MN: New contacts made for Fluminense star as Milan seek midfield renovation

By Ben Dixon -

As the mercato’s opening approaches, and with rumours of attackers stalling, AC Milan are taking a chance to focus on other areas, and the area in focus currently is the midfield. 

This morning, several reports have arisen about the status of Milan’s midfield situation. Change will happen, this much is known, but the extent, currently, is unclear, as some suggestions are in place about a departure, or perhaps two.

However, at least one midfielder will arrive, and the player in the leading position is Youssouf Fofana, who has reportedly given the green light to a deal, and the Rossoneri are seemingly intent on his signing.

Other names remain in contention, though, and in recent days, the name of Andre Trindade has arisen. The Brazilian midfielder currently plays for Fluminense and topped the statistical charts last season.

As Milan News describes him, he is a ‘pure midfielder, with powerful physique’ – a profile which matches the identikit that the Diavolo are infatuated by – and whilst they state there is not much more to him, other players can provide the Yin to his Yang.

Furthermore, the outlet suggests that there have been initial contacts in recent days, and whilst his price tag is around €15 million, the potential entrance of heavyweights like Liverpool could raise the value.

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  1. I am all in for Andre, he’s a beast.
    A midfield of Adre, Fofana and Reinjers will be unbeatable. My problem with this is Mocanda who almost doesn’t buy players from South America most especially from Brazil.
    A classical example is Joao Gomes who Wolves bought from Flamengos and he now has a price tag of €80m just after a season in the Premiership.
    Let the management sell Bennacier, Adli and Pobega and bring in Yossouf Fofana and Andre Trindade.
    Massive upgrade in midfield…

    1. Moncada is a fraud, labeled as one of the best scouts but so far he hasnt done anything and he has been years in this club. He found one good player back in Monaco and is still living out of the credibility for that. The sooner he is fired the better. Bologna has better scouts than him.

          1. At least what i say turns out correct in the end, unlike you who just talks crap all the time about everyone here and always turn to be in the wrong as usual. Typical dumb serb.

      1. The players who came to Milan in the summer before Moncada arrived were Reina, Laxalt, Strinic, Halilovic, Borini, and Higuain. Without the fraud Moncada, Milan would have been European champions by now.

        1. Why would you take banter era as an example? Milan neither had money nor anything at that time. He brought players like Kalulu, Thiaw, Reindiers, Musa, Loftus. Tell me which one of those is top/Milan level ?

          1. Yes, before Moncada came, Milan was in a banter era. And of course, we’re still not rich enough to sign top level players. But even players like Kalulu and Thiaw, who you mentioned, have seen their market value go up a lot since they joined Milan.

          2. But its not just value. Most young players value goes up. And yes their value went up. My point however is that on the field they haven’t showed anything special. Other teams like Bologna for example found Calafiori and Zirkze who would both be starters level in Milan. If Moncada was really a top scout he would have found a bunch of hidden gems like Zirkze and Calafiori for us by now. Yet nothing but average players for him, or at best slightly above average.

          3. Dude you really follow this club? Moncada found Calafiori first as Theo deputy but sent a loan offer to Basel. Stop talking nonsense

          4. @Manadonese and why is Calafiori not in Milan then ? If he thought that Calafiori is good enough he would have gotten him. You just confirmed that he is not good enough if he couldnt see the potential in Calafiori that was offered to him in front of his nose basicaly.

          5. Bologna has been one of the best teams in all of Europe this season. If not being a better scout than Bologna’s scouts makes you a fraud, then most scouts in Europe would be considered frauds. We also don’t know if Bologna can continue to discover hidden gems. Not every transfer can be a huge success, but at least Maignan, Tomori, Theo, Pulisic, and Leao have shown something special on the field.

      2. One good player back in Monaco? I’m assuming that’s either Fabinho or Martial because he didn’t find MBappe. MBappe at 14 was already a known quantity among the scouting world. Luis Campos if anyone has that credit of finding Kylian.
        Btw I do get what you’re saying and I’ve said it here before. Where’s our Fabinho? We need a DM so badly and supposedly have one of the best scouts in the world. Yet he can’t find one. They had a whole article with Moncada talking about his best finds, yet we’re yet to see the ones which no one know about that become world class. It’s literally why we brought him in. Buying 20m players means there’s existing known potential, I’d like to see him use his credentials for unearthing unknown quantities a little more. Seemed like he got in over his head by having control of the money used for transfers

        1. Yea, i was thinking of Mbape. I read somewhere that he discovered him. And yes thats exactly what i am saying, so far he found nothing for us that was a hidden gem. And thats why they brought him as a scout in the first place, so i have every right to call him a fraud.

        2. Last season, Milan wanted more ready-made players. We didn’t have a good midfielder besides Bennacer, and we also needed a winger. So, that decision was probably the right one because if we hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have qualified for the Champions League.

    2. Just what I was thinking. Sell Bennacer, and bring in Fofana and Trindade. We already have a plan to get Fofana. The money from selling Bennacer to Saudi- Arabia can get us Trindade, if he is that good.

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