MN: Musah remains a target for Milan but a deal is proving hard to strike

By Euan Burns -

Valencia midfielder Yunus Musah is still a firm objective for AC Milan in the midfield but it is going to be hard to strike a deal with Valencia, a report claims.

As has been reported by Antonio Vitiello from Milan News, it is going to take some time before Milan can get the Spanish side to lower their financial demands for the American midfielder.

It is known that Valencia owner Peter Lim is intent on getting €25 million for Musah, who was very impressive at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

So far, Milan have made two formal bids. One added up to €14m, the next was €18m. Both were swiftly rejected, so it is clear that Valencia are remaining firm.

This is despite the fact that Musah has agreed personal terms with Milan and wants to make the move. He has also missed two of the three training sessions whilst in Switzerland with Valencia. This is said to be down to a knee injury.

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    1. Short term maybe yes but Musah is so much younger (5 years) and not much worse, if we can deal with a slower start of the player than all the long term advantages are in Musah´s corner.

    1. I’d happily see Franck back, but not on the salary he’s on. Maybe on a loan if we can’t acquire one of the main targets.

      1. Well what ever we argue here , it is clear already none of the management want to bring kessie back after he go free transfer. You said it yourself ,management refuse to pay him same amount with barca so why would they pay him now & make him one of highest paid player in AC Milan above theo ,maignan or even leao ? If he want go to juve then it is his choice , ACM move on with yunus or dominques. Remember kessie come to ACM just because fassone offered more money than Roma ( he have deal already with Roma management but change decision at last hour meeting with fassone) , he come just for money and leave for money . The door from ACM already closed for donna ,hakan & kessie

    2. Nobody in management want to bring kessie back due to his attitude. Just forget him and move on . There are many player outside better than kessie with lower salary than his salary 7m euro nett

      1. 4 × 2 = 8 + 25 33 million total Musah
        4 x 7= 28 + 15 = 43 million Kessie

        for 10 million more, we get a player that proved he can play well in our league, that knows our system, is familiar with the club and is solid in all phases of the game. Or to save a few bucks, take a ahot in the dark with an unproven talent that has no way proven he coukd be up to scratch.

        Our entire team turned to shnot, especially our defense without Kessie doing the hard pressing to slow down the transition of our opponents that gave them time to react. Completely exposed. finished in 5th place. So to save 10 million, let’s jeopardize 70? don’t forget, he goes to Juve, he strengthens a rival that was much better than us last year and now we completely changed our squad.

        Adding a sense a familiarity and maintaining chemistry from front to back with him can be crucial to help the new players integrate. I highly doubt Krunic will be the one to lead our midfield, Kessie, more likely could help.

        1. Dude do you really think barca will let him go for 15m euro ? Barca want to sell him to saudi club 30m euro according to source from barca but kessie refuse go to saudi. Beside you forget the tax from salary, kessie wont get discount tax anymore because he is already play on serie A more than 5 years ( only foreign player that play below 5 years in serie A get discount tax) . Yunus with 2m euro nett still get discount tax . It will be ruin in dressing room too if kessie back , who know he will teach theo ,maignan how to trick management for go free transfer

          1. Trick management into free transfers? Management refused to pay a fair wage. He was willing to stay for 5.5 to 6. Agents negotiate for players. He won’t run around tricking his teammates.

            Juve and Barca agree on a 5 million loan and 10 to make it permanent or vice versa. Musah has an Italian passport he lived here as a kid he isn’t a foreign player so that point your mentioned is also not applicable. he is not better than Kessie.

            Giancarlo, Kessie played in Italy long enough to be considered a European player. He wont take a non eu spot. Also, the Kolpak ruling, players who come from ACP [African, Caribbean and Pacific Group] nations that are signatories to the Cotonou Agreement are not considered as Non-EU.

            So when you guys make arguments, to validate your stance, base it on facts, not opinions. Kessie proved he is better and costs 10 million more, as I said previously, no brainer if he would accept a move back here.

          1. Also unless the FIGC gets the rule change on UK players, we cannot sign Kessie. Chukwueze took our last nonEU spot.

        2. I don’t think you took into account that Milan has to pay the tax on salary for players as well so it ends up being a lot more for Kessie

  1. Our first preseason against real Madrid showed we need a DM in this team. We don’t have a natural DM in this team. The Management are doing well. They must sort this DM issue Asap before market closes

    1. We dont need anything more but to handle finances in best way, cause Pioli will need time to develope and adjust game with so many arrivals. It will be risky season.

      1. This argument again. Either people get mad we don’t sign enough players, or now we sign too many. Ridiculous.

        And Milan didn’t even field a full strength squad against Real Madrid.

      2. Refering to midfield, how come we don’t need more signings? We just went from 2 man midfield to 3 man midfield while Bennacer is out for most of the season and they sold Tonali. They only bought box to box midfielders but not a single worthy DM.

        RLC and Reijnders both said they came cause they got guarantees they will play their positions so Reijnders, as many here want to suggest, won’t be our DM. Krunic is a patch at its best. So who’s going to hold the midfield?

  2. Musah isn’t needed. Dominguez is Serie A proven. Enough of signing players from other leagues. Keep the money in Serie A.

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