MN: Milan management expected at Milanello today for meeting with Pioli

By Isak Möller -

Following the heavy defeat against Inter in the derby last night, the AC Milan management will be at the training ground today to meet with Stefano Pioli. The parties, as expected, will discuss the path forward. 

According to MilanNews, Giorgio Furlani and Co. will be at Milanello later today for a meeting with the manager. The parties will discuss the path forward until the next international break, in need of a strong response after yesterday’s debacle.

Milan will take on Newcastle in the Champions League on Tuesday evening and it’s crucial for them. A good start is needed in such a tough group, scheduled to face Dortmund and PSG as well, so the players will have to shift the focus immediately.

The best way to bounce back from the derby, after all, would be to beat both Newcastle and Verona at San Siro next week. However, that is certainly easier said than done for the Rossoneri.

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    1. I hope Pioli learns lots of formations to face various teams that have different ways of playing football. or recruit coaching staff who are experts in this matter

  1. So Maldini and Massara got sacked after failling with De Ketelare(imo rightly so) but Pioli’s place as head coach isnt in question after 5 consecutive derby’s lost, with 12 goals conceded and only 4 scored. Doesnt make any sence.
    Btw, Im not hater of Pioli, but at this point its enough. Against top teams we dont have any gameplan, tactical plan or anything. Im really sorry for our players, and its not their fault that they are lead by imcompetante manager that doesnt have any tactics to integrate. The only “change”(failed) was inverted wingbacks that we saw how it backstubbed us yesterday. You would all be suprised if someone like Ancelotti or even Nagelsman was leading this team with SAME players. Night and Day, mark my words. Even Abate from Primavera would be an upgrade. Anyone but this chinese copy of Guardiola.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. This squad is more than capable of beating teams like inter or at least getting a draw with them. I don’t know what else needs to happen to see a new coach on the bench.

      1. Since our next game is on tuesday I don’t see Milan getting a new coach by then. I think it will depend on the next few games.
        Frankly I don’t see him getting past october unless he aligns exceptional results somehow

        1. Yea, I agree, but I really think that he should get fired no matter results. We dont have anything nice and interesting in our style of play, one can argue that even last season semi finals of CL was a lucky draw- tottenham is sh#t, we got lucky against Napoli and Inter destroyed us. And got 4th just because of Juves point deduction. So its not coincidence that we are playing same, or even worst then last season and somehow have completly different squad with €100M spend this summer.

          1. I don’t mind getting rid of Pioli now (even though I always defended him until yesterday), but these types of decision have to be taken calmly.
            I don’t think the management is going to sack him now knowing that we’re gonna play an UCL game next tuesday

      2. You also have to in mind that the management decided to replace the midfield and those players had 3 matches together and that is where Inter destroyed us yesterday. It was expected. Against practically same Inter team from last season. You are all writing like those are proven players and they are capable playing against the best. They are not. RLC at Chelsea played enough for his worth and Reijnders was in Dutch league until 25 just because he is a MC that we all saw yesterday. You can have the ball for 70% in the first half and still be useless as a MC.

        1. True but in yesterday game it was also clear that Milan was worse tactically. It wasn’t just about individual mistakes, some players being poor and so on. We did make the same mistakes we did in the last derbies, inter players were better positionned, and the goals pretty much came from same actions, and that is the fault of the coach.

  2. The great Soviet chess grandmasters had a saying/strategy: after lossing, first stop the bleeding.
    Winning is certainly the ideal outcome but not losing is critical. So no panic and super stress for winning. As much as we hate to admit, a draw vs Newcastle is ok.

  3. Blind for talent, uncreative, pigheaded. Waste many Milan talent. I’ve never been fond of him since he arrived in Milan, especially considering his history as a former Inter coach.

  4. I’m surprised and taken aback that many people are just talking now about this ‘average coach “ limitation!
    First and foremost this man isn’t a top manager and we all know that, so it will be wrong to teach an old dog a new style… moreover, it’s unfair on the part of Milan fans to demand what he can’t give from him.
    Secondly, this man has no track record of any achievements whatsoever and the fact he was brought in by Milan after the Chinese fiasco tells of his talent, to steady the ship, that’s what Inter hired him for, kazoo and also fiorentina…. The blame lies with the management to expect more from him… Milan scudetto success is majorly Ibrahimovic led and inter faults and fumble for Milan’s gain, it’s none of this man talents or whatever we might call it…..
    I have been saying it for ages this man is not Milan calibre of coach to win anything on his own merit

  5. I think it will be wrong to fire him before Tuesday Newcastle game but if he should lose that, then I will be very happy to see him fired!
    He’s tactically incompetent, stubborn & incapable of leading these talents we have.
    Everyone knows how inter plays, they sit back & wait according to Pioli & yet 5 times he played into their hands, Krunic playing 90 mins & refusing to use his substitute after Chuks until the 80th min when Inter changed 4 players after conceding, why on earth was Giroud on the field till 80mins?…how incompetent can this man be before he gets fired.
    We need a quality coach who is tactically flexible & that’s definitely not Pioli

  6. It also tells about the current management lack of understanding of recipes to achieve sporting success… financially we may be above other in serie-a but it’s no guaranteee for on field performance and success…. Inter is winning with a humble coach, Brighton affirm the fact that having wealth doesn’t mean performance as they dominated manutd and beat them in the last 5 games… a brilliant manager is a talent irrespective of where you are, you idea will also shine but pioli I have never yet seen any thing that can change my thoughts about him.

  7. I dont know what is wrong with management..are they blind? Even non footballer could see something miss with pioli’s tactical..if this is chelsea under abramovic, pioli would have been sacked even before the final whitsle..
    5 times loss against inter is unacceptable..

  8. Another meeting with mister? How many meetings do they have planned? I guess they’re really p!ssed. I guess it knocked the bravado out of the owner lol 😂

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