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By Isak Möller -

Brahim Diaz has been in tremendous form recently and this has shifted focus to his future once again. His two-year loan will expire in the summer and AC Milan will try to redeem him, a report claims. 

The Spaniard has had his ups and downs this season but in the last few months, he has been able to find consistency. He might not always find the back of the net or bag an assist, but he adds something that no other Milan player currently adds.

Against Spurs, he was absolutely essential in tracking back but also in always showing himself, allowing a way out for the defenders and midfielders. Almost every chance that Milan created, prior to his substitution, stemmed from Diaz.

According to MilanNews, it remains to be seen what Real Madrid’s intentions are but the Rossoneri want to keep him. Not at the €22m agreed upon when the loan materialised, but there seems to be room for negotiation.

A lot will likely depend on the will of Diaz but also the potential departures at Real Madrid (such as Asensio).

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  1. he always has that 1/4 of a season when he is good and 3/4 when he is not that good.. i judge him on the 3/4. pass, cash out on Frattesi instead

    1. lmao i can’t believe someone reccomend Frattesi over Diaz who already helped Milan won scudetto and reach CL quarter finals :))

      1. meh.. those 3 goals last season anyone could provide.. the spurs matches, we passed cuz of def. scoring only one goal in 2 matches is as a team pathetic imao.. spurs are crap this season anyway or at least since after the wc break

          1. yes, its very overrated. Why is Conte losing his job then? If spurs are doign fine?
            I mean at the end of the season not now btw

          2. Well… You can think of it this way too: Spurs being 4th is a massive overachievement. There are faaaaaaar better team below them and to expect them to compete for the title would be delirious. So in that sense Spurs are doing fine and Conte shouldn’t be sacked.

  2. Zaniolo is playing as an AM for Galatasary.

    He’s made one appearance, off the bench, scored a solid goal, and should have had 1 assist. Could have had another assist.

    He’ll find form in Turkey, particularly with his finishing.

    Spend the money on him and have some faith in Maldini. Find another way to use CDK.

    Don’t spend significant money on average players with limited potential.

    Zaniolo is playing with Icardi, too. We could take advantage of the chemistry they develop playing together.

  3. We dont need more deadwood in our team we already have the likes of Baka,Origi and Dest so dont come to mention that we could take advantage of the chemistry Zaniiola and Licardi develop playing together in Turkey both of them are garbage and we can get better!

    1. Icardi is a free, not my main point but we have been linked to him. So I can see the logic in him as depth.

      As for Zaniolo, we can do better like who? How much is better going to cost? Post like this assume we are in a position to sign world class attacking mids and strikers. That’s despite what they cost.

      Any player we sign is going to be imperfect. He’ll be imperfect because he has struggled / is out of form or is still too young to be proven. That’s why he is in our price range.

      I suspect your problem with Zaniolo stems from not having watched him play and then focusing on his goals tally.

      There is no doubt that his form has plummeted this year. Hence, he is in the conversation as an option for us. He’d otherwise be worth well in excess of EU50m.

      Unlike CDK and Brahim he has a complete game as an AM. He has the technique, speed, physicality and tactical intelligence/versatility. But he’s in a form slump. He’ll come out of that in Turkey and then he’ll be something much closer to the player he projected to be prior to his knee injuries.

      I place a premium on performance in the Serie A as opposed to 4th and 5th rate leagues around the world. How many times has Milan spent big money on ‘the next big thing’ only to be let down in the last 10 years?

      1. Maybe we can loan or sign double italian zaniolo and berardi and an unknown striker will do something next season. So berardi won’t be scoring against us again.

      2. Icardi isn’t free. He still a contract ’till ’24. But if we can get him on a steal deal, I think why not. His form in Galatasaray has been pretty impressive. One of the biggest downfalls is that we’d bring the agent / wife along with him.

        And for Zaniolo, since the first time we got linked with him, I’m the supporter of that move. Yes he had 2 bad injuries. Yes, he got that behavior from time to time. But hey, he’s still young. Only 2 years different with the fans’ favorite here CdK. I still think, along with Chiesa, he’s part of the Italian brightest talents. He just need the right environment.

        1. Must have gotten my wires crossed re Icardi.

          I follow Australian football, a key part of which is learning how to be patient with players. We draft most of our talent as 18 year old whereas in US football, for example, players can’t be drafted before they turn 21 (or something along those lines).

          My team is basically AC Milan of Australia, including being red and black. The similarities go all the way down to having been in the wilderness for an extended period of recent history (though Essendon has been in it for almost 20 years now and it looks like it is still going). We also have a like for getting involved in transfers we’re can’t or wont pay for.

          Even the most prodigious talents can take a few years to hit their straps. Tall players, in our sport that ranges from 193cm to 210cm, are largely unproductive for 3 to 6 years (the taller they are the longer it takes). It is only the freaks who come on earlier and they are few and far between.

          What protects AFL teams from the consequence of playing young players (i.e. losing) is that there is no relegation. So one strategy which has developed, the overall effectiveness of which is questionable, is for a team which has stagnated to fall to the bottom to get higher picks for a period of time. It is almost impossible to spend your way into success (because most signings have to be trades and we have a salary cap).

          The interesting thing about the champions of AFL is that there is virtually no link between making an immediate impact, at the start of a career, and becoming that champion. It would not be any more than 50/50 (as in 50% are great straight away and 50% take time). I would hazard a guess that it is much the same for soccer.

          What I read here in relation to some Italian players is almost a bitterness that said players has managed to disappoint at a young age. The devil they know gets marked much more harshly than someone is a weak league playing with about 1/10 of the pressure. I think Italy’s tradition, certainly something that starts with the coaches (I will never forgive Italian coaches for what they did to Roberto Baggio or for Zola being regarded as a great of Chelsea – Ancelotti, for example, turned down Baggio while he was at Parma), is to eat its own, to put them under much more pressure than any one else.

          So I look at Zaniolo, a young guy who lost 2 of his formative years to injury. He’s then returned to a Mourinho-led system which is not renowned for creating chances. While it has been good for his game because he has learned defensive play it hasn’t given him the opportunity to shine as the attacking player everyone knows he can be. He seizes up in front of goal, missing chances, one thing leads to another and then you have a form slump. This is the great white hope at Roma, that’s as much pressure as exists in world football and has probably only ever really been managed by Totti (one of the greatest players of all time).

          Kids act out. We see it with young tennis players. As hard as it is to believe, Federer was a lunatic as kid. Djokovic used to fake or have a psychosomatic asthma attack when he was losing.

          Sometimes a guy like Zaniolo needs a bit love, to fill him with the confidence he needs to finish (in particular).

          It’s not just about Zaniolo either. AC Milan is not in a straightforward position. It’s trying to build a project to take it back to the top of Italy and Europe but it doesn’t have the financial resources to compete for big names. We’re seeing with Leao just how hard it is going to be to keep the key pieces of the project together. To my mind that means we need to focus on Italian players (because they generally don’t leave).

          I think it’s much the same for Scamacca though I’d add the observation about his height. It was always going to take him longer to come on. I’ve previously cited the example of Luca Toni who was essentially a Serie B player until he was 26/27. Zlatan himself started in Sweeden and the Netherlands. How much easier is that than being a young striker in the Serie A?

          The confidence Milan can have with Zaniolo and Scamacca is that by spending EU50m it will get 2 attacks, with a lot of potential, who can make an immediate impact in the league. Zaniolo, in particular, wants to be here. That gives you 2 pieces for the project that are still young enough to get 8 good years out of (more likely 10). Guys who will be here in 8 years even if they fulfil their potential.

          I can’t help but think back to what it must have been like here when Pirlo was signed. A completely underwhelming career as an attacking mid followed by half a season playing as a deep lying play maker under Carlo Mazzone at Brescia. 10 years later, he’d been the lynchpin of a great team and a Milan champion (which also happened to be full of Italians).

  4. Let Diaz go back and get the aforementioned Asensio on a free, assuming we qualify for the CL again. Let CDK start at CAM and Asensio at RW. Il Faraone is also on an expiring contract, sell Rebic and bring him back as a Leao deputy. Finally, people are against Icardi, but all I’ve ever seen is him scoring goals, minus this stint at toxic PSG. I don’t care what he’s done in his private life. He could even have Maxi Lopez’s old locker. A forward line of Leao-Icardi-Asensio would be pretty damned good. Of course none of this will happen and also likely Leao will leave. So it will be ???-Giroud-Messias/Saladmaker next season. Oh well.

    1. Did you just say Asensio to Milan? Asensio that can’t do a successful take on. Messias pro max. That Madrid flop. You are foolish and dumb.

  5. If we keep the curent formation i think Bennacer should take Diaz’s place. It would suit Bennacer to play in a more atacking role. He has the shot, the pass, the dribble and the speed for that position. De Katelare can play that position too, so we should be well covered. All will need in that case will be a Striker and a real Defensive Mid to partner Tonali, not box to box mid, but real DM who can tackle and protect the defence.

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