MN: Milan market update – four done deals, five exits, five loan returns and six targets

By Oliver Fisher -

The wheels of AC Milan’s mercato are firmly in motion with a number of signings already sealed but plenty still to work on.

MilanNews writes how Milan have already closed the permanent signings of Mike Maignan, Fikayo Tomori and Sandro Tonali while Davide Calabria signed his renewal earlier today and the arrival of Olivier Giroud from Chelsea and Brahim Diaz from Real Madrid should be sealed next week.

Exits: Brothers Gianluigi and Antonio Donnarumma, Hakan Calhanoglu, Soualiho Meité and Mario Mandzukic all left Milan either at the expiry of their contract or because their loans ran out.

Targets: In terms of signings, Milan want a right-back and a left-back to let the starters Davide Calabria and Theo Hernandez catch their breath plus. a central midfielder who can alternate with Franck Kessie.

In addition, Maldini and Massara are working on an attacking midfielder to replace Calhanoglu, a right winger to compete with Alexis Saelemaekers and a young striker to grow under. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Returnees: Several players will come back from their loan spells including Andrea Conti, Mattia Caldara, Alessandro Plizzari, Tommaso Pobega and Lorenzo Colombo. For each of them the chances of remaining are minimal as they could be used as counterparts, pieces to make capital gains or be loaned again.

Below is a summary of the operations that Milan have completed so far or they are currently working on…

Signed: Maignan, Tomori, Tonali, Calabria.

Almost official: Giroud, Brahim Diaz.

Positions to strengthen: Right-back, left-back, midfielder, attacking midfielder, right winger and young forward.

Departures: G. Donnarumma, A. Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, Meité, Mandzukic.

Returns from loans: Conti, Caldara, Plizzari, Pobega, Colombo.

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  1. Ok can someone explain to me how we have to struggle through FFP rules year in and year out – while PSG can sign and pay high salaries to players like Donnarumma, Ramos, Wijnaldum, Mbappe, Neymar, Hakimi and now they are looking at Ronaldo without any risk of breaking FFP rules. Financially they are not a bigger club than Milan, they don’t make more money commercially than Milan – no way. So how are they allowed all these expenses….? I dont get it!

    1. Think about how they finance PSG. If your royal family member has a multi billion dollar business don’t you think they would be atleast one of my sponsors. Think how Chelsea first started with Abromavich, his buddies or his other companies financed Chelsea. It’s the loop hole in FFP. These clubs with mega rich owners can afford to play with these clubs like we play FIFA.

      1. You are 100 percent correct. It’s all based on revenue. How much revenue you bring in is how much you can spend. PSG and Man City use loopholes in FFP exactly the way you said it. They use other companies that they own (ex Qatar Airlines) to sponsor the team and City charges them a ridiculous sponsorship fee. That is considered revenue. Two separate companies, even though it’s really BS because they are both (club and in this example the airline) by the same person. Until UEFA change that – they will always have the leg up on us and many other clubs. Also Milan under zBerlusconi we’re not good at modernizing commercial revenue streams. So we basically had to start over. And the Chinese owners and that trash Mirabelli spent 250M on terrible players (save for Kessie) so that put us more in the whole. Elliot is worth 30-40 billion dollars – so technically we have one of the wealthiest owners in world – but they won’t or can’t yet spend – until we are off FFP probation which should end after this year.

    2. Well EUFA may turn a blind eye to psg and man city and they can escape and bribe their way through and escape FFP regulation but think about it. This club owners have billions to burn the state and European football federation will tax their players, clubs will benefit from them signing their players. Was neymar worth £200m or kylian mbappe worth 185m so the more they spend the more Europe benefits. So if they have the billions in their country who will it benefit. So they turn a blind eye to their excesses. It is like taking from a person that doesn’t know what to use money to do to invest. With the money they have spent the two of them has only played final once. So with the money success is not guaranteed. Let them spend since they have money to burn. The players will invest this money and employ people too. So they are helping Europe.

    3. They have their own stadium, reach the latter stages of Champions League every year, and they don’t mind a negative balance sheet every year.

    4. There is only one answer in the world of Football and that answer is that PSG are the flavour of FIFA

      Milan are just the pawn in madman game, but just remember that buying expensive doesn’t always give you the best successful team.
      Just ask PSG

  2. First the picture is an ugly Maldini market amateur who lost two best players because he is not capable of this function and his friend Pioli is there who is a thorn in the side of every Milan fan, 70% of fans want Pioli to leave because he is a bad coach, only his friend Maldini I don’t know that. The second purchase of players is 0 because I don’t see anyone coming to Milan except on loan from last year’s Diaz players. And what Milan brings (Giroud) is shameful and an indicator of how bad a trader Maldini is. Did Milan fall so low as to bring Giroud an old man and a player who can’t play for 20 minutes, at Chelsau Girud played 130 minutes in total last year, and now that man needs to strengthen Milan. No one is a fool, especially not the Milan fans who know well what is bad and the bad thing is that Milan does not have good management. Let someone tell me from the fans with 100% certainty that Milan can bring some great players, I don’t believe in that and you.

    1. Giroud has had a helluva lot more impact than that. He is still able to produce.Punch it in Google.You will be surprised.Your assessment of Pioli is also wrong.
      The ownership is the REAL ISSUE!!!!!

    2. It’s not Maldini I don’t think. Elliot and Gazidis tell Maldini and Massara how much they can or cannot spend. Maldini doesnt decide. He picks great talent but isn’t supported by ownership. You sound like you have a lot of hate for Maldini lol. Blame ownership. If Maldini spend tons of $$ like Mirabelli did on shit players – then I would agree with you. But so far he’s been solid in the talent department. Losing Donnaruma and zHakan for nothing was horrible – but I’m sure it was Gazidis telling Maldini he couldn’t spend what he wanted to keep them – well at least in Donnaruma’s case.

    3. The players and agent probably refused to sign 2 years renewal. They only want 3-4 years. Why pay donna ($10M salary + $5M agent fee) per year? Why pay hakan ($5.5M salary) when half the season his ratings average 5-6pts. Maldini only wants real milanista.

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