool or Athletico. Come on guys , he is one of us now and he deserves our blessings as fans. Wishing you all the best..He may be old but he is a natural talent and they are rare to come by.
    Forza Milan

    1. That a valid point you made, you can sign a great player with low profile. As long as you know his quality and what he has to offer or bring to the team. Great players are always come from a low team.

  6. Fridge guy
    Fridge guy for champions
    how in earth Maldini except those things
    How on earth
    I know Elliot is fucking low life money maker
    Fuck you mother fucker

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