MN: Pioli expected to remain Milan head coach for two key reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are set to head into next season with Stefano Pioli as their head coach, a report claims, just as we revealed last night.

As our colleagues at reported yesterday, if Milan were to get top four Pioli would certainly keep his job as head coach. The ownership set the target of qualification for the next Champions League, which is crucial because of the revenues it brings, and he would achieve that.

MilanNews agree that Pioli – barring sensational and unexpected twists – Pioli will remain for two main reasons. The first is that the owner and the management believe in him and the project overall, as the renewal until June 2025 last October shows.

The other reason is the results. Since he arrived, Milan have got second place once, a Scudetto, the semi-finals of the Champions League and a possible third qualification in a row for the top European competition in the current season.

It’s clear that it hasn’t always been all rosy and there are improvements to be made, including from Pioli himself who has shown evolution as a coach, but stability and continuity are the keys necessary for a project that works.

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  1. 1st he still has a valid contract, so firing him would be costly. Also, good coaches are way more expensive than Pioli
    2. any self-respecting coach wouldn’t be a spineless yes-man, they would demand a say in transfer market decisions and any and all decisions concerning the quad.

    1. You do realize that most coaches doesnt have a say in transfers ? In fact its generally more a thing of the epl and then a few big name coaches that has that sort of leverage.
      Im sure clubs listens to their coaches wishes but for the great majority of them they have no final say.

      1. If we want to grow as club, possibly win something in Europe, then we need a top coach, instead of a glorified placeholder. Those coaches absolutely demand a say when it comes to their team.

        Hence, we’re sticking with a placeholder.

        1. still its not the common practice that coaches decides the transfer market s except in epl and some big name coaches., and im glad its the case because coaches would think short term to keep their jobs.
          Pioli had the best statistic numbers since cappelo in the mid 90ies at milan up untill this spring so he has done more than well but thats a different discussion,

          1. So we statistically won Scudetto, or UCL this season, and we will statistically win it next season too.

            In all seriousness, all his weaknesses were exposed this season. Everyone but Napoli saw through his “tactics” parked the bus and killed us on counters. We dropped 18 points to teams in the bottom half (not counting Udinese, Torino and Fiorentina). Had we won those, like we were supposed to we would be in the 2nd place now, untouchable. Add Udinese and Torino games to that and we would be on par with Napoli.

            We got lucky in UCL draws, otherwise this season was a fiasco, any way you look at it. Bottom line, Pioli is positioned above the level of his competence and everyone knows it.

          2. No piolis winning percentage where actually better than every coach back to capellos tenure at the club in the mid 90ies. That is pretty impressive even if the league isnt of the exqcat same standards of that time.

            Im not saying he is perfect and i can also get iritated by some of his choices but the resutls he has brought to the club never the less speaks volumes of his work done since his arrival. Not even guardiola or ancelotti would most likely not have been as succesfull with the same squad. The main issues for this team is that 15 of the 30 players we have are not up to the task of playing for this club and besides of that we have been mared by a lot of injuries for our best players and especially the maignan injury has been costly.
            Up untill the world cup milan by the way only had 2 points fewer than the previous season.

            Of course we had some luck in the cl fixture but that shouldnt take away anything from that we performed well above the squads abilities and for that matter the expectations than most had for the club this year.

      1. No ihe isnt its a simple fact that most coaches doesnt have the position of being managers as its the case in the epl.

    2. Yeah be like Chelsea, pay someone 12m/yr pretend that they are a top coach so stupid fans buy into the hype before it all collapses and 600m gets wasted

      lmao good thing redbird is smarter, Milan is actually profitable now instead of being on the verge of bankruptcy

    3. Before chiesa go to juve , pioli request Maldini to buy chiesa. Last season pioli request berardi . This season pioli request amrabat & orsolini. Next season pioli request SMS & Brahim. Well he already request, so it is not his fault if he get mediocre player

  2. Scudetto and then semi final of UCL with probably the 5th or 6th best squad in Italy. He deserves another go round with better reinforcements.

  3. Pioli is better than any other coaches I followed Allegri, Mourinho,Guardiola, but Pioli is better than them all bcos he has improved Milan tactically upon Milan have perfect limited players that’s why Milan need to spend on getting solid players to fill the role and see the best of Pioli Stefano at work.

  4. I wouldn’t even consider this to be news because I’m one, of the hopefully many, who’d like to see him go but I’m not even thinking that he’ll be fired. That’ll take a miracle.

    His win vs loss ratio is great but was it all the doing of a “great coach”, or are there other factors that helped influence these results? From what I’ve read here, I think most would say it’s definitely not because of the players, except for maybe, Kessie, Hakan, Romagnoli and Gigio. But instead, they’ll gladly say it’s because of the ingenuity and innovation of the coach. Clueless!

    To insinuate that not even Pep or Ancellotti could have possibly done any better, with the same players, is blasphemous and is basically saying that Pioli is just as good, if not better than the aforementioned coaches.

    It’s also disrespectful to the players who’ve worked extremely hard to achieve these goals, by seeking to diminish their qualities, through reckless comments, just so that you can elevate the coach to some type of god status; a coach who by the way, has basically been average until coming to Milan. Every time I read a comment about, ” he’s done miracles with the quality or lack of, that he’s been given” it makes me question the sanity of the ones making these ridiculous statements.

    What evolution has he shown though? I’m more than curious as to exactly what that is. He’s basically stuck with the same formation for three seasons. He continues to use the same man marking tactic. We’re still a counter attacking team that doesn’t know how to use possession of the ball wisely. There hasn’t been a difference in the way we take corners and free-kicks. He’s still trying to find a way to bring the conventional playmaker role back into the modern game. How can any of these reoccurring practices be considered evolving? He’s simply too stubborn.

    “Give unto caesar what is due to caesar”. Pioli deserves his credit for winning a title and performing better than anyone would’ve expected of him. However, that’s where it ends and it’s unfortunate that there’s so many people here pushing the narrative that he deserves more. GTFOH with that BS!

    1. Blasphemous hahaha , im not saying he is better than them not at all but pioli was the right man for the job and its not like pep has proven anyhing except in money strong clubs that could afford to give him the players he asked for. Ancelotti is also far better with squads of a certain age and established players. pioli had to deal with a squad that was very young and of far lower quality than any of the teams of ancelotti or pep has had at their disposals throughout their careers. Also even though i consider ancelotti an all time great he wasnt that impressive in regard of getting us many scudetto victories in his 9 years with us, in fact he only won once which simply wasnt good enough but he clearly also did an impressive job in cl nevertheless.

      1. Yes, blasphemous. Saying Pioli was the right man for the job isn’t the same as saying that others likely couldn’t do the same.
        “Its not like pep has proven anything except in money strong clubs that could afford to give him the players he asked for”. Does he lose creditability because of the quality of players at his disposal? Have there been instances of coaches getting quality teams and failing miserably?
        “Pioli had to deal with a squad that was very young and of far lower quality”… This is exactly what I was speaking about; no one wants to mention that this is the best team that Pioli’s ever coached, so to elevate his status, you’ve got to say that the squad is of poor quality.

        1. Well regardless of their status its unlikely that they would have been as succefull as he has been with this squad but thats not the same as im saying he is of equal or better he just fortuntely was the right choice.
          Of course there has been coaches failing with quality squads,
          This might be the best squad pioli has had but its not as good as those the other two has had throughout their careers or at least not up untill last seasons scudetto wijn, Im not bashing the players and certainly some of the players that hasnt been succesfull yet might turn out great down the road but pioli certainly hasnt had a great squad in regard of quality depth and that has cost us as he has often been forced to play the same players as those who were otherwise was called upon time after time played less than convincing and with injuries on top oif it has shown that we are very vulnerable if players has form dips or are unavailable to play.

          1. “This might be the best squad pioli has had but”… It’s not might be, it is the best.
            I’m trying to understand why you think that they wouldn’t have done a similar job, so maybe I’m missing something. Are they worse tactically? Are they not good at man management? Or do you think that they don’t work well with young players? What specifically do you think Pioli brought to this “low quality” team, that ultimately made the difference.

          2. You gotta be kdding as you just keep twisting and turning what i say because what i said regardless of the phrasing is that his squad doesnt compare to those they have had through out their careers.
            And as ive already explained several times before im not saying he is a better coach than them but if we look at what he achieved with the squad its simply highly unlikely that it would have happened with any other coach regardless of reputation. Maybe they could have done so but quite unlikely in my book nevertheless. The right coach at the right moment of time.
            By the way i think all involved desserves some credit as they all make a contribution regardless whether fieded or not they as they are part of a group that works closely on a daily basis but it still doesnt change the fact that its a limited squad he has had to deal with and he has by any means exceeded all expectations.

  5. Pioli just needs to bring in a coach who has some ideas offensively and can improve this teams passing and movement so they can finally learn how to break down teams that sit back and defend. That is his biggest weakness.

  6. @Martin Bernhard..
    I’m not trying to twist your words, I was simply trying to find out why you have that view. Neither was I trying to compare the teams of Ancellotti and Pep to Milan’s present day squad.
    Obviously, there’s something with my language that’s created a complete misunderstanding.
    Anyhow, thanks for being a good sport and replying to my comments. I’ve always appreciated reading your takes, (and many others) on issues relating to Milan.

    1. ok fair enough and no need to apologize for your lahguage as english isnt my first language so no worries and ilikewise to you as well as it certainly wasnt my intention to step on your toes either so no ill iwill from me either,

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