MN: Pellegrino suffers fracture and Kalulu faces surgery – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

Some very worrying news has emerged regarding the condition of two AC Milan centre-backs who both came off injured during last night’s draw with Napoli.

During the game against Napoli at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Milan lost three players due to injury, or presumed injury: Pierre Kalulu in the first half, Christian Pulisic at half-time and Marco Pellegrino in the second half.

Kalulu left the field in the first half after a rough duel an opponent while Pellegrino was replaced with what was described by Stefano Pioli as a bad sprain of his ankle.

According to MilanNews, muscle injuries to the left thigh have been ruled out for Pulisic which is good news and his condition will be monitored daily.

However, Pellegrino suffered compound fracture of the calcanea bone of the left foot which will keep him out for some time, and Kalulu sustained a lesion to the left rectus femoris tendon, requiring surgical opinion.

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  1. Wow. Pellegrino and Kalulu are certainly out until January, if not longer. We need to sign a striker and a centerback in January.

  2. Oh my god, our medical staff are a joke. How are we getting so many injuries when it’s not even halfway through the season. Now we only have 3 CB in our team and out of that Kjaer is mostly injured or in not able to play full 90 minutes. We have the worst injury rate in the whole Europe.

    1. It’s either the medical staff or physical preparation staff or both.
      I’m flabbergasted that they were never put into question after almost 4 seasons with so many injuries.

      1. A calcaneal fracture is the result of trauma, pure and simple. Most commonly happens if you are landing really hard right on your heel, e.g. landing after a parachute jump. Dunno how he got up high enough to impact his heel like that.

        The most severe sort of rectus muscle tendon injury would be an avulsion fracture – the tendon tears off the cortical bone at the anterior iliac crests that it attaches to. This can heal without needing surgery, but may heal faster with surgery. This is usually not a training injury either, just the muscle being more powerful than its bony attachments.

  3. Damn, that’s a pity. And fans here in another thread were suggesting that Pellegrino faked the injury to justify that he wasn’t doing well in his debut, which I found to be very inelegant of these fans. Apparently fans here root against our own players or accuse them of stuff they aren’t doing. They should go root for Juve or Inter.

    1. Yeah, I remember that comment. It was so stupid that even the website administrator had to comment on that. Really feels bad for the kid, imagine being thrown in the lion’s den on your debut with no experience of the league. Even, getting a long term injury in the game. Rather than supporting him in the tough times, you have fans clowning on him. It’s good we have prayers like Tomori and Maignan who encouraged him during the game when he war struggling.

    2. Yeh there’s been some wild comments – as usual after a loss or draw – on here. I wish about half the fans on this blog would just admit they’re Inter fans and leave.

    3. I like your comment Luigi and i choose to think that some are trolls supporting other clubs or some misguided individuals as people sometimes wants our own players to get inured so they can see this or that player fielded instead,
      Either people supports the club in good or worse times or they can get the hell our of here, thats at least my 5 cents on the matter and that is also prettty much in line with what you are saying here,

    4. Is it really any surprising what these ‘fans’ say?

      Those same ‘fans’ were probably super-excited about his signing and calling for him to be given a debut….

  4. I don’t know if it’s our trainers, doctors, pitch but it’s absolutely ridiculous how many injuries we get. Not only this year, but in the last 10 years. How can a team like inter play the EXACT same 11 every game every 3 days and not get injured? They have players well over 30 and our players get 20 minutes and they’re injured. Something needs to be done

    1. This is a perennial problem for us. We had 19 injuries this season, already. It was highlighted on another site that Toulouse which is also owned by RedBird played the exact same number of games in their league and Europa League and had zero injuries. I’m not a Sports Medicine doctor but it isn’t a big stretch to suppose that something is wrong in our medical and trainer department. And yes, Inter rarely rests players and their average age is way higher than ours and they don’t get this problem. Yes, definitely something needs to be done about it.

    1. Calcaneal fractures are usually crush injuries from landing on your heel really hard, so that’s why it breaks into more than two pieces.

      1. That’s just sounds super painful.
        Never had one of those. Only a really bad sprain which the doc told me it would have been better if my foot had broken rather than sprained 😮

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