MN: Milan’s economic resurgence continues with UCL campaign worth €120m+

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s run in the Champions League provided another boost to the club’s accounts thanks to the revenue brought in, a report has outlined.

MilanNews writes how the elimination against Inter left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Milan players and fans but ultimately it was a successful campaign in Europe that brought a big boost in revenue too.

Around €40-50m comes from UEFA prize money, and then with the passing of each round the Rossoneri were able to earn €9.6m in the round of 16, €10.6m for the quarter-finals and €12.5m for the semis.

Milan also recorded box office takings worth a total of around €42.4m thanks to ticket sales, with the group games against Dinamo Zagreb (€3m), Salzburg (€4.5m) and Chelsea (€6.8m) plus Spurs (€9.1m), Napoli (€8.5m) and Inter (€10.4m) in the knockouts.

Therefore, the Champions League brought in around €120-125m for Milan and should yield break even in the next accounts. The losses have been continually reduced from -€60m last year to around -€30m this year.

It is important to have a continuous presence in the Champions League, to start a virtuous circle, the same one that led Milan in four years from a loss of €196m to a potential profit.

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  1. Ok and what does being a “profitable” club get us? Does that mean now we will spend? Or does it mean we will just look to be profitable each season yet win nothing like Atalanta?? That is the question every Milan fan should be asking. All we hear over and over is that we want to be “profitable”. Ok so now what?? Every successful club in the works has debt just like practically every successful business in the world has debt. Being “profitable” doesn’t mean we will now start to spend money to buy players to build a consistent winner. For some reason most fans just don’t understand that. Being “profitable” is amazing for shareholders – but not so much for the fans of the club who pay for the clubs tickets, merch, player salaries, etc…So does this mean all the money we made this season($120M) will be used to balance the books and not much investment in the squad – so we can finally be/remain profitable? Lol. And what does that get us? Auntovic?? Redbird/Elliot are now at a crossroads. They gave us a limited budget and asked to produce results. We exceeded expectations last season and this year made a nice run at CL. But as anyone who understands the game can see there is a large talent gap between Milan and the other bigger clubs when it comes to star players and depth. Maldini said this last season and again after our CL exit. So now Ownership must decide if the goal is to remain “profitable” OR spend some real money and buy that 50-60M striker, starting Calibre RW etc…because buying those players would likely mean we would NOT be “profitable” next season – BUT would be in a much better position to WIN titles. So which one is it Redbird???? Time is coming this very summer to find out and unfortunately I would not get our hopes up as fans. IMO they will not stray from their Wage Cap, Limited Budget, Youth Policy etc….no matter how much money we make each season. That is not their policy (and a perfect example was ownership not wanting to sign Dybala). I think all the fans have been duped into the constant media spin from ownership that we need to become “profitable”. That is just a way of keeping fans expectations in line so we get used to limited and frugal spending with wage caps and youth policies. I pray I am dead wrong but I don’t see it. Get ready for an interesting and disappointing summer. But hey we are finally “profitable” – are you listening Atalanta fans??? How is that working out for you?? LMAO

    1. Unfortunatelly this year’s budget will be (once again) 50m + sales/savings.

      There is however another concerning factor that you missed…

      Redbird bought the club for 1,18 Bn.
      They are doing bussines, they expect profit from this purchase. How are they gonna do this? By pocketing the positive revenue that we (may) have each year…

      Things do not seem optimistic, at least in my oppinion… 🙁

  2. my preferences for the transfer window :
    Okafor as a striker or number 10
    loftus cheek as backup for bennacer
    wahai as first choice striker to replace origi
    Kamada as number 10 second choice to diaz

  3. @juro. You are just a pathetic and useless fan who don’t know anything about the club and keep judging them.
    The statement just read we have made profit this season compared to last season.
    Instead of you to relax till next season to see the signings that will come in you are there judging as if the money won’t be used for summer signing.

    I wonder how you all useless Ac Milan fans always quick to judg things which you don’t even have an idea about.

    Please always think before you speak!!

    1. Sorry mate, but he’s right.

      Why would we pay money on merchantise, and go to the stadium to see such a talent gap, us beeing roflstomped by Inter and unable to score against them 4 times in a row ? (First time in our history).

      Also, first time in history we conceded 4+ goals in concecutive games, first time in our history, first time in our history we had 7 matches without win in a row, first time in our history we had 3 games back to back without scoring,..

      In short, the new owners have hitted HISTORY LOW in their first season. We all support (and we ‘;; continue to support) the team, but expresing concerns is something different.

      In every bussines model YOU HAVE TO INVEST FIRST, and then reap off the profits. They think their investment was when they bought the club.
      It doesn’t work like this tho…

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