MN: Work rate and fight vs. inconsistency and poor numbers – Milan’s Diaz dilemma

By Oliver Fisher -

Brahim Diaz was not among AC Milan’s best performers on Sunday night during the win over Juvnetus, in an admittedly scrappy game.

As MilanNews writes, Brahim is a player who gives his soul on the pitch, running and fighting tirelessly, and for this reason Brahim is appreciated by Stefano Pioli and most of the fanbase despite his limitations.

However, taking a look at his numbers with Milan, since he has been in Italy he has amassed 18 goals and 14 assists in 123 appearances. That equates to one contribution to the goal every 216 minutes.

As a point of comparison, Hakan Calhanoglu – who was effectively replaced by Brahim after his transfer to Inter – racked up 32 goals and 48 assists in 172 appearances for Milan at an average of one goal contribution every 162 minutes.

The Turkish player was already often criticised for the inconsistency he showed and some supporters even celebrated his move to a major rival. On paper, Brahim is a downgrade.

The Real Madrid loanee is well liked at Milanello and he loves the club, while the will of the management is to try and keep him given he is still only 23 and has margins to grow. However, he must eventually give guarantees in terms of attacking production and level of performance, especially if Daichi Kamada arrives.

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  1. I dont watch inter game..dunno what hakan being now..but in news they always praise him..maybe due to tactic he perform better at inter? Or management think brahim same as hakan, will perform better if tactic suit him?but if management & pioli really think brahim is good, just offer a amount to real, its take it or leave, no need to waste money & time to wait & hope for discount

  2. To be honest, maybe he still at young age. But with his in important position on the pitch, milan should upgrade with another player. 20m its way too much. Milan can see in his league, like Pessina or Zaccagni. They natural playmaker. Diaz is natural winger, cant be playmaker especially like serie A league. Diaz can fit on Laliga or Man City. pep guardiola like typical player like this.

  3. ‘The Turkish player was already often criticised for the inconsistency he showed and some supporters even celebrated his move to a major rival’

    Yes it’s pretty much the same case. Hakan was often criticized for his inconsistency, showing up just once every moths and such balderdash.

    Imagine if this happens again with Brahim, where he finally finds consistency once he moves to another club. That’ll be hilarious.

  4. He is simply not a great player. so don’t be sorry. Give CDK a chance, he will be on another level in the years to come.

  5. Truly a dilemma. Poli wasted 1 year of Adil and Cdk development trying to mold up Diaz. Alas Diaz is too inconsistent. To play league and cup, you need workhorse. Kamada may just be the better choice. Milan should just let Diaz go

    1. Contrary to the consensus here, Diaz keeps playing simply because the others (such as CdK) simply couldn’t deliver. Please don’t say CdK didn’t get enough chance.

      Kamada will surely be a better fit for Pioli’s no. 10. And if somehow we end up getting Diaz, he’ll certainly fill the RW post.

  6. Fact is that he’s indeed a good player, but definitely not what could be expected of an AC Milan starter. We need an ACM of excellence ASAP.

  7. I dont see the dilema. He had a lot of time, played over a hundred games to establish himself at Milan. He didnt. End of story. On to the next guy

  8. Diaz doesn’t have football intelligence to be a good playmaker. If you watch a good playmaker. It looks like they have all the time in the world because they know where the ball is going before they get it. When Diaz gets the ball it’s like the ball is on fire so everything he does is rushed and panicky. Sometimes these rushed erratic decisions all come off and he looks brilliant. Most of the time however he just ends up with burnt feet. I think he Is destined to be an impact player from the bench.

  9. This is getting almost as tedious as that Leao renewal. There is no dilemma – we need someone with more consistency than this guy who thinks he’s Maradona

  10. There shouldn’t be any dilemma when it comes to Brahim Diaz.
    He had 3 years and he proved he is not good enough.
    He isn’t a #10 and if they think about Diaz on the RW, you can find better player for the 20 mil you gotta pay to resign Brahim.
    There are plenty of good right wingers that can be bought for 20 mil or less.
    After Sunday’s game tell Brahim thanks for everything you did these last 3 years and good luck with the rest of your career.
    I wouldn’t spend already precious transfer budget on Brahim. We need better play and production from the 10 and RW. Going back with the same players is just insanity

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