MN: Milan missing two pieces from the market – the ideas of Maldini and Massara

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli is waiting for the final two reinforcements to arrive to complete the squad, but they are unlikely to arrive before the season starts.

MilanNews reports that the departures of Alessio Romagnoli and Franck Kessie mean that a new central defender and central midfielder are needed. Matteo Gabbia and Tommaso Pobega in the rotation are not deemed to be enough, but Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are not looking for ‘copies’ of the players who left Milanello, but replacements with other characteristics.

Of course the replacements must arrive without crazy expenses and with a limited budget. The transfer fee therefore cannot be too high and the amount of wages plus agent commissions must also not be excessive. The mould of player wanted is those with ‘explosiveness and tactical intelligence’.

Milan, therefore, will continue on the same path, namely that of looking for young and talented players, giving Pioli the right talent to implement his ideas both on a technical and a tactical level.

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  1. Soon the DOOM & GLOOM gang will show up here with their excruciatingly boring apocalyptic rants about how hopelessly fvcked we are, just wait and see…

      1. Hey man.. Homegrown list is not a joke. M&M are playing with fire here. We should take Squad Registration department seriously and start tweeting about homegrown lawyer needs.. sorry i mean player needs.

        1. Don’t worry, I believe Maldini is working on it. The media just rarely mention it because it will rule out some of the name they push in the rumours.

          Some of the midfielders whose name are circulated are still U21, they are exempt from Serie A non-homegrown limit even thought not from UCL non-homegrown limit (UCL require the U21 to have spent at least 2 seasons with the club while Serie A do not require it).

      2. FYI, the Italians at twitter had been discussing Milan’s homegrown issue for the past few days.

        Seems there are a lot more homegrown lawyers at Italy.

    1. Followed by the people who think M&M are the dumbest management ever because they didn’t sign Sanches. And one or two might still share their opinion on how embarrassing the CDK-negotiations were.

          1. And BTW, I wasn’t saying sell him now for 40M€. It was next summer as he would then be on his final year of the contract. Learn the difference, dip$hit.

          2. Nah you said sell him now LOL. Don’t try to change history. I saved the screen shot you Donkey! Hahahahaha. Sell him for 40M hahahaahhaha. What a loser. Just like you said CDK would be LESS than 35M. Again WRONG

          3. You and your obsession with donkeys. LOL.
            And such a lier. Don’t try to twist my words. Screenshot? LOL, now THAT’s pathetic.

      1. Is JK means “J”uro and “K”ossey?

        I am starting to wonder if those three are the same person who wish to spread doom and gloom among Milanisti

    2. Not doom and gloom – just hard to find 2 players who are explosive and have tactical intelligence” for 10M including commissions….but we will see what Maldini can do

    3. Since noone else has a commenter icon, one could suspect that you’re associated with sempremilan Gre-No-Li?

      Bad look to post inflammatory comments like this either way, imo.

      Too many people like to be edgy, contrarian, take jabs etc.
      Rise above.

  2. For the reinforcement, I suggest Milannshould bring in Ibrahima Sissoko (Strasbourg central midfielder) and Abdou Diallo (PSG defender) . Sissoko reminds me of a young Claude Makalele

    1. And how will Milan register them in Serie A?

      Milan already has 19 non-homegrown players who are not U21. Based on Serie A homegrown rule, only 17 of them can be registered.

      If we remove Bakayoko (terminate the loan) and Ibra (injured for the rest of this year), the number of non-homegrown who are not U21 is still 17, there is no more room to register unless Milan remove 2 more players. Who do you think should be removed for them and how will milan replace them?

  3. Squad registration rules are obviously an important issue, and it’s something even more glaringly obvious that a professional football club know perfectly well how to deal with it – except for the Doom & Gloom gang, of course!

  4. Jean onana for DMF & ndicka for CB . Around 20-25m euro total and we are good to go next season . Return bakayoko to chelsea & offload lord saladmaker ( loan or permanent sell)

        1. I keep waiting to read “Milan receive offer for Balo-Toure” but the media keep saying “Milan won’t sell Balo-Toure”. If he stay, I hope he prove us wrong.

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