MN: Musah rises to the challenge as €20m investment is already paying off

By Oliver Fisher -

Among the summer signings whose contributions have gone perhaps under the radar so far is Yunus Musah, who was thrust into a starting spot due to the various injury problems.

MilanNews speak about the ‘multifaceted midfielder’ Musah, who has shown a lot of personality in fitting fully into Milan as a club and into Stefano Pioli’s tactical plans. He was mainly used as an alternative to Ruben Loftus-Cheek at first, but his injury saw him climb to be a starter.

The American has almost always performed well showcasing a lot of strength, a lot of desire and also a certain tactical discipline in playing the role of mezzala. He has demonstrated a good ability to make runs not so much in the area, but on the outside to leave room for Christian Pulisic’s darts infield.

Musah also has good technique and some speed when he gets going which gives him characteristics that are almost like that of a winger, allowing him to beat his man and resist pressure.

Clearly at 20 years old he still has plenty of room for growth, but the €20m spent on him has been a good investment so far. Such is his versatility that Pioli could consider playing him on the right against Udinese, allowing for an extra attacker alongside Giroud (Okafor or Jovic) given Pulisic and Chukwueze are injured.

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  1. This kid is the Little Engine That Could. He can become the next Gattuso with more speed and better dribbling. So far he has been very durable too, considering how often he is playing. And at only 20 he is doing well… his future is looking good.

    I like him.

  2. Musah has been a great addition. When RLC is back I think Reijnders needs to sit the bench until he can figure out how to shoot. I’d like to see a midfield of Adli-RLC-Musah. Unfortunately the only hope for that is if Krunic gets injured again.

    1. Reijnders to the bench until he figures out how to shoot so that the skinny snail Adli, who also doesn’t score, can play? No way. Reijnders is a great passer, moves into space, and it’s only a matter of time before he scores. He needs to play. Until Bennacer comes back our midfield should be Reijnders-Musah-RLC.

      1. Again, you don’t seem to understand that they play different positions. Adli would be playing for Krunic at Defensive midfield. RLC and Musah would be the other 2 Midfielders.

        1. You don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t matter. Musah as the DM and Reijnders and RLC as the two mezzale.

  3. Because of his youth, current performance and yet to be unlocked potential, I think Musah is the pick of the litter of the summer’s transfer market. Pulisic has been great, but I think Musah has a higher ceiling. Like ACM1899 said, he’s got elements of Gattuso, and with that speed and better dribbling you could say he’s a combo of Gattuso and Kessie. We might actually have our Kessie replacement, he just needs a little time to further integrate to Milan and adjust to Serie A. Remember Kessie’s first season was nothing to write home about.

    1. Who said “hey, not bad so far” ? Only someone that doesn’t know what he’s watching. The kid has been good and quite honestly better than Reijnders. He covers more ground than anybody, works on defense, contributes to the offense, can dribble and deliver a good cross in from the right side. He will only get better. 20m is a bargain.

          1. Oh look!! it’s a Boulden sighting. Haven’t seen you in a while. Still not able to add anything on your own in the comments section? Still leaching off of other people’s comments and rage on their opinion instead of coming up with something on your own? Hmm, yup same ol’ same ol’ 🤔 LMAO 😂😂😂

        1. Yeah, I didn’t think you would have a good answer for that. When you put quotation marks ” ” around something and then change what they actually said, you just look like a dishonest fool.

          1. Love the irony of replying to every comment to say that you’re not replying to the comment. Brilliant. You could just not reply…but where’s the fun in that.

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