MN: Young players, scouting and data – the new way Milan will operate on the market

By Oliver Fisher -

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are no longer the technical and sporting director of AC Milan, which will also prompt a change in the recruitment strategy moving forward.

MilanNews writes that discussions had already begun involving Maldini and Massara regarding the summer transfer window and there were some targets over whom work had begun.

That means Milan cannot waste time as happened last year with the long and drawn-out renewal saga, and it can be assumed that the club already had a plan ready to make up for the departure of Maldini and Massara.

The CEO Giorgio Furlani will have a major role in the incomings and outgoings, while chief scout Geoffrey Moncada probably will not have the official title like Massara but will be the de facto sporting director.

Milan will change their way of operating and will have a modus operandi that will be more in line with Cardinale’s ideas, implemented above all by his experiences in American sport.

In three terms, the new management of the Rossoneri can be summarised as follows: young players, scouting and algorithms.

The first point has been the main prerogative since Elliott Management’s time in charge and was also adopted by Maldini and Massara, but for some exceptions like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Simon Kjaer.

Secondly, as a prerequisite for youth policy, the already very active scouting process in recent seasons will be increased and which will be even more central in the choice of profiles to focus on.

Finally, the algorithms and the analysis of the data will be of primary importance, according to the methodology of the American guru Billy Beane who in the early 2000s thus revolutionised the way of managing a baseball franchise.

His philosophy has already been used, like with Toulouse, and has borne interesting fruits given they were promoted from Ligue 2 and won the Coupe de France this year. Translating that to a club like Milan, however, is another thing.

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  1. Young players, scouting, and data 🤔

    Why does it sound more CdK than Dybala? Does yesterday’s article a lie?

  2. My friend you guys must be new to the club, you do know that the Curva hate Maldini right, in fact when Maldini left he wasn’t on good terms with the fans at all, he became one of the most hated figures at the club along with Seedorf. I doubt they’ll really come out and say anything drastic. He is an Icon and a Legend, but he made a lot of enemies at the club during his time.

    1. I laughing so hard if this was for another team. But sadly this is our beloved milan. What a joke of a plan. Might win a seria b title maybe. As a long time milan fan i hope this works for the good our club. But i highly doubt it. Time will tell and i hope I’m wrong. In the mean time ill just say #redbirdout.

    2. The curva don’t hate Maldini in the last match day a small brigade protested plus this isn’t about Maldini it is about the abysmall amount of money that is being poured into the club 35 mil is an absolute joke

  3. Still, Milan have huge gap in financial advantage between rival club that compete for one of 4 position in serie a. Such as Atalanta Roma Lazio. Juventus Napoli and Inter are in advantage comparing the squad quality over the Milan.
    So club focus in next season must be only serie a, and forget about the result in champions league.
    No matter who arrive into the team, they must give all in serie a.

  4. “Young players, scouting and data” = freebies, youngsters who’ve failed at richer clubs, crocks and OAPs. Milan need new owners.

  5. This is all just fluff to make it look like there was a plan.

    How long is it going to take to build a team and start developing young players to have enough to compete and also sell?

    It seems like a very difficult way to make money to me. Maybe it’s all part of the plan to realise profits it 10 years when the stadium is built.

    These people make decisions like they’re in a vacuum, like there are no opponents to deal with and no fans.

  6. lol,young players,scouting and data,because every year no matter how good and how far we go in the UCL,the budget will be 35 M euros lol

  7. Does Gerry own the American division of Sports Direct? Are we pre-PIF Newcastle now?

    Seriously, the transfer model I could get behind, but 35m in a year we turned a profit?!?! And where’s the statement to justify or explain this? Silence can be deafening.

  8. Gery already said : The winner not whoever spend biggest money but whoever did the best . I already watching moneyball on netflix . Gery want to adopt that moneyball data system to find which player suit coach tactic

  9. This is a strategy for a second tier team, not for a 7 CL winner.
    He is from USA, he can’t understand Milan.
    I hope the tifosi will massively ignore Milan until things will change.

  10. feeder club at max..
    they will end-up getting sold in 3rd years or go for free to bigger clubs with bigger ambitions

  11. Young players and wage caps – BUT if you buy a young player under our wage cap and he doesn’t develop in his first 6 months – your fired lol. Brilliant. Very logical. Under this way of thinking, all would have been fired after Leao, Theo and Tonali’s first season with the club 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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