MN: Probable Milan XI to face Sampdoria – rotation expected in each department

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli is thinking of making numerous changes to his starting line-up for the game against Sampdoria, a report claims.

After the derby win against Inter and the Champions League group stage draw against Red Bull Salzburg, the Milan squad are likely to be feeling quite fatigued having faced two very intense fixtures in a short space of time.

There are two days left until Milan meet Sampdoria at the Marassi and MilanNews writes that Pioli is likely to make a number of changes to keep things fresh and ensure the XI he puts out there can give the right level of performance.

Compared to the game in Salzburg, Sergino Dest should come in for Davide Calabria at right-back, and Simon Kjaer will replace Pierre Kalulu as the other change in the back four.

Ismael Bennacer should be rested in place of Tommaso Pobega in the double pivot, with Brahim Diaz expected to come in for Charles De Ketelaere and Divock Origi to be handed his first start allowing Olivier Giroud to rest.

Probable Milan XI (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Dest, Kjaer, Tomori, Theo; Tonali, Pobega; Saelemaekers, Diaz, Leao; Origi.

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  1. Pioli needs to stop giving time to Diaz and let Adli play.
    Adli was great in preseason and is owned by Milan, Diaz is on loan and hasn’t deserved consideration to been brought.

  2. Pioli is not a good coach, and tactically inept. He is only a good play manager. Don’t expect much from him.

    Just like Tuchel, a great tactician, but bad manager of players.

    1. Ah… Here we go again! Seriously? You guys need to stop talking if you have mothing useful to say.

      For your reference, Pioli just got Milan their first Scudetto in 10 last season.

      1. Good to see that there are still some sane fans left on this site.

        I would try adli as a cam instead of diaz there on sunday but overall this XI is exactly what i would choose if i had the chance to do so, When that is said Pioli should have earned our full trust by now so people complaining about his abilities are either trolls or mentaly deranged kids.

    2. If you cant appreciate what pioli has done for the club since joining us 2.5 year ago then you really should move on to a different club because anyone in their right mind can see he has performed miracles for us. Infact his stats are the best since capellos in the mid 90ies and in the process bettering the stats of allegri + ancelotti and that with a far worse team than most of those teams in between.
      He has vastly improved our players and is always applauded for his man management by the way.

    3. If Pioli is not a good tactician and he doing so well with the team and won the Scudetto; Every successful team should get a bad coach. 99.99% of Milanista appreciate him and our players. Fonza Milan

    4. If he is tactically inept how can he be a “great tactician”???? Or how can he be a good manager but a “bad manager of players”????? Sorry buddy but you make no sense at all. Pioli is slowly intervratimg the new players into the squad as to not risk alienating the players he already has. And our new players are young so just like Kalulu who sat the bench for 6 months and learned – he is bringing them along slowly. This is the right move although at times it’s frustrating because players like Diaz and Toure don’t offer much and Rebic is again injured. Adli will play. I think he will eventually be added to CL roster come January at Diaz’s expense especially if he continues yes to offer so little. What is more concerning to me is Theo and Leao playing every game. Rest Theo and play Dest LB. Theo can’t play every game. Get Aster some playing time as well. So far Poegba has not convinced (but it’s still early) and Tonali/bennacer cannot play every game. Would like to see if he can bring some additional toughness to the mid.

  3. Yacine Adli should have been sent on loan to a bottom table serie A club.
    It’s obvious that Pioli doesn’t rate him. Pioli likes athletes, Adli is a skilled player but he is a bad athlete. He is super slow, looks like he runs in quicksand.
    IMO He will get the Hauge treatment. Will be used for capital gain .
    To be honest Pioli was spot on right about Hauge

      1. Lol i can’t believe some people still believe Hauge is some kind of a genius player 🤣

        Pioli gave him a lot of chance and he sucks. Then Milan loan him to Frankfurt and there he sucks too after played for 26 match. Now Frankfurt loan him to Gent and so far he’s not yet play a single match.

        1. I still can’t believe people post on public forums yet don’t possess the ability to read and comprehend a simple short sentence.

          At no point did I imply that Adli and Hauge are of the same quality, nor did I compare their abelites. I simply stated that Adli will get a Hauge treatment, regardless of how good or bad he is. And I can’t believe I had to explain that. This comment section if gowing downhill fast.

          1. @shiva, don’t waste your time explaining yourself. Some people just come on this platform to argue and hurl insults not realizing that You are saying the same thing They are saying on certain subject.
            Common sense isn’t so common.

          2. You said “Adli is the new Hauge” is pretty much saying Adli have the same quality as Hauge. Did you see how mediocre Hauge is in Frankfurt?

            But hey, keep sucking Hauge d*cks and acting like like he’s some kind of genius player who didn’t played a lot when the stats says otherwise.

            This comment section going downhill because people like you, kossy, and the smartass keeps polluting the comment section with garbage takes and opinions. Period.

        2. @Forzamilan

          Hauge is a good player, he was never given the chance he deserves, not in Milan and not in Frankfurt, the little chance he got in Milan, he outscored Leao per match. Leao squandered hundreds of chances to get where he is today and Hauge never got those.

          Every player need trust: salah, cancelo, vanbryne, kjaer etc would have been labeled flops if Roma, valencia, wolfburg and milan didn’t trust them…..footballers carriers follow a particular pattern, some players are not even that good but they got themselves in a position where they got the trust of the manager and the rest is history.

          If kavarachelia was bought by Milan, I am dead sure that he would not have started by now, he will still be put where Adli is and some of you plastic fans will come here and say he is not athletic😂😂😂

          Salamankers that is athletic, what have he done so far, except one goal in one blue moon, Leao that have scored 3 goals only becomes athletic when he feels like so friend just shut up!!

          Adli is a Faaaaaaaaaaaar better player than Diaz will ever be, Diaz is just an overhyped kid who is outliving his hype and will soon fall to his real levels which is playing for mid table team.

          1. How you can say Hauge didn’t get the chance he deserves when he played 24 matches in Milan and 38 matches in Frankfurt but his plays still sucksssss like a fkin amateur lol.

            Also lol at this “the little chance he got in Milan, he outscored Leao per match”. Played 24 matches are in no way as “little chance”. If he only played 1 match for the entire season then sure. And no he didn’t outscored Leao. He only scored 5 goals and 1 assists meanwhile Leao scored 6 goals and 2 assists in his first season.

            Now you compare last season stats where in Frankfurt Hauge played 38 matches and only scored 3 goals and 2 assists
            Leao played 44 matches and scored double digits goals (14) and assists (12) + scudetto for Milan. Can Hauge do that for Frankfurt? Oh right, i forgot he’s not a Frankfurt player anymore lol.

            Heck, even this early season comparison Leao already makes Hauge like a really amateur player lol.

            As bad as Diaz or Salamaker is, they still plays muchhhh better than Hauge.

            You need to accept the reality that your boy Hauge is not as good as you think 🤣

            Too fast to say Adli is a far better player than Diaz when the guy not even score a goal or assists lol.

      1. My guy, if you think Tonali isn’t athletic, then you haven’t seen him play. In most Milan games he’s got the highest speed recorded on the team, even faster than Theo.
        Pobega IS a serie B player. He is on the team because of the club’s low budget and the homegrown quota. We’ll see how much Pioli will play him once Krunic comes back and Vranckx gets integrated into the team

        1. Is this a prank? Have you watched Tonali recently? He’s slower than my grandmother. Even if that stat is somehow true (probably a miracle) there’s no way it was recorded with the ball at his feet, because his lack of pace shows up even more there. Tonali is the biggest fraud to ever play for Milan.

  4. Here we go again some moron overrating Adli like Hauge, where is Hauge now? being loaned out and deemed not worthy enough even for Frankfurt, blaming a coach who gave us a scudetto after 10 years even with a squad not as good as the other like Juve or Merda for example.

  5. diaz is just a loan player why we use him so often ? he is proved of inconsistence of lack of visioning in pitch . and for forward we have lazentic which offer some good peformance in friendly

  6. Saying Pioli won / brought the title is totally ignoring the contribution of all the others from players to management and supporters. Admittedly, Pioli is very much oriented on his personal relationships with the players. Given this reason he stubbornly gives time to Diaz and Salamakers. Adli is new and probably is not very close to Pioli. All things considered Imho Pioli is an average coach (probably is gets a 6.5 or a 7).

    1. Lol gotta love these moron naysayers who claim Pioli an average coach after he brings Milan back to Champions League and a Scudetto with a team full of unknown young players who lacks experiences.

      Heck, the only veteran players who have winning mentality are Ibra, Kjaer, and Giroud with the first two name was injured until the end of last season.

      But yeah Pioli strategy is nothing. That’s why those players won the scudetto by themself right? Lol 🤣

    2. @savicevic

      I agree 100% with you, this sentimental attitude is what took him long to get a cup in his carrier, playing the same player who have been flopping since last season till now, not minding the player is not even owned and on Saturday, Diaz will still underpeform, then he will panic in the late hours of the game and send in every attackers and the match will end in draw.

      AM is the most important part of our game play, Milan move more faster during preseason when Adli was our AM, it was even more fluid than with CDK at our AM, if our AM becomes invisible then out game play suffers, it was evident in our salzburg display.

      Thanks for choosing coinplus wallet.

  7. Adili this,adili that . Why bother brahim or adili starter as long as 3 point for AC Milan . Let coach decide,if you insist like adili then go play football manager and use him as starter. If you sympathy to adili why not sympathy to ballo toure too or krunic since both are just back up and get little play time. Most of you here mocking and harrash krunic with bad word ( even though king krunic contribute to scudetto & pioli favourite player) while praised adili that only play in preseason & few minutes on serie A?

    1. Reccaman, I agree — we need to trust Pioli; but at the same time, we have seen Adli play and play well and Diaz has continued to disappoint. We see what we see with our own eyes.

      As for Krunic, I think most people that post on here are supportive of him. Of course some people say some bad things; but I think Krunic is well-liked and appreciated by fans.

      Ballo Toure on the other hand, he hasn’t done much; so I personally don’t have much sympathy for him (nor do most others) the way I do for Adli who I do hope plays more. He has shown very good early signs for success.

  8. When we first had rumors of Adili, I was posting on rossoneriblog about not seeing special about Adili. I still hope he proves me wrong though.

  9. Come on guys, MilanNews is not Milan official channel nor the spokeperson of Pioli. There is no need to attack Pioli using media prediction.

  10. Ignore the ridiculous posts about Pioli being terrible! People are dumb.

    Anyway, having said that, we can certainly voice our opinions/hopes of what we wish he would do! I like all of the decisions he’s making (if this article ends up being correct), EXCEPT for Diaz playing and Adli not playing (which of course many of you feel the same).

    Pioli does seem to have a soft spot for Diaz… He played well against Udinese and then was average or bad the other matches. Adli looked very good in his very limited action he got. Good touches, good receipt of long aerial passes, good crosses into the box, has good speed, is stronger than Diaz (hahahahahah — ANYONE is stronger than Diaz who falls down if you breathe too hard at him!).

  11. It’s very funny that we feild Diaz and pobega but leave Adli on the bench.

    This is why pioli waited all his life before winning a cup, he is toóooooooooo sentimental and a coach should not be that sentimental…minjae and kvarachelia already upto the task and making the waves, not minding there were players there before them.

    This is a competition and not a play ground, every mistake is punished, we all saw how sassuolo game went, just because he went on with the with squad… coach will bench Adli for Diaz except pioli and if he keeps doing this then Adli will lose his confidence that he built in preseason and some plastic fans here will call him flop, some already are saying he is not athletic….well not every fans watch the preseason match or any match, they just watch highlights them jump to comments and vomit shit.

    Diaz is done, he is not ours and Milan will never pay 22m for him, so why are we not promoting our own player

  12. I hope Samp don’t have a lot of quality or pace in midfield because Tonali and Pobega might be the worst (and slowest) midfield duo I’ve ever seen.

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