MN: Milan seem inclined to ditch Inter and build new 70k+ stadium alone

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could well go it alone with the new stadium project and build it at a site away from the historic San Siro, according to a report.

MilanNews confirm that the news launched yesterday by journalist Alessandro Jacobone regarding a meeting in Como between Gerry Cardinale – the new owner of Milan – and the mayor of Sesto San Giovanni involving representatives of the Populous studio has not been met with denials.

Instead, it seems that Milan under RedBird and with the involvement of Elliott want to go it alone with the new stadium project and they are willing to construct an independent home, thus ditching the plan of a shared stadium with Inter after becoming tired of the council’s beaurocracy.

The area of Sesto San Giovanni, in particular the former site of ​​the Falck steel works, would not be subject to all the bureaucracy. Cardinale has viewed the area and now seems determined for Milan to have their own home with at least 70,000 seats.

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    1. Standard seats provide very, very little revenue. Luxury suites are where most live sport money comes from, and they provide SIGNIFICANT margin when you compare the unit economics of a single seat.

      Sacrificing 10k “cheap seats” in favor of luxury suites will provide exponentially higher financial impact.

      If you want to discuss sporting impact and optics, that’s a very different conversation.

      1. Yes, but fans buy merchandise, so what you said isn’t really true. 10 000 fans buy more merch than 200 people in luxury seats. And tickets for those aren’t really that expensive to make up the difference.

    2. Have you been to the San Siro and a new modern stadium lately? Anything they build no matter the capacity would be an upgrade to that relic.

      1. Exactly what WCSG just said. Plus the atmosphere will be soooooooooo much better with true fans instead of rich men in business suits in their luxury suites.

        Some times quantity really is better than quantity.

    1. We’ve only done that this season with fans starved of live matches through covid and being shit. I think 60/70k is ample. It means there’s competition for seats and eventually a higher return through higher ticket prices. Spurs stadium has nailed it

    2. Nah for 1/2 matches were it’s a full stadium we can’t lose half of our income from stadium by making it 80k and and sharing w shinter

    3. We don’t. San Siro max capacity is 80,018, it is gettting reduced with each renovation. Even last season, it is limited to just 75,923. When Milan move to the new stadium and Inter renovate San Siro, the capacity will also drop to 70k+. But Milan will have advantage of more premium seats which generate more revenue.

  1. the geniuses above dont seem to realise the amount of rent and lease we pay

    Even a 40k stadium would be more profitable than now fyi

    1. correct. these people have 0 knowledge about economics and say dumb things. Juve with their 45K stadium affords to pay 60M for Chiesa and 75M for Vlahovic. We could easily compete for way more with a 70k stadium

      1. Juve current debt is 396M, but yeah they are earning a buying players from their stadium income. LMAO people are delusional.

          1. How are they making money if their debt is increasing? Do you have a basic understanding of mathematics?

            If you are making 0.0000000000000000000000000….000000001Eur per year you are still making more money than Juve. They are LOSING money, each year, increasing their debt.

  2. 70k is very ideal but I think 60k would be better for Milan.
    Most of the modern stadiums around the world are between 45 to 65k and they generate decent revenue because even at down times for the club the stadium is always filled up.
    With 70k and a down time for Milan large spaces of empty seats would be visible everywhere.
    Every club has a downtime, Milan included.
    With 60k seats, however the downtime, seats would always be filled thus, consistent revenue for the club.

    1. You close the upper rings if stadium doesn’t get full enough. That’s how you don’t have empty seats near the pitch.

  3. First of all. There is a hudge diffrence in cost when you get bigger and bigger stadium.
    Second – how manu matches there will be 60+ people? In past on San Siro there where 30-40k people and this was a norm.
    Third – and the end there was full stadium also thx to desount on tickets.

    So don’t write some idiotic ‘we need 80k stadium’. Even 70k May be to much for Milan.
    Also – 70k stadium would be biggest in Europe stadium build after 2000.

    1. Which past, you mean the last 10 years when they played awful? Milan sold more than 55 thousand season tickets 15 years ago. A 70k stadium definitely is not too big for a club that is on the way to grow back to being a major force in the CL and Serie A. Not even 80k would be.

  4. 70k seats stadium is very ok as long we don’t share with inter and their will be room for adding more 10000 seats or so thank you cardinale,scarloni, ivan nice vision cause club like Milan needs he’s own stadium

  5. @shiva

    go check deloitte money league.

    Their net loss is more than their net gain. That’s why they are in debt. However what i intended to say their net gain is wayyyy more than our net gain. with an 80k stadium that net gain decreases ever further. Would much rather have 70 on our own than 80 with shinter.

  6. This ia the best solution for Acmilan to build our Stadium alone.
    And I am Sure will Catch up Real Madrid
    And Juventus in the near future Respectively interms Champioms league and Serie A Titels.
    Plus Good Maganagement

  7. 100k is ideal because AC Milan is one of two biggest clubs in the world! It doesn’t matter if it will behalf empty for small games against Empoli, Salernitana etc. because the empty part can be decorated with large black and red flags and support messages for the team. But when the team plays away games they can easily organize huge world class concerts which will easily fill the stadium and Milan can make extra revenue then to invest in players and talents.

    So, if you build it – build it to be huge and spectacular!!!

    Because WE ARE AC MILAN!!!

    1. nah. empty stadium cause loss in investment. Investment is done by calculation and not by impulse as your comment suggests. 60k/70k on our should be more than ideal

  8. This sounds good, Inter doesn’t have money to buy Bremer, they definitely can’t invest into a new stadium.

  9. The size isnt the most important part, its getting rid of the rent to the local council, having a modern stadium that is multi purpose for additional revenue streams. Look at Spurs as a perfect example of what we need to do.

  10. Be grateful, guys. +70k stadium is large enough and we can’t expect it will be always full considering the pandemic and maintenance cost. The most important thing is it will be our own stadium and we can earn more from it without sharing with Inter.

    Thank you, redbird!!

  11. People, football stadiums have been getting smaller over the years. Used to be San Siro would hold 85k all told. Then for safety and economic reasons (suite development) it went down to 80k, and now it’s less than that. Also, the number of seats is derived from average attendance. So if you average 40k per season you probably want around a 60k capacity for those handful of games against the like of Juventus, Inter or some of the bigger clubs in the CL, but no more because the majority of your games are against mid to lower table teams and then you have a half empty stadium, which looks horrible on TV. Then you’re also paying maintenance on unused real estate and staff. Even the extra 20k six or seven times per season out of 50 games is not going to be a massive difference in the long run. This will only matter if the stadium is sold out for every game and the only league where stadiums sell out for every game is the EPL (and has been for the last 20 years).

    1. The information that the epl sell out their stadium every match for the last 20years is false….please do not come here and open your mouth and say whayou dont know….most epl stadium are between 35k to 55k which I not easy to fill up and also the seats are close to the stadium unlike some Italia stadium that still have race tracks….If Milan build a 45k or 50k stadium, it will always be full, last season we move over 1M attendance

  12. If true this is the best news I have heard and is better news than any transfer signing we may make. Owning our OWN stadium is essential for the economic longevity of our club. Would be nice to remain in the San Siro area, but politics continue to stand in the way – so as to not waste another 10 years of bureaucratic mess – build in the Sesto region and leave Inter and those greedy politicians in San Siro behind. I’m sure the experts who build stadiums for a living and understand revenue will determine the appropriate size of the stadium. Can’t make them too big 80k and not have them filled every week + but also don’t want to make it too small 55-60K (so as the average fan cannot afford to attend). A happy medium is more likely as Maldini outlined previously. However, I agree that Luxury boxes are essential and they are the most important driver of stadium revenue. Those concerned about increasing debt because we have our own stadium unfortunately don’t understand business fully and is something we don’t need to be concerned with. Practically every company in the world (from Google, to Amazon) has debt lol. Hell Amazon “borrowed” 18B in 2021 that it didn’t need. Look it up. Why? Because companies make $$ with other peoples $$. That’s how it works. Revenue is what matters. Having our OWN stadium will significantly increase our revenue and allow us to buy better players to compete for titles. Wining increases our net worth. Losing does not.

    1. 70 is fine, it was a bit more just recently. Why I am saying that we should get more is because both Real and Barcelona have much more and they actually invested in increasing the cappacity in recent years. Maybe a project with 70 + 20 potential seats that could be built in second phase if necessary would be ideal.

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