MN: Milan unlikely to keep Real Madrid playmaker – talks well underway to sign his replacement

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are unlikely to keep Brahim Diaz beyond the end of the season and are already lining up his replacement, a report claims.

According to MilanNews, it will be ‘difficult’ for Milan to buy Brahim from Real Madrid and the most likely situation is that he returns to his parent club once the current season ends. There is the possibility of renewing his loan, but it seems like the club are ready to move on and sign his replacement.

The dialogue between Milan and the agents of Porto playmaker Otavio have been going on for some time. The attacking midfielder – who can also be used as a right winger – could be a reinforcement for the summer on a free transfer, as his current contract is set to expire in June.

He has 3 goals and 4 assists in 14 league appearances in Portugal, and the 26-year-old would be the replacement for Diaz if he was not bought (very likely) or his loan was not renewed.

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  1. It is more and more clear that milan has an erratic strategy. You start somenthing promising: young but gifted players, put some faith in them and they give you results. As soon as the scudetto is an oportunity, you change the strategy and focus on short term solutions like mandsukici who is old enough not to recover his old mojo. You fail with the coach and you fail with the vision. Why excelent players couldn’t find the rithm? Piatek, Paqueta, A Silva (btw he is the best in germany after levandowsky)
    I put the blame on Pioli and his stupid tactics but Maldini has the same ugly vision. I don’t understand why thet inaist with krunic, meite, rebic, samu…
    If rangnick ( or some other inteligent manager) had the weel, now milan game would have been beautiful to the eye.

    1. My God! THIS IS BY FAR THE MOT IDIOTIC COMMENT I’d ever read in this website! Pioli is an idiot?! The man to whom entire Europe (not just Italy) is pulling down their hats for getting 150% out of these players, making them OVERPERFORM? Then, Mladini is a guy with ugly vision? Man who brought Theo, Benaccer, managed to get us out of the abyss with A.SIlva (who was going nowhere with Milan) by getting us the excellent Rebic, brought Tomori,JP Hauge, Saelesmaeker, all of them for less than 70mil, whilst only now they’re al worth aroud 250?!?
      You want one-season wonderlike Piatek back? Or A.SIlva who couldn’t do anything right in Milan,and by a chance of circumstances does good in Frankfurt – how come Real didn’t choose him but JOvic? How come he isn’t goin in a big club? Why isn’t Bayern interested in him, since he’s “on Lewandovski’s level”, according to you!?
      Oh Jesus..I’m just wasting time writing to someone like you! As I’ve said, BY FAR THE STUPIDEST COMMENT I’D READ HERE!!!!

  2. This is ridiculous why sign a 26 yr old when you can get a talented 21 yr old…Sell Castillejo and Krunic and buy Brahim….we are starting to fall back into old habits with stupid transfers….Sell Samu,Krunic and Romagnoli and buy Diaz and Tomori permanently.Also loan out Maldini and Olzer to Spezia or Benevento for game time….We just can’t afford to return to the stupidity of the last decade…We need to at least extend his loan.

    1. Man, as far as Castillejo, I can’t argue about him, as it’s more than clear he’ll never be (much) better than this – which is unsatisfying! But why do you people keep on mentioning Rade Krunic, when he’s always playing giving his best, especially lately, does very good, he’s a type of player who won’t argue if he’s benched, surely does better than Meite, costs less… SIMPLY SELL CASTILLEJO,RETURN DALOT & MEITE 7 DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SELLING BENACCER in order to get money for Tomori (as it was suggests these days) cuz something like that’ll be CATASTROPHIC FOR MILAN! Getting Benccer for 16 illion was a deal of a lifetime for us (try getting back Locatelli back & u’ll see how much we’ll need to pay. Plus, it’s not without a reason that Pep likes either Locatelli or Benaccer for City – they’re similar in many cases, as they’re different in others).
      At this moment the best solution for a right wing seems D.Costa (he’ll be good for 2 years at least), but his wages would be problem, as he won’t go anywhere lower than 5 mil per year
      However, better leave Rade Krunic as a sub for the midfield, than Meite!

  3. Although I’ve also felt that the chances to actually purchase Diaz after summer are (less than) slim,I also simply can’t see him in Rectum Madrid, as someone who’ll be a regular. Even if they don’t sell him right away, he won’t stay in that club for more than a season, given how that team functions, I don’t see them giving him lots of chances to play,as he get in Milan.
    On the other hand, if not in 90%, than surely in 70% of the chances he get in Milan, he shows pretty good. Not so great, but surely above average & with a clear potential to grow in the future! And especially, since Milan somehow don’t seem to strike a new deal with Calhanoglu (and if that happens,it’ll be devastating for the squad – finding a new playmaker to adapt to the teams’ style, get familiar with the teammates – it’s a horror scenario compared to just continue with Hakan), I really can’t understand how come they won’t put some effort to sign Diaz permanently Unless the boy himself, doesn’t wanna continue in Rosonoeri shirt & believes he can make it better in Madrid! Which is ridiculous -just look at Marota’s example, and everything shuld be clear!

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