MN: Milan set Hernandez price amid Bayern interest – potential new contract

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan have got a price in mind for Bayern Munich target Theo Hernandez but the club is working on a new contract for the Frenchman. 

As has been reported by Milan News, the Rossoneri would like to receive somewhere in the region of €100m for the French defender, although that is more of a ‘hands-off’ figure rather than a price tag.

Hernandez has been attracting serious interest from Bayern Munich and they are likely to make a move for him if they have to sell Alphonso Davies to Real Madrid rather than get him to sign a new contract.

Rather than seek a huge fee for one of the team’s most important players, Milan would rather get Hernandez to sign a new contract in the coming months.

His current idea is going to expire in June 2026 which means there is no immediate danger, but the club would certainly prefer there to be more of a buffer. He earns €4m a year right now but that would have to rise in the face of interest from a club like Bayern that can certainly offer more than Milan.

None of Hernandez’s recent behaviour has suggested that he would turn a new contract down, but the terms have to be agreed upon.

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  1. If Leao leaves, Theo will leave too. It’s the end of a cycle. Maignan probably will too given the salary gap.

    We had a chance to sign good players, build a TEAM and help them grow into a CL team. That’s what Maldini was doing.

    Enter Moneyball Moncada and we’ll soon have 11 individual Reijnders who don’t fit in the team, can’t play but according to Moneyball Moncada – we can moneyball them and make a profit.

    Forget CL money, we’ll make profits by Moneyballing every transfer. Signing the right players that you need is for teams like Real Madrid.

    We’re Moneyball Milan now.

    That’s what everyone cares about, right? Right?

    1. Damn, you lack vision, unlike Jerry our holy saviour. He says “we’re ambitious”. Soon we’ll have a stadium where you can shop for grocery, also stay for vacations. We’ll probably have new collabs with Marvel or McDonald’s. Why would such a lovely guy addicted to money like a crackhead to his rock would lie to us? He loves us, the dear customers, I mean fans.

      1. Inter sells at least one star a summer and has continually gotten better. Maldini can’t sell a doughnut to a cop and Milan have stagnated. I think Redbird gets this which is why Tonali was sold and Milan are on higher points than last year at this time.

          1. No they brought Jovic the jobless guy at the last minute after two months of negotiations with Thuram, then Taremi. They’re great.

    2. We cannot affort new contracts for Maignan and Theo. No team in Serie A can sustain multiple salaries over 6 million with current profits, that’s the fact. The sooner that is clear and accepted, the better. The fact that foreign-player salaries don’t get the tax cut makes this even more urgent. ALL top teams are trying to lower salaries.

      Yeah, have a feeling that Leao, Theo and Maignan will be gone. Not sure whether Leao will be sold this year but if Conte is our next coach, Leao’s the more likely one to be sold first.

      It’s obvious that with the current profits, we cannot sustain certain salaries. Juventus is trying to drastically cut them (talks of Agnelli selling them, something that until a few years back was unimaginable ) and Inter is maintaining high salaries only because they’re looking for a buyer.

      Roma is already offloading expensive players, Lukaku next year is gone and probably so is Dybala.

      Napoli also has declared that will sell next year Osimhen.

      If Inter is not sold by summer, I suspect that Marotta will sell this year Lautaro and Barella, hence the investment for Frattesi, Taremi and Zielinski. Dumfries was the next in list to be sold but unless he starts performing great until end of year, it’s not gonna happen, plus his contract expires in 2025 and selling him in his last year of contract for 30+ million price is hard

    3. Maldini Maldini Maldini, “Moneyball Moncada”, blah blah blah. A bunch of gibberish and money grows on trees. Did you read the article? Did you see the bit about why Bayern is rumored to be interested in Theo? Because they can’t afford a renewal for Davies and would rather let him go. Bayern is the best run club on the planet. Part of what makes them so is knowing when to let go of players, how to sign replacements and never overpaying for transfer fees and wages. It’s really simple. That applies to us as well within the revenue streams available to us. At some point we’re unable to afford a renewal, so at that time it’s incumbent upon us to sell for the best price and be in a position to not only replace the player, but maybe even strengthen another position. We’re not going to be spending 100m on a single player or have 15 players on 10m per year salaries. It has nothing to do with “Moneyball Moncada”. Madrid has 3x the income that we have. Some dolts just can’t get this. LEARN MATH. It’s like the .1% complaining about how the .01% are richer and never looking down and seeing the millions with nothing. Unbelievable.

      1. Every time someone is critical of that lousy transfer policy we now seem to have, there is someone to come with the “we can’t buy 100M players” counter argument. I guess there is a middle ground. What the previous management was doing, probably. Promoting a scout as the head of transfers is a pledge to trading. Especially since Moncada probably has a commission on incoming transfers, as it’s common in France where he worked previously. This regime seems driven by private interests only, with Redbird the Wall Street investment funds at the top. But keep the faith, we can already see this season how good the results are on the pitch after the best summer mercato of the history of football and “investments”.

        1. “very time someone is critical of that lousy transfer policy we now seem to have”

          When did we have a different transfer policy? Kaka bought low, sold for a profit. Shevchenko bought low, sold for a profit. Thiago Silva bought low, sold for a profit. And that was when we “were great”. Remember those times? Even then we were trying to balance the books (unsuccessfully).

          “Promoting a scout as the head of transfers is a pledge to trading.”

          Is it? I didn’t know directors of sport were minted somewhere. Where is the DS factory? I’d like to know. Some get appointed straight off the pitch, some work their way up through the club’s scouting department. It’s not a new concept.

          “best summer mercato of the history of football”

          Those are your words, or the word of other fans that aren’t professional business men and manage multi-million euro organizations. It’s not an objective evaluation, and therefore meaningless. What football club isn’t driven by private interests? Maybe ones in Serie D? Even the great Madrid figures out how to make money. They just do it a 3x the rate that we do. Bayern Munich makes over twice the revenue we do. Perhaps you should ask them how they determine their transfer and wage budgets?

          And finally, yeah after the “best summer mercato of the history of football” we’re doing quite a bit better than last season’s 5th place finish ATM.

          1. Sheva wanted to leave, her wife was reportedly eager to live in London. Kakà and Thiago Silva were sold because the club was financially in trouble. It was also the beginning of poor times. That is absolutely not the case today. We sell to buy a million players with “potential”. Trading. Moncada. Moneyball. It’s not a dream some of us had, it was widely reported last summer and it’s well known that Milan now works with the very same guy that invented moneyball.

            Anyway you’re free to believe that this season is a success. Check the standings again, we were 4th last year. Maybe also because we were involved in UCL through the semi-finals. Just one season after winning a scudetto.

          2. Obviously you haven’t been a Milan fan for very long. Milan sold those players when they got in financial problems, that was practically the beginning of the end of the Berlusconi era.

          3. Rui Costa and Nesta had something to say about us breaking the bank during that times.

            It’s a balance between spending on quality and investing on potential.

        2. You are wasting your time mate, this people will always take things out of context, twist them, go with half truths etc. They are here to just support the ownership and nothing else. Most of them will disappear when Gery leaves as well.

      2. It helps Bayern to be coming from a position of strength when they decide to let a player like Davies go. Instead we were trying to build that strength.

        At some point you have to keep your star players if they aren’t asking for an unreasonable amount.

        Maldini wanted us to be in that .01%. Where do you think we should be?

        I don’t expect us to beat City or Madrid but I do expect us to be working to beat Inter and Juve.

    4. MM16 is already gone. Let’s just hope we get Di Gregorio to replace him. Hopefully Mike is the only starter to leave but I’d guess that depends on the next season’s coach and the reinforcements too.

  2. Give the gains to Moncada to spend on new player and have fun competing in EL eternally. Glue eyes to computer screen and spend money. Sounds like millions of people out there doing online shopping.

  3. Theo should stay, no matter the cost of the salary. If all the stars go, who will play? From all the players who were brought in the summer, how many are performing enough for high levels? It is not easy to find players like Theo and Leao.

  4. If Theo leaves, my heart will be broken. Continuous building of a team is something nobody cares about anymore. Everyone is like, “sell, sell, get rid of pioli, sell maingan, sell leao”. Loyal fans? Does not exist on the internet.

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