MN: Milan to include favourable clause in Frankfurt contract for Hauge – the details

By Nikita Fesyukov -

Jens Petter Hauge seems to be living his last few days as an AC Milan player, with his move to Eintracht Frankfurt reportedly being very close to completion.

As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, the sale of the Norwegian talent is about to unlock, with his transfer to Frankfurt being practically done for a fee of around 12 million euros.

But now an important detail has emerged regarding the player’s move to the Bundesliga, with Milan set to include a favourable clause in the contract with the German club.

According to Antonio Vitiello from, it is likely that the Rossoneri will retain a future resale percentage in the deal that will see Hauge join Frankfurt in the coming hours.

After a disappointing spell at the San Siro, the 21-year-old thus seems on his way out of the club. What must be noted is the capital gain from the player’s sale, which, however, is expected to be reinvested in the final weeks of the transfer market.

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  1. Excellent decision Hauge! I remember when you’re join Milan you wrote, You Cant beat them, join them.

    Now, it seems you will write, you cant play in team, you should move on and proof their are wrong!

    See you in Deustche Bank Park soon Hauge. Wish you all the best!

  2. “After a disappointing spell at the San Siro, the 21-year-old thus seems on his way out of the club.”

    FAR from disappointing. In fact, he may just have been one of the brightest stars in the first half of the season. His EL performance in particular was maybe the best in Milan in the group stage.

    What happened in the second half of the season is the classic coach vs player situation were the latter falls out of favour because the coach “likes” another player better. It was a personal vendetta that forces Milan to lose a young talent for a capital gain.

    If this “capital gain” talk persists, I can see how in the future, young talents won’t sign for Milan because they now what awaits them, falling in the path of Hauge.

    1. Sorry, I disagree. Capital gain sales need to become a think if Milan are to grow. Reason clubs like Chelsea can spend so much whilst being sustainable is that their academy buys youth, gives those players the best coaches and training possible for a few years and then sells finished ‘products’.

      I like Hauge too, he’s a good promising young player. But that emotional attachment is due to him being the only one. This is a problem and it needs to become a regular thing to have young players on the edge of the first team so Milan can keep some and sell others.

      This has to become normal if Milan are to grow.

      1. I disagree with you Rodger. Yes capital gains are important, but the example you cite of Chelsea is not comparable to Milan. You said: “Chelsea can spend so much whilst being sustainable is that their academy buys youth, gives those players the best coaches and training possible for a few years and then sells finished ‘products’. Who is a “finished product”? Hauge? We didn’t train him for years and build him up to sell for profit. We bailed on him after one year. The smart move would have been to play him or loan him let him develop THEN sell him if you have to. We didnt do that at all. As someone said above, we are getting rid of him due to the coach. This kid never given a chance. And what capital gain?? Chelsea sells their young kids for 20-30M capital gain – we sell for 7-8m?? Who are we going to buy with that? It will either be another young unproven player or an old player/back up nobody really wants (Illic). So I think your analysis is way off. We are not Chelsea lol. We still sell low and buy high or in our case now can’t buy anyone at all lol. Oh ya and we let players leave for free (Donnaruma Hakan, and probably next up is Romagnoli). Chelsea doesn’t let that happen (i.e., Giroud – they still made a few million off him when they sold to us). Chelsea doesnt piss away 100M and let players walk for free. They sell before the final year of their deals are up. We are no where near a club like Chelsea. If we are trying to get there we are doing a horrible job IMO. At least insert a buy back clause like Real did with Diaz. If your going to sell someone for capital gain it should be Theo. We developed him for 2-3 yrs and if PSG offer 60-70M then yes we should sell as that is pretty much max value for a wing back. Now that would be a capital gain of 40-50M and then you could actually buy a few good players. But what is 7M gonna buy you? Illic!!!! LOL. Terrible. Good luck Hauge. Say hello to Paquetta, Locatelli, Andre Silva, Cristante, etc….

        1. My emotions explained aptly. Chelsea’s capital gain concept is based on loaning players and later selling them mostly to the highest bidder for a substantial amount of money. We lack that strategy. We are too much dependent on good will of other clubs or agents to achieve out target goals.

        2. Concur with your argument man….Hauge is a very good player, only that Pioli didn’t give the boy a chance to showcase his talents. All the best my boy!

      2. @Rodger. You mentioned Chelsea as a model and that there, young players are given the best coaches and facilities for A FEW YEARS. Hauge was given less than a year and undeserved less playing time esp given he had good performances

    2. This is true Milan needs player like this guy now, was scoring goals in the EL because of one big name player or I don’t know what they call it just put that young man out of the EL last year, he help AC Milan in the group stage.

  3. These journalists write anything to defend bad management practices. How can Hauge be a disappointment. To who?
    Had it not been his contribution, will milan even make it to the champions league?.
    A day is coming when we r going to get the likes of Calhanoglu who are money conscious to sign for Milan because the real Milanistas will not come again.

  4. Why adding clauses? I thought Milan did not believe in Hauge? The kid has out played those playing ahead of him and all Milan wants to do, is bench him. Pioli hates the guy, so please sell him and let him go play freely. It’s not his fault… you don’t believe he’s a good player, then let him go clean. Stop adding useless clauses to make the move difficult for him. Set him free.
    Good luck Hauge, I hope your next club sees what we the Milan fans see, and give you the opportunity to become a huge star. Don’t look back, just surge forward.

  5. There is only one thing that i do not like about Maldini — his faith in Leao. This guy is lazy, useless, uninterested in play around him, sloppy and no good at all. Very much like Niang a few years back. He should be kicked away immediately …. but no, we keep him and send away Hauge …. i do not understand !!!!

    1. You right such bullshit they keep players like Leo
      If is for me I could sell him with first chance. He will be like ballotelli

  6. Selling hauge is a big mistake is Milan in for the money or u want to build the team hauge is one of the best players in Milan so if Milan want money go for it ,and I think the coach don’t like him,how can u sell hauge and tell us it a capital gain how


  8. Hauge dijual tetapi Castilejo masih ada dalam tim…Visi bermain, akurasi tembakan jelas Hauge di atas Castilejo..Bagaimana cara Hauge mencetak gol ke gawang Sampdoria..Entah apa yang sedang terjadi…Di klub lamanya Hauge bisa bermain sebagai RWF, tetali Pioli lebih memberikan waktu kepada Castilejo…

    Sukses di klub barumu Hauge, club lebih membutuhkan pemain seperti Castilejo yang banyak berlari tetapi tidak ada gunanya bagi tim, bahkan saat menghadapi gawang kosong sekalipun…

  9. Pioli is just jerk. He is just idiot.
    I hope they keep ibra as sport director after he finish contract
    I hope they don’t sell Kessis. He is just milan foundation

  10. I wonder if milan read what their fan write out on their social media page. I know leao has talent to improve to be a great player but in reality he is lazy. He doesn’t see need for improvement and his love of Milan is questionable. Hauge came to Milan you could see the love, he is ready to work hard, he is ready to give his best but then we have pioli did what other average coach like him didn’t do and now he is one of the best coaches in the world. Gazidis our ceo is former CEO of arsenal so I am not surprised. During his tenure in arsenal sagna, clichy, van persie, febregas etc, all left to achieve their dreams of winning trophies why arsenal was a thriving club both in economies and sustainability but on field aspect arsenal became an average club. After he left for Milan arsenal has being doing everything to come back to elite club league but in reality they are now midtable club. As long as gazidis remain our CEO we will always be an average club where our best players leave and we buy garbage from other teams and tries to build them for winning clubs in Europe. If ardent followers of football should think properly they will know arsenal under Gazidis was always in the French market to try and get French footballers and build them and let them leave for nothing because they prefer not to add a few million to their contract so that they can repay the club back for training them. In ten years time milan will be an average club as long as Gazidis is our CEO. But in revenue generation no club in Italy will come close to Milan. Milan will be a thriving club but no trophy to show for it. So the long wait for us to be ‘protagonist’ of football is here. We will always qualify for champions league but nothing to show for it. Our scout will see all world footballlers of the year but we will settle for garbage of all European clubs. Who will bet with me?

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