MN: Pioli asks for Saelemaekers sale and ‘not only for technical reasons’

By Oliver Fisher -

Stefano Pioli has asked the management to sell Alexis Saelemaekers this summer and his decision is not only based on ‘technical reasons’, a journalist has claimed.

According to Andrea Longoni in his latest for MilanNews, the ‘challenge’ for Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani in the next few days is to sell players no longer deemed part of the plans.

With more revenues from sales, the level of incoming signings to complete the squad could also go up as a result, with the likes of Fode Ballo-Toure, Mattia Caldara and Divock Origi the most obvious candidates.

However, Longoni adds an interesting note on Saelemaekers, whose departure ‘appears to be an explicit request from Mister Pioli’ and ‘it is said not only for technical reasons’.

That certainly implies that there is more than just on-field reasons for the potential separation between Milan and the Belgian winger after three and a half years, more of which could emerge in the coming weeks.

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  1. Being the mediocre coach that he is, PIOLI always loved mediocre players. He always LOVED Saelemaekers as a player as well as Calabria, Krunic and all these kind of players so it makes perfect sense that the reason he wants him out is related to other reasons because if it was up to him he would have 11 Saelemaekers on the pitch.

      1. @ Maldinis pioli is mediocre coach who knows nothing. He won which league? The Scudetto was won by the players effort and commitment and we the fans who pushed them above the limit

        1. We had title winning form for 2 years!

          How exactly did the fans do more than the man who picked and trained the team?

          The same man who took a team that was struggling and finally turned us around qualifying for back to back Champions League, winning a Scudetto and getting us to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

          He’s 1/3 current coaches in Serie A to have won the Scudetto. None of the replacements in your head have won the Scudetto.

          All you want is change for the sake of change. When the next victim takes over you’ll start demanding he be replaced too.

          Welcome to the TikTok generation.

        2. Wowww , i want laugh so hard read this. According to your comment fans now can become coach online? Maybe you should step up become ACM coach and push player to the limit like your comment. Oh btw posstt comment and emmy comment so opposing each other. Posttt said mediocre player while emmy said only player win the title, conclusion : we win the scudetto with mediocre player & mediocre coach ?? Wkwkwkwk

      2. @Maldini. He’s right. Name a player Pioli developed. Or even a set piece he established. Nothing..
        Pioli may can be assistant coach.nothing more

        1. Erm the players who were 12th in the table when he took over who he turned into league champions within 2 years!

          But the thing is facts just don’t mater. Actually winning stuff doesn’t. Nothing matters except what’s in people’s imaginations/in people’s computer games.

          Nobody can live up to those expectations. I am not even sure you people are capable of enjoying the moments of success because those moments will never live up to what’s in your head.

          1. I think Pioli definitely deserves the credit for the work he has done with the team he had. Scudetto was a masterstroke and he was able to get the most out of his players to over-perform and win the league. Let’s not forget he took over a shattered disaster after Giampaolo’s fiasco.

            Having said that, we have to agree that Pioli’s capacity to elevate this team further are close to a ceiling and if we want higher ambitions and better management, we will need a better all around tactician moving forward. For all the things Pioli has done right, there are also a lot of things he got wrong. No one is perfect I get it. He will have to perform this season with the players he asked for. Otherwise he is gone by next season.

            I’d love to see DeZerbi give it a shot at Milan.

    1. Pioli could only put the players at his disposal on the pitch. So to say every player that got lots of minutes were ones that he “loved” is asinine.

    2. 1. Pioli is a mediocre coach -> he won us scudetto.

      2. Pioli loves mediocre players and always play them -> those mediocre players bring us scudetto, 3 consecutive CL after 6 season without, and semifinal CL last season. And honestly he don’t have any better players, who will you play instead of them with Milan squad last season?

      3. Pioli won’t play young player and can’t develop them -> He played and developed Theo, Leao, Kalulu, Brahim, Thiaw, etc.

      4. Pioli only know how to play 1 tactic -> that’s normal, a lot of coaches do that. And he is flexible enough that we switched to 3 df formation last season.

      Don’t just spout nonsense from your mouth (or fingers), give credit where it’s due.

      1. These people have the attention spans of TikTok videos.

        They’re only interest is constant, never ending change. It’ll be interesting to see how many actually comment during the footballing season or whether their season is just the transfer window.

    3. Calabria was the best RB in the league when we won the title, and suffered last season due to injury. Maybe you should go watch the WNBA because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. Calabria was never the best RB by any metric…. You put him next to say Alex Sandro, and I’d go with the Brazilian any day.

    4. Before Milan, Pioli coached on 12 different teams for no more than 2 years max. Also, when you actually watch the games, our offensive team play is so bad, we rely solely on individual brilliance.

      If it was up to some of these guys, Roberto Di Matteo would still be the coach of Chelsea.

  2. Of course it’s not only for technical reasons – we literally have no room anymore.

    Thanks for the goal against Napoli.

  3. Salemakkers was never popular with his teammates. Watch some if his goal celebrations, they didn’t like him. He had great skill but was often pushed around. U always had a soft spot for him, kind of like rooting for the underdog. But he is at his ceiling now. He will continue to be a pro footballer for many years. I could see him doing well on a mid level team. He had a significant role in the scudetto.

  4. Stefano Pioli leave saelermakers for us is an important player that adapted very well Pioli loved tomori Loftus favouritism which is very wrong what about pobega,Kjaer, saelermakers are they not important let’s judge it some goals opponents usually score us is from tomori wings not even Kjaer and Kjaer has being impressive so far than tomori Pioli Stefano give we the Acmilan fans what we want and need thank you

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