MN: Milan’s transfer activity further points to a formation shift from Pioli

By Euan Burns -

The transfer activity from AC Milan so far this summer suggests that the team could be switching to a 4-3-3 formation ahead of next season, a report claims.

As has been reported by Milan News, the signings and potential sales that Milan are making so far only point in one direction.

The fact that, after selling Sandro Tonali, Milan have signed Ruben Loftus-Cheek and could still add Tijjani Reijnders and Yunus Musah to the squad suggests that there could be a midfield three rather than a two.

As well as that, the lack of a natural Brahim Diaz replacement as well as the possible sales of Charles De Ketelaere and Yacine Adli suggests there is no plan to use a traditional attacking midfielder in the centre of the attack.

If this is the case, Milan could walk away from the Daichi Kamada free transfer as he could play in that role.

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  1. Seems like Pioli will try to attack from the wings especially if they sign Chuk. The middle three will include two b2b mids and more attack minded mid, probably TJ Reindeer. When Benny returns he will slot in anywhere and interchange with the mids.

    It works on paper. Hopefully Pioli can fully integrate it and make it work on the field.

    1. Yep, a more solid midfield 3 gives the wide players more license to roam forward and attack, they can take turns tracking back.

      However it’s only worth giving the wingers such license if they can deliver in an attacking capacity, as naturally a 433 loses the creativity of a true no.10 (not that Brahim or CDK were particularly good there last season)

      I agree it works on paper but will need a really top drawer RW, almost Leao level, to capitalise. Personally I don’t think Pulisic is that man, Chukwueze might be I haven’t seen enough to know if he can regularly play at that level.

  2. I feel like there’s some truth to this, but there was plenty to show that the team last year was suited to play 4-3-3 and Pioli didn’t do it.

    I could easily see Pulisic coming in and playing the 10, and even without Pulisic I could see Pioli playing 3 of RLC/Reijnders/Musah/Krunic/Pobega while deploying one of the three to play the 10. We saw this last season with Bennacer for a long stretch.

    1. True. Even I can easily see RLC plays the no. 10.

      The latest news said that Kamada isn’t suitable for Pioli’s gameplay. As far as I can tell, Pioli loves a combative AM, and Kamada surely can be categorized as one. He can play AM in 4231 and CM in 433. Just hope this decision won’t bite us in the end.

    2. DJS I agree with you. Let us hope that Pioli finally ubderstood that he cannot play against Inter (Dumfries Barella Chalanoglu Mikhi Di Marco) with 2 midfielders!!!

  3. Milan will regret not signing Kamada. Of the profiles Milan are tracking Kamada is the most intelligent. Aminu

  4. It could be he’ll continue with what he tried last season when he had Bennacer in the no.10 hole but positioned a bit deeper and he acted more as advanced playmaker. A kind of wide 42121 with wings.

  5. As if footballing decisions have anything to do with this farce.

    This is the time for a bit of wheelin’ and dealin’, flippin’ and floppin’, churnin’ ajd turning’, and then we’ll see where land after we’ve changed about a quarter of our squad and entire midfield (whilst failing to sign a striker).

    But everyone will be so excited about all of the activity. If only they were this active on the pitch!

  6. Oh how come you don’t know that Krunic can play any position/role under Pioli. In Piolis head it’s RLC-Musah/Reijnders-krunic. In any case you’ll see plenty of Krunic somewhere in the 433

  7. Please remember pioli is a medioker tactician and often lack of inovation so we need a good composition of players who exactly suit with pioli’s mind, if management buy the wrong player it will not works. I hope this season he become more inteligent in tactics because competition is very high.

  8. I don’t think Milan are baying the standard players all of these players are not good players please help the team

  9. For to play 4-3-3 efficiently, we must get our recruitment very correct, otherwise it will be a disaster.

    First, the midfield three has to be properly constituted.
    We will need:
    1 Ball Carrier or Creator
    1 Passer or Playmaker
    1 Destroyer or Defensive Midfielder

    So far from our transfer rumours available, it appears:

    Ruben Loftus Cheek and Yunus Musah are targeted as Ball Carriers. RLC can operate on either side of the Destroyer.

    Tijjani Reijnders is targeted as the Passer and Playmaker, even though he can effectively play the DM position, he is not a destroyer. Same goes for Gravenberch.

    The ultimate destroyer to make this midfield function maximally would have been Amrabat. Aside from him, I can’t seem to remember any Destroyer we have been linked with, well maybe we already have Krunic, who knows.

    But I must say this, if we will no longer be needing Kamada, then the remaining non EU slot should be used to get Mason Greenwood. That boy will destroy this league. With him on the flank, the 4-3-3 will be a beautiful formation for us.

    1. Mason Greenwood???? Hahahahahaha. You must be drunk u donkey!

      And News flash Johnny Boy – we have no shot at Amrabat – the “Destroyer” LOLOLOLOLO

      1. LOLOLOLOOOOOO u say so much wise and funny things in your cave hahahaaaa 😂🤣🤪🤪🤪
        Now where I put Hunter’s crack pipe? 🤔

    2. “First, the midfield three has to be properly constituted.
      We will need:
      1 Ball Carrier or Creator
      1 Passer or Playmaker
      1 Destroyer or Defensive Midfielder ”

      LOL. No.

      There is no such rules. It’s all about the chemistry/synergy of the three players. They can be like 3 identical twins with identical attributes IF they work well together. It’s funny how some people keep saying “you need to have this and this kind of players”. No. No you really don’t. Everything depends on other things. The players around the players. Last time I checked, football is still a team sport with 11 players on the pitch and you can have infinite amount of different tactics and strategies and ways to play the game to get to your goals (pun intended). Saying that “you need to have one ball carrier, one passer and and destroyer” just shows how narrow-minded the commenter is.

      1. I definitely didn’t expect you to understand this.

        Have you ever been to a roadside coaching school in your entire life?

        You clearly know nothing about tactics.

        They can all be box-to-box midfielders, but they can never be identical. No 3 midfielders with identical skillset play together, it’s dead on arrival.

        Just Kessie and Bennacer, Tonali and Bennacer.
        There must always be one assigned to Destroy and another to combine the Carriying and Passing together.

        Kessie had always played the Destroyer for us.
        Tonali is a Passer, at best just an aggressive DM.
        Bennacer is a Carrier.
        You see the different characteristics in our title winning midfield, they may not have been utilised efficiently by the coach, but the recruitment was well thought out.

        While Kessie played DM destroyer,
        Tonali played DM Passer or deep-lying play maker,
        Bennacer was pushed further to Carry the ball forward.
        So, there you have it.

        But everything fell apart when Kessie the Destroyer left, and we tried to make Tonali play the Destroyer. He’s not that combative despite being a very good DM, but the Destroyer is not his job, not his skillset.
        Pioli assigned Krunic the Carrier slightly forward and Bennacer as the Passer, and I remember I was speaking in this blog that Bennacer should be moved forward (Carrier duties) while Krunic should be moved backwards (Passer duties).

        But in the end, Pioli listened and the midfield stabilised, it is simple understanding. Football ain’t that complicated if you understand the basic principles.

        Name any top team in the world and I will tell you the different roles the midfielders play and hell no, they aren’t identical.

        1. Conan the Destroyer is a free agent. We should check him out to plug that hole. If that doesn’t work out how do you feel about using a discombobulator?

  10. 433 can be useful too due to adili & pobega can play good on 3 midfield formation . But homework for pioli are training CDK from AMF to RW

  11. 433 just doesn’t work in Milan. Next is limited transfer budget will get us 2nd rate players. Poli will revert back to his 4231 when he suffers defeats after defeats

  12. Perhaps they could use old formation christmas tree 4-3-2-1. Some mediocre club use that to beat higher level serie a club and it works sometimes.

  13. This is madness, milan last season doesnt hv good subtitute and theyre try 2 repeated again. Why are try 2 block camada free agent

  14. Lol they put formation change and Pioli in the same sentence hahahaha 😂🤣😅😅🤣🤣
    Who we kidding here

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