MN: Major gaps despite 10 signings – Milan must move with urgency in January

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan were one of the most active teams during the summer transfer window and yet the squad is still not complete with January intervention needed.

MilanNews recall that victory against Paris Saint-Germain which was followed by the suffered against Lecce show perfectly that Milan are capable of beating but also surrendering against any opposition on the spectrum.

Injuries have a big part to play in the recent decline in form because of the knock-on effect that it has to be without starters and bench options, with two departments in particular in need of some support.

Olivier Giroud can’t always start and Luka Jovic has been a gamble that has so far not paid off. If Mehdi Taremi had been signed first and then Jovic, the latter would have had the opportunity to integrate at his own pace, without too many demands.

On the other hand, ever since Giroud arrived at Milanello, it seemed obvious that the Frenchman cannot physically cannot sustain an entire season at the top level given his age and precisely for this reason not signing a striker who offers more guarantees in the summer appears foolish.

Milan’s emergency does not only concern the advanced department. Pierre Kalulu is out and will be out until approximately March 2024 and Marco Pellegrino will be available again around December 10th.

Simon Kjaer cannot stay fit for a lengthy amount of time any more while Alessandro Florenzi is now the subject of a betting investigation. Milan cannot afford to go through January without reinforcing the rearguard, in an attempt to save a season that could otherwise end prematurely when it comes to fighting for trophies.

In other words, Milan made 10 signings during the summer mercato and spent over €100m, yet they have an incomplete squad and there is now urgency to fix things.

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  1. Its a shame really. Gabbia goes on loan to get more game time and based on milan situation we need him more than ever. Only 2 healthy cbs. ffs thats unlucky af

  2. What are we talking about here? It was the greatest transfer window in a decade 🤭
    Giroud needed a rest so badly he got a red card to get some extra days off…smart guy 😂😂😂

  3. There were plenty of red flags in the transfer strategy and unfortunately, the owners and managers are looking foolish right now. Looking ahead, and before any transfer activity, a few questions need to be answered.
    1. Is Pioli staying? This affects formation and playing style and consequently signings. Also, this means pulling the plug on the season and re-building for next one
    2. 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1? I think we need one or two signings in midfield where we lack both quality and depth. However, the coach needs to decide on a system first. The combination of players we have at the moment is not suitable for either. One substitution or injury and all the roles are reshuffled. God knows what would happen if Reijnders were out.
    3. Can our youth players help? With injuries mounting, a decision has to be made between panic buys and youth players to plug in the gaps. Can Chaka Traore, Bartesaghi, Simic…etc help out?

    1. It’s a pity the people in charge don’t seem to use logic, like you are suggesting.

      Perhaps you should send a CV to Milan. I think you’d do a better job

      Excellent post

  4. The major gabis Pioli charging this team who made line up krunic who was 4 yrrs on the bench. And made useless the most expensive plyer( chekueza) just like CDK instead of making use of by lining up with Puslic(no 10)

    And refused to sign right back.
    Pioli made all Plyers moraless and less tactics.
    He is lack of intelegence,lack strutegy and less tactics .
    He is also lack of Determination and lack of vision ,
    He says to the plyers that they are infirior to thr opponents.
    Inter Fired him when made them to qualify to the UCL and the hired A Conte.
    He is not real coach he can only do temporay Tasks ,he not man of mission.
    If he is not fired rght now he will make mediciore
    Napili Fired Garcia

  5. ROME wasn’t built in a day. Great (rich) teams reinforce every season. So yea, we’ll need a couple of more windows to fine tune the roster. That doesn’t mean 10 signings each time though. (Before Maldini’s Heir goes on about the number of players being brought in.)

  6. As good as Milan market was the part that seems more influenced by Pioli like: decision on Krunic, Gabbia, Colombo, signing Rb or Lb.

    Even so.. wed be doi g better is we didnt have players on the brinking of major injury on top of the already i jured one.. it kills momentum and abiity to gain team consisency… and again pioli is stepping in the way of a replacement…

  7. “In other words, Milan made 10 signings during the summer mercato and spent over €100m, yet they have an incomplete squad and there is now urgency to fix things.”

    It’s no biggie. Just make 10 more new signings, Furolani.

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