MN: Milan resigned to losing Romagnoli but already have a plan to replace him

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessio Romagnoli should become the latest player to leave AC Milan on a free transfer as he is close to joining Lazio, a report claims.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Çalhanoğlu chose to leave last summer and join PSG and Inter respectively while Franck Kessie has agreed to join Barcelona, with Romagnoli ready to join that crowd and complete a move to his boyhood club Lazio.

According to MilanNews, the situation that has led to this is completely different from the aforementioned trio because the offer from the Rossoneri management involved a pay cut from the current €5m net per season he earns to around half of that amount, all while he is now a back-up in the hierarchy.

He is destined to leave Milan on a free and sign for Lazio, where he will fill an important void in their defence, and Milan will cover the gap left by Romagnoli with the return of Simon Kjaer and the probable purchase of Sven Botman, joining Kalulu and Tomori.

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  1. OK I’m gonna say it even though Milan management wont say it out loud. This has less to do with Romagnoli and more Raiola.

    After what happened with Donnarumma, Milan have (without explicitly confirming) decided that after Zlatan retires, they’ll never sign another Raiola player again.

    This is just my feeling, no hard evidence but we’ll see over the coming seasons.

    1. Ive been saying for over the last decade that milan should implement within all of their contracts that our players isnt allowed to hire him as their agent when signing for us and unless they do that there is no guarantee we wont have to deal with him in some extent as we for example could see when romagnoli changing agent to raiola a few years back. Infact it would also potentially present a new issue with the current crop of players because either they would also have to accept such demands or getting sold.
      Anyways i hope you are correct that when ibra retires we will then take a proactive stance towards keeping him away from the club but i’ll only believe it when i see it happens.

      1. Why? It is the most idiotic idea in the history of football. You can not sign a player is him or his agent ask for too much, you can also sell the player a year or more before his contract expires if the same situation happens after he signed already.

        1. You can obviously have your opinion but it seems you didnt really grasp what i said. Sure clubs can sell players before contracts ends and i would support the idea of us selling any players that refuse to renew when they have two years left but if it was so easy then we would already have offloaded several ones currently owneed by the club.
          Anyways that wasnt even the point as the point was to keep raiola away from the club entirely and that is pretty much the only way to do that. Its seen in some areas of industry where employees cant sign for the competitor or for example pilots getting trained in the army are not allowed to breach their contracts as they will get a way higher salary in the private sector.
          Raiola is a tumor to the sport and that stretches beyond contract negotiations and demands and that pretty much goes for all the teams involved with his players.

        2. What to do in situation if player does not want to leave, before his contract expire? How you can push him to sign new contract or to be sold? I wrote before, UEFA has to regulate this issue, because clubs loose money. Club invest lots of money in players, and happen that player leave the club without any money in return to club.

  2. I’m not sure how you can write into a contract that a player is not allowed to have a certain agent. Doubt that is even legal. What if we get into a dispute with another agent – say Mendes? Do we ban him too? I understand your passion Martin, but it doesn’t seem practical. We need to do business with everyone. Placing blame on the agent is failing to recognize the will of the player. Donnaruma wanted to leave. He’s now made that clear. Can’t always blame the agent and think it will solve the problem. We must take responsibility as well. We waited to resign him and didn’t sell him before his deal was up. Water under the bridge now, but if we want to compete with the top clubs we must find a way to do business with everyone.

    1. Well juro as i said it could present some issues no doubt about it but nevertheless there are other contracts in other fields of work that has exactly such type of limitations so not really sure why it would be against the law but obviously if it is illegal then it would be an impossible road to take.
      Do you even have an idea how much cash milan has filled into raiolas pockets over the years ? To my recollection its hundreds of millions over the years since we started dealing with him that could have been invested more wisely. By the way i dont blame only raiola but nevertheless i do reckon him being a tumor of the sport that needs to be cut away.
      Anyways as much as i would hope the club to take such a stance i doubt it will ever happen.

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