MN: Milan could include resale clause in De Ketelaere-Atalanta deal

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere is expected to leave AC Milan this summer and complete a loan move to Atalanta. The clubs have reached an agreement for a season-long loan with an option to buy, but there could also be another clause. 

De Ketelaere had a disappointing first season with the Rossoneri and after receiving zero outright offers for the player, Milan decided to evaluate a loan move. Atalanta came forward and the clubs have now reached an agreement for a paid loan with an option to buy.

Per Daniele Longo, the loan will cost Atalanta €3m and the buy-out clause will be set at €23m. MilanNews have added that there won’t be any buy-back clause but Milan could potentially add a future resale percentage clause.

Atalanta will cover De Ketelaere’s salary of €2.2m net, which will certainly minimise the damage for the Rossoneri a bit. Next year, the Belgian’s value on the books will be around €21m and Milan would thus make a small capital gain from his potential sale.

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    1. Tell that to tonali, leao, theo, benacer, diaz, salad, kalulu, thiaw.
      There have been others but those didn’t make any impact (cdk is among them)

      1. Yes he gave Kalulu a chance only after other players were injured and he didn’t really had any other choice. Same thing for Thiaw. Diaz only got a chance after Hakan left. It took him two years to finaly give Leao a chance as a LW starter despite Leao coming as a winger who was worth 28mil. And for that Rebic needed to get injured… If he needs for circumstances to force him to play a young player then no he isnt really the best coach for young talent. There are young players who werent so lucky as the one above and never got the chance at all. Adli, Paqueta, Vranks, Gabia, Silva.

        1. He did have a choice.. Gabia or Kalulu…
          You people are talking about something that just isnt true.. The coach Pioli does not like using young players bu the whole Milan project is based on young players.. Can you see the contradiction you made in your head?
          If what you say is true he’d been fired by now and someone who does play young players would be on the bench of Milan..

        2. Kalulu got his chance against Sparta Prague, in final group stage match of 2020/21 Europa League Group Stage, where we fielded our second squad because we had qualified for the next round and there was nothing to play for..

  1. This is gonna comeback to haunt us!Instead of showing the same patience we had with Leao,Theo,Kalulu,Bennacer and Tonali we gave them time and they turn out to be really good heck Leao and Theo are top 3 in World in the positions!

    1. I totally agree with you. I know Charles De Ketelaere will come good. Why don’t Piolo try to integrate him.

      I wish him all the best.

  2. We will never know how much of a chance CDK was really given by Pioli. We cannot deny however that CDK not being successful was the bullet used by Cardinale to get rid of Maldini. I have my doubts whether Pioli can build a side that is possession based and therefore players like CDK and Adli were never fit for purpose. Pioli doesn’t produce the goods now, with the squad he has, he’s finished.

  3. The question is has CDK shown any positive signs. At least for Leoa and Theo we were seeing signs. CDK seems to have weak mentality. A good percentage of resale value should cover any regret that may arise. I pray he performs well at Atalanta so we don’t lose at the end.

  4. “heck Leao and Theo are top 3 in World in the positions!”

    Those two showed at least SOMETHING during their first season in the Rossoneri. CDK made 2-3 good passes all season and nothing else.

    The only regret Milan has/will have is or might be that buying CDK cost Maldini his job (amongst other things though). CDK lacks the mental strength to make it in a bigger club. If you cannot see that then I don’t know what to say – except that YouTube-highlight reels lie. 😛

  5. Sounds like a crappy deal for us – doesn’t achieve much for us, only clearing the decks..
    Why not get them to spend some of that cash that has just come in?
    just saying…

  6. That charles header that Leao doesnt easily score
    tahts the 1st assist that he could make

    guess after that his performance decline

  7. I really want to see you guys say the same thing wen in January pioli gets fired and then the new coach wants CDK back because he sees that CDK is a big talent and the coach is not one trick poney that only plays one formation no matter if the team has the right players for that formation.Even this pre-season is the same already pioli wants to play 4-3-3 but in the midfield none of them are a pure DM to get the right balance between the defence and the midfield right now we have only Bennacer as DM and guess what he is out with injury if last season whas bad this year is gonna be worst!

    1. Cdk’s talent and contributions are neglected and all milan wants is goals from the young promising player. Besides he has never been given a five full games at a stretch to prove himself. All he gets is few full games, little or no play time in other games. Coming from an average league and Milan wants him to perform magic on the field and produce several goal.

      The young talent needs more playing time in consecutive matches to find his proper performance.

      I think Milan has not been patient and genorous enough to feature him regularly.

      Cdk is a great talent..

      1. “Besides he has never been given a five full games at a stretch to prove himself.”

        If the guy plays awfully for the first 75 minutes, what’s the point of fielding him for the whole 90 mins when there’s others willing to give more for the shirt?

  8. Wow. Just wow. CDK showed nothing for us. Not even glimpses of anything. One assist all season despite having so much playing time. And a poor attitude too. What else is there to say? It’s time to part ways.

    1. He’s not that big of a flop in my opinion. He started good up until the first derby. I don’t like Milan selling young talent. Dry loan should do him good. Brahim first season wasn’t great except for his goal against Juve. But got him 2 more season. The signings are great but no clear identity. We let Kamada slide, this will turn to hunt us like Locatelli.

  9. Not all young players can play well in serie a. So that would be complex job of moncada to choose from many young players across the globe.

    1. Thats very true.
      Serie a doesnt play stylish football.

      Young stars that can make it here are the ones that play more physical football.

  10. Pioli will be Pioli and will not utilise the new players effectively and that will lead to his sacking this coming season. Then the management will realised that the young player and other players were not given enough time and how bad Pioli’s Team/Squad management has been.

  11. CDK & origi cost maldini losing his job , i dont understand why ppl here defending him all out.Of course i hope CDK score goal with atalanta ( except vs ACM ) so atalanta will activate buy option , worst case ? If CDK failed & atalanta return him , he will become trash like caldara if failed in his loan , no club want to buy him if he return with failure. CDK will burden club for 4 years like caldara

    1. This. And it is bloody obvious that CDK doesn’t suit Milan. Or vice versa. He’s better off in a mid-sized team with less pressure.

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