MN: Milan scrap Kulusevski idea amid hefty demands of Juve – the figures

By Isak Möller -

Dejan Kulusevski has been linked with AC Milan over the past 24 hours as he seems likely to depart from Juventus on loan. However, it appears that the Rossoneri won’t be his next destination. 

The winger joined Juventus ahead of the 2020/21 season (after staying at Parma for six months on loan) and he hasn’t been hugely successful since. There is no doubt, however, that he is a player with great potential.

Therefore, he appeared to be a good option for Milan on loan, as they are close to parting ways with Samu Castillejo. As reported by Anto Vitiello, though, the economic demands of Juventus simply make it impossible for the Rossoneri.

The Bianconeri are willing to let the Swede go on loan with an option to buy, but the latter has to be worth €35-40m. Then there is the cost of the loan, meaning it could perhaps be an operation worth around €45m in total. It’s an idea that Milan this have scrapped, per the report.

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  1. LMAO like this is a surprise??? What BS articles. Does anyone think we would spend 45M total for Kulusveski when we won’t even spend 15M on FAIRVE??? LOL. Those who thought this could actually happen are delusional. Elliot have no intention to spend big money. So the BS about Sanches and Botman coming and us spending 70M to secure both seems ridiculous. Stop this garbage. I just don’t get what management is doing. When a young talented player (Faivre) in a position of need (RW and can play CAM) is available for a very reasonable price (15M) and who WANTS to play for us – we don’t get him. Instead we try for players who are more expensive and have no chance getting (Berardi, Kulusveski, etc…) WTF is going on. Inter get Calcedio and Gosens; Juve Vlahovic – despite having debt up to their eye balls – and we sign an 18 year old kid who may or may not develop in 5 years….what a joke. Feel horrible for the players and Pioli – they are given ZERO support by ownership. Pioli is performing miracles. Disgraceful. We are going to lose another 2 players for FREE (Kessie and Romagnoli) to go along with Donnaruma and Hakan. It’s unfathomable the mismanagement that has occurred. We have a chance to sign viable FREE or low, cost alternatives – Zakaria, Kamara, Farive, etc…and we sit on our hands. Our spot in CL is not secure in the least. Juve will make a strong push now for top 4 – Napoli is there and Inter will wrap up the title. We are another Ibra injury away from losing our CL spot and Elliot’s answer in response to Inter and Juve is to bag an 18 year old kid LOL. What a joke. Good luck lads.

    1. How can you try to claim to be a fan and not hearing that those “FREE” transfers are anything but.

      You trade transfer fee for agents signing and higher salary, which have to be paid yearly not once as transfer fee

      Romagnoli makes the most in the team gross. Let him go.

      Kessie is hard, but still we cant afford him, even 5m base is around Son level. And this time gross wage gets no preferential taxation

      Everybody forgot Donnarumma situation…

      1. LOL. Aren’t you the clown who still thinks he discovered Carlos Tevez what like 20 years ago?? LMAO. Everyone forgot the Donnaruma situation already? Ha! I dare to wonder what you do for a living kid but it certainly doesn’t revolve around finance lol. Stick to telling everyone at the local coffee shop that you discovered Tevez lol. That will get you places in life pal. And to @ForzaMilan – you must have mental issues – you tell me to shut up but yet agree with me about Kulushevski? Keep on sniffing that glue buddy it will take you places.

  2. Kulusevski is no doubt a good player with Seria A experience, but it is senseless to go for a player so young and not really proven for such a ridiculous amount when we can actually get FAIVRE who is more skillful and more of a playmaker and right winger for 15million! Use your head, MANAGEMENT!

  3. There’s another weird one here – club is crying out for competition for Diaz and Donny Van Der Beek is about to go on loan to Crystal Palace… What on earth is going on there?

        1. I never said anyone would pay 45m for him donkey. What I said was the article is BS as we cannot afford to spend 15M on a player (Faivre) but somehow we are going to pay 45m for Kulushevski? Makes no sense. And for the record I don’t want Kulushevski and do not think he’s worth 45m either. I’d rather us spend a reasonable amount on Faivre (15M) and be done. So not sure why your attacking me when we agree on the same thing. We are all Milan fans here we shouldn’t insult one another like we support Inter or something. It’s ridiculous.

  4. LMAO – @ForzaMilan and @crorossonero – 2 little boys who cannot spell nor come up with a educated comment lol. Let me guess you both still live in your mom’s basement. She still makes you Nutella and toast in the morning, irons and folds your underwear and tucks you in at night? LOL. Grow up you 2 clowns and don’t project your miserable lives on to this chat. Nah not Faivre’s “boyfriend” just recognize a talent at a reasonable cost (15M) we should sign instead of being the lover of someone like Berardi, who at 40M we have no chance in signing. Anyways, done wasting my time responding to you 2 children. Good luck to both of you, sounds like you both will need it

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