MN: Milan line up Valencia talent as replacement for outgoing Gabbia

By Oliver Fisher -

Matteo Gabbia is closing in on a move to join Villarreal and the AC Milan management have got his replacement lined up, a report claims.

According to what is being reported by MilanNews, Gabbia has found an agreement with Villarreal which will see the Italian defender leave Milan not on a permanent deal but on a dry loan for the 2023-24 season.

The operation is unrelated to the one that will see Samuel Chukwueze come the other way meaning it is not an exchange deal of any kind, rather Gabbia’s name up in talks between the clubs.

Although the 23-year-old was mainly used as a fifth-choice centre-back last season, Milan are looking for a reinforcement to fill the gap.

The report mentions that Valencia’s Facundo Gonzalez at the top of the list of candidates. The 20-year-old shone for Uruguay at the U20 World Cup in June which they won thanks to a stellar defensive record above all.

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  1. What a pointless transfer.

    We lose a player who knows the club and the league and replace him with another newbie.

    Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and meet my new team. My boss has randomly decided to change 50% because we only hit our sales target last year. It’s fine, it’s normal. We usually like to change 25-50% of the team each year.

    Jimmy started last year. At least I think his name was jimmy. Anyway we lent him to our nearest rivals because it didn’t work out. He didn’t immediately hit his targets. Apparently it takes 6 months to settle into new jobs. But footballers are special human beings. They’re not even human beings. They’re robots who can you just plug in and play. Welcome to the machine.

    1. Well it is not. If Milan is going to sell Gabbia in future that would be capital gain, because he is Milan Primavera player.

      1. We will loss another homegrown. If Gabbia leave, we will only have 6. With only 6 homegrown, only 23 players can be registered at A list.

        This Valencia defender is 20 years old, he can’t be registered at B list of UCL as he have not been in Milan for 2 seasons, but he can still be registered at B list for serie A.

        1. Oh I see here’s the info that I miss. Thanks.

          Before I thought any 21 y.o or younger player will count towards UEFA list B.

        2. Did Milan care about getting the full roster for UCL last season? Nope. Do they care about this year either? Doesn’t seem so. You are too obsessed with the registration limit as Milan management just don’t care about getting it maxed out.

      2. Oh the “capital gain” argument when we spend millions on pointless signings.

        We’ve already lost money in a market where we sold a player for 80m or whatever.

    2. I mean, judging from your nick name…
      There’s nothing to add more to that.
      Doom and gloom squad are still stretching to find any single thing they can complain about.

      Because to your logic : selling tonali and loaning out a fifth choice cb is changing 50% of the team.
      And of course according to your logic, this is also include origi, rebic, ballo toure, cdk, vranks, dest, who were very essential to the team, who were the core of the team.

      Yeah right get the hell out of here

        1. I support the players who actually play (or used to play) for the actual club because they are the actual team that we are supposed to support.

          The players are the ones who won us the title. Yet “fans” on here are happy to write off these guys and turn to some shiny new player who they will no doubt turn on if they fail to settle in.

          I saw this for those lost 10 years when we had a massive turnovers every single transfer window, and it always ended in failure with us going backwards, and our former players playing for our rivals (Inter had 3 of our former players in the semi-finals).

          There is no club without the players so you can’t support a club without supporting the players. That means if the players keep changing it makes supporting the club pointless.

          It’s just an empty brand name (as well as probably not a particular successful team given no team has ever achieved success with this many changes including Chelsea and Man City when they first found their riches).

          But I am going to say now: you lot better not start turning on any of our new signings if they struggle to settle in. In sickness and in health.

    3. Gabbia need game time. He is 24 this October, he need some minutes in his feet to develop. And with those regular minutes Milan can also see if he will develop properly or stagnant – so we can plan his next step, if he will stay with us or sold permanently next season.

      It will leave a hole in homegrown quota though, the one that is club-trained. Currently we only have Calabria, Gabbia, Colombo and Pobega, and we need minimum 4 or we will only be able to register reduced amount of players on UEFA list A.

  2. Have the management forgotten about the homegrown quota ??
    Do those rules still apply to us or are we not an Italian team anymore, maybe I’ve missed something 🤔

    1. 17 players can be registered at A list for both UCL and Serie A regardless of their homegrown status

      4 homegrown players (regardless of club-trained status) can be registered at A list for both UCL and Serie A.

      4 club-trained homegrown players from can be registered at A list for both UCL and Serie A.

      Unlimited number of U21 players who have been at the club for at least 2 full seasons can be registered at B list for UCL.

      Unlimited number of U22 players can be registered at B list for Serie A.

    2. Homegrown quota only apply in UEFA competition right? And it’s only List A. If we only have 7 homegrown we can only register 23 player there, but we can have unlimited player on list B (player that is not yet reach 22nd birthday)

      At this point we have 27 players that is 22 or more, 26 if we don’t count Bennacer.

      If we reduce the player that is going to get sold/loan : Messias, Ballo Toure, Rebic, and Gabbia we only have 22 Senior players.

      So the homegrown quota didn’t affect us anyway, even if we take Colombo and Gabbia (so we only have 6 homegrown) we can only register 23 players, that means leave 1 Senior player? Not that big an issue I think.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong

      1. Serie A also have homegrown quota. The A list critetria are identical with UCL, only the B list criteria is different.

  3. I feel like the 5th cb should be an exp player that can step up when needed, not some kid whos wasting on the bench.
    If they wanna use a kid might as well promote from primavera or, lol, keep caldara for a season his contract runs out in 2024 anyway

  4. For Serie A on top of a maximum 25 players for List A, clubs have to designate a minimum 8 players that were trained by clubs from the same national league, with 4 of them being from the club’s own youth system
    If we lose Gabbia we will only have Calabria and Pobega as club trained homegrown, we need 4.
    If we keep Colombo, 3. We will have to promote from primavera ?
    I understand Gabbia needs play time etc, but the rules are the rules so why we are sending away homegrown talent and replacing with non home grown makes no sense to me at all ???

    1. Colombo is U22, there is no need to put him in list A because list B is unlimited. Same for any other U22 from primavera.

      Being able to only register 23 players (with a malus of 2 for only 2/4 from youth system) with Colombo + X on list B is totally the same that being able to register 25 with Colombo and X officially on list A to meet the requirements.

      You misunderstood the rules.

      1. Colombo is U22 homegrown, Milan can register him at whichever list they saw fit, if they want him at list A, they can, if they want him using non-homegrown quota, they can.

        There is no misunderstanding of the rule here.

        1. And i tell you there is absolubtly no need to register him in list A, you don’t gain anything doing this…
          Read again and do the maths.

          25 with Colombo and X on A
          23 with the malus and Colombo and X on B
          is exactly the same, 25 players, so totally useless.

          Milan want to maximise their list A, registering unlimited U22 players on A is pointless.

          Only Over 22 from youth system or from serie a system are useful on A.

  5. Too much talk for nothing…..Gabbia is a desaster,bad as s..t,and will never be able to play for club like AC Milan.He’s simply way to slow,he thinks too slow,make false decisions,and is not able to cary game in any way(Except automatcaly played first spot balls)There are many Leagues,Lands,Teams,and he can surely find right place to be.But it will never be at Milan.And that’s it.Wish him luck,all best,and arrivederci!Basta!

  6. The fact this team even has to worry about homegrown quota is pathetic. This is AC Milan not inter.. wtf has this team become where they used to always have many italians and now we are anti italian. It’s very very messed up

  7. Does gabbia want to continue sitting on the bench as the 5th choice, being a quota player, when other academy graduates younger than him are advancing their careers on loans, transfers are not purely on the directors, opinions of players, agents, parents etc are also involved, its not always to please fans, gabbia clearly can please us if he stays, but what has it done to him the past years, he is slowly becoming a rugani, which is not good for his career, teams can solve the quota system by putting younger players, or very old ones, who will actually benefit from merely training with the senior team, and play a few minutes, gabbia, maldini, colombo, they have passed that, they need to play

  8. Gabbia has not been fantastic, though not completely bad. This is an opportunity for him to improve his game. They didn’t sell him; just a loan deal. Signing a young prospect also helps Milan reinforce for the future, without spending so much on getting the same player in two or three years’ time. So far, they have spent wisely, and judiciously.

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