MN: Milan fail to strike deal with Popovic’s agents – transfer on standby

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan’s latest talks with the agents of Matija Popovic have not yielded the expected agreement and the deal now appears to be in jeopardy, a report claims. 

As reported by Milan News, there is still no agreement on the commissions that are to be paid to his agents on completion of the deal, a common stumbling block in modern transfers.

The requests from the entourage of the 18-year-old striker seem to be very high compared to what Milan had expected, so the entire operation is now on standby whilst a solution is searched for.

Popovic actually arrived in Milan on Tuesday, something that the club had not actually planned for him.

He is a free agent after his contract with Partizan Belgrade expired, and he clearly wants to get his move to Milan finalised as soon as possible.

As things stand, the transfer is not expected to go through unless the agents lower their commission requests.

Popovic is a very highly-rated striker and is expected to go into Ignazio Abate’s Primavera squad to begin with, should the move happen.

Given his age and supposed potential, it would not be long before he is in the frame for first-team minutes.

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    1. We don’t even know how much money it is…Considering Milan offer for Dragusin it is possible that Milan is just being cheap…Impossible to say without some numbers.

      1. i dont give a f*ck. The player should be the one to pay thier agent. It makes 0 sense for the club to pay them as they do not represent the club. Yes?

        1. So, they can ask the same money as extra sign on fee for the player and agree with the player they get their share, what is the difference? Same thing, same amount of money. Who gives a f what it exactly says in the contract, player sign on fee or agents commission?

        2. And no, you logic is non-existent. It would cost the club exactly the same amount of money, so it doesn’t really matter in which way it is done. Anyhow, other clubs now this so they will sign him.

          1. the whole f*cking poit of it is they should not be asking for money. F*cking leeces. But whatever. you’d never understand any of this since you have putrid brains.

          2. Clown, do you work for free? You really are a clown but even you are paid for your work…Anyone can ask for whatever they want, the side paying it can decline.

          3. Wow. This player is non-EU. We aren’t going to use our non-EU option on a player that’s been frozen out of his own team for six months and hasn’t a single appearance for the senior team. And image if we wanted to move for a player like Jonathan David or some other player that’s non-EU?

            No, Milan shouldn’t be held ransom by a player they didn’t even really want.

  1. First he was removed from playing because he did not want to renew his contract and went into dispute with his coach and management. Now he let his agent blackmail on commision. This kid is destined for good career.

    1. I’m with you on this Ted.
      I have been saying this kid smells like bad news since the start of this saga.

      Some people on here are blaming Milan for not closing the deal.
      I was thinking this morning before this news came out, I bet he has a sh1tty agent or manager (most likely a greedy parent).

      What 17yo who is brought up by his local club, get’s his chance to play and score goals and then goes on strike?

      This is way beyond what Donnarumma did.

      He at 17 has jeoprodised his career by falling out with his club and being frozen out of the team since last season.
      Guys his age are usually grateful for an opportunity.
      He has years to cash in on his career.
      If we sign him I bet we have years of contract disputes and he leaves for free.

      He is creating a very negative image of himself already.

      1. Which opportunity, to play in U17 in Serbian league? Anyone can have that opportunity, as long as they have SOME talent and actually show up for training. Be serious, which opportunity exactly?

        1. Yes playing for the Partizan youth team is a huge opportunity as is playing for his country at youth level.
          The club has trained him and brought him to where he is and he has forced his way out looking for a payday at 17/18.
          That is a very short term goal at his age.
          Now instead of the club who raised him getting a deserved payday, it is his agents who are getting it.

          1. What? Like I’ve said, anyone can play at U17 level in Serbia, the league is pretty bad. If he played for the first team, I would say ok, he got an opportunity at a young age. He got exactly what all the young players around the planet get at their clubs. Since we have no idea about the contract offer and the details we have no idea why he rejected but Partizan is famous for having mafia in and around it. Maybe the kid wanted to leave that s**tshow of a club and go somewhere normal but they didn’t want to sell him? Do you know the details? You have no idea, just stupid assumptions.

          2. And the most important part is not that he “got an opportunity” but he probably worked hard and he was the best. They didn’t give him the opportunity to play because someone was nice to him but because he was the best at his position. So that is his accomplishment, not something that was given away to him…

        2. You don’t think he would have gotten promoted to the first team? Is he too good for that too? He’s fvcking 17 years old. He didn’t see first time minutes precisely because he refused to sign a contract with the club that developed him. Why give this guy first team minutes if he’s just going to leave? He could have signed his first professional contract with Partizan, played for half a season in the first team and still left in January if he really wanted to, but with Partizan at least getting a little something. People can’t criticize Donnarumma and then accept this behaviour as normal. Next he’ll sign with us and in two years refuse to play unless we sell him to Real Madrid or some such club. The kid is either problematic or has problematic agents.

          1. Again, you don’t know anything. You have stupid assumptions like SJF. You literally have 0 idea what happened, but there are only 2 options. Whatever people like you write is irrelevant.

          2. Maybe he wanted more money, maybe he wanted to leave the mafia controlled club without signing a new contract with them, maybe his mom told him that her zodiac teller read that he needs to go to a club named like his grandfather “Milan” or something else happened.

          3. Thank you Vero for explaining so well.
            It’s terrible behavior for a player of his age

            Reminds me of people like Icardi, Rabiot, etc who cause problems everywhere they go and negatively effect their careers

          4. Yes, keep ignoring the fact you have 0 idea about what happened. You sound like a bunch of old men that harass young people with “this is not music” and similar stupid stuff just because you don’t know better and you feel well saying bad things because you assumed something. Geniuses, both of you, I am sure you are very successful in your lives.

        3. BTW, he is so over qualified for the “U17 in Serbian league” that he has 0 goals in 10 appearances for the Serbian U17 national team. Definitely too good for Partizan.

          1. What are you comparing? Playing for the national team against the best players in their countries and playing against U17 team of Sloboda Užice or Kolubara that can’t even pay their first team players? Common sense doesn’t exist in you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          2. U17 serbian league has Ronaldinho’s lined up to play there. But this guy got the opportunity in front of new Ronaldinho and Messi. Right? 😀

      2. I fully agree. It’s mind blowing that a player will refuse the best club on the planet to play for another club, and then up steps an agent with their hand out asking for millions. For what exactly? As a player, what is going through his mind? Please give my agent 5m euros or I won’t sign for you? Why? What has the agent done? Gotten you a better contract at Milan? Surely City is offering more. It’s bananas.

        1. It is pretty simple if you use your brain. They want them to profit for not signing a contract with the club they are leaving, not the buying club. Where is the logic that after being put to bench or in the stands and probably being pushed by the club to sign you should neglect the fact that the club signing you is not paying for a transfer fee and they are profiting from that financially? Why wouldn’t you profit from your deed but some club should? Where is the actual logic in that?

          1. Well perhaps your right, he only played for the under 17 Partizan team “which anybody can play for” in a league against cr^appy teams like “Sloboda Užice or Kolubara that can’t even pay their first team players”.

            Now he and his agents want a big payday (clearly not part of the agreement with Milan, or it wouldn’t have stalled negotiations)
            Perhaps they are the gangsters you mention.

            So he should go where the money is, City or whoever.
            Milan fans don’t care in the slightest about this nobody, we have plenty of talent in the Primavera.

            He can enjoy playing in the Moroccan 2nd devision with Mastour, at least he’ll have the money in his pocket

          2. But just to give you a bit of an insight, in Croatia which is in EU and the club is Dinamo Zagreb. Players had to pay 30% or more of their wages to the owner and owners son to play. Until a couple of years ago. Serbian league is even worse.
            You have no idea what you’re talking about but you’re a classic coward that loves to accuse people without knowing anything.

    2. Blackmail is the perfect word to describe “commission” whoever pays the agent most get the player. Such a sad state of affair. Same happened with Kessie where Milan offered the same contract as barca to the player only difference was the actual commission to the agent.

      1. So, you want to say it is blackmail for someone to ask to be paid for having the player not sign the contract with their club and by that, removing the transfer fee for the buying club. The only one that should profit from that is the buying club? Amazing logic, but maybe for an extremely low IQ.

        1. You clearly can’t read kid.
          Milan had an agreement with Popovic.

          Then he and his entourage turned up a day early and have issued financial demands that were not previously asked or agreed.

        2. And to answere your question, no the club should pay the player and the player should pay the agent. Agents should not be paid twice. Makes no sense

  2. @Tkoje

    “But just to give you a bit of an insight, in Croatia which is in EU and the club is Dinamo Zagreb. Players had to pay 30% or more of their wages to the owner and owners son to play. Until a couple of years ago. Serbian league is even worse.”

    This is good insight, thank you for sharing.
    We should certainly steer clear of these gangsters

  3. This Tkoje guy is a hoot. Croatian players are EU. This guy is non-EU. We aren’t using a non-EU Slot on a player that has proven nothing and has demonstrated nothing. He hasn’t even played a single senior game for his team which he is now frozen out from.

    No dude, Milan isn’t going to be held hostage by these agents. Nor should they. This signing is one they need to pull the plug on right away. Like immediately!


    “ The requests from the entourage of the 18-year-old striker seem to be very high compared to what Milan had expected,….”

    How can you not know know what the commissions from the agents will be??? Popovic landed in Milan to SIGN his contract. In order to do that the contract would have already been reviewed by the attorneys and finalized. Agent commissions ARE INCLUDED in those agreements. So either this is a BS story (likely) OR we don’t know what the hell we are doing. Same thing happened with Taremi. Your telling me a professional executive would not know what commissions are in the contract and wouldn’t have agreed to them BEFORE you try to sign a contract??? LOLOLO.

    1. It seems more likely from what I read that there was an agreement in place. This would have detailed the finances etc.
      Popovic and his team arrived unannounced a day early and are asking for a large signing bonus, which has clearly annoyed Milan directors.

      There is only 1 set of gangsters involved in this and they are Serbian. He has form in this area, given the fall out with Partizan

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