MN: RedBird have upped their offer as Investcorp struggle to outline Milan takeover

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan could have new owners for the 2022/23 season as Elliott Management are in talks with not just one but two firms over a sale. The latest updates on the situation can be found below. 

According to MilanNews, RedBird Capital have upped their initial offer, which now stands at €1.1bn. It’s the same amount that Investcorp have put on the table and in the coming weeks, we will understand what path Elliott have chosen.

Investcorp’s exclusivity with Elliott has expired and they are struggling with the construction of their bid. They want to finance €400m of the bid via a loan, the construction of which has proved to be easier said than done, resulting in the hesitation.

RedBird have entered the scene with confidence and it remains to be seen if they will be able to ‘hijack’ the takeover of Milan. In any case, Elliott will make sure that the club ends up in good hands.

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  1. (Elliott will make sure that the club ends up in good hands) really what the hell you saw of them to make you think that way ,just ask argentina about them Elliott are the worst they care about making as much money as passable if it wasn’t for Maldini and Massara and all our scouting crews we will be fighting to stay in the serie a

    1. How about adding some periods, question marks or exclamation points so one could understand what you’re trying to say?

  2. Yup, like a bitch until nothing left and they’ll leave u in the dust. Hope Maldini and co realize what’s happening.

  3. I don’t know where people are from, but economics aren’t magic beans. Certain parameters need to be followed in search of “glory” so that a club isn’t in violation of financial rules. This is why, again mentioning this for the umpteenth time, we’re constrained by an FFP agreement RIGHT NOW.

    @Milan Die Hard Fan, Argentina has defaulted on it’s loans many times. Elliott and everyone else has every right to drag their deadbeat asses to court to recover assets. This is has finance works. You can’t borrow money and then not repay it. Otherwise I would borrow 1m from like 10 banks each and walk away and go sit on a beach. It’s basically fraud at that point. Also, “if it wasn’t for Maldini and Massara and all our scouting crews we will be fighting to stay in the serie a”. Really? Who do you think hired them? Maldini has even refused to work with all prior ownership groups because he did not consider them to be “serious projects”.

    Such stupid comments sometimes. 12 year olds from the third world no doubt.

    1. Is your xenophobia taught in schools in the first world or did you learn that one on your own?? I suppose you stopped being a Milan a fan when Cafu, Kaka, Crespo, Serginho, Dida, and all those players from “the third world for sure”, started joining the team 🤔 vero xenophobic, the point you’re trying to make has nothing to do with where anyone comes from, that’s your personal resentment and complex, idk what you’re insecure about, that’s some shit you have to figure out yourself, just funny how you try to come off as if you gave economy lessons to random people’s comments on the internet for a living , (a topic you very likely know shit about to begin with) only to show you can’t tell your head from your ass later on in the same paragraph, lmao. Imagine if everyone judged the first world by dimwits like you.

    2. What are you talking about? PSG pumps money in through sponsorships. Manchester City does exactly the same. Yeah, you can follow FPP by Signing a 100M per year contract and pump in additional 100M for transfers without any issues. Or even more. I think you’re the stupid one here, have you not been watching footbal for the past 10 years? Arab owners do that, US owners take profit from clubs, you need 2 minutes on Google to see that is a FACT.

  4. Highest bidder wins as is always the case – money talks. All the BS articles about Elliot not wanting to sell the club to a new owner that will saddle the club with debt is comical. It’s all about $$ – as it should be in business. Personally I’d rather have Investcorp than Redbird – but it is what it is. Hope whoever the new owners are spend on a new stadium (a which is more essential long term than any transfer) and buy a few keys players (RW, CAM, Striker, etc..) and we are ok.

  5. Vero Rossonero you don’t have to be ahole if you don’t agree with what i said try talking with same respect kid i bet your one of those keyboard warriors who act tough and disrespectful because in real life he got his sh it pushed in and scared of his own shadow i know your type its just that you say milan fan
    go learn some manner kid

    1. If anyone needs a good slapping you can line up and give me a call, I’ll be happy to come over and show you some Croatian love.

  6. Redbird has experience in sports the onw portion of Liverpool and also own the Boston Red sox, in my oppinion i will prefer to go with Redbird, is like you have to go to surgery, what will you prefer an experienced doctor or one that just gor his dregree……
    I don’t think that any fan will like a Milan like PSG that spend a lot of $ in player but the only thing it wins is that fruit cake league of the own… no offence to Psg Fans.

    1. They have 0 experience in football, they don’t run the club, they just hold a minority share of Liverpool. Which doesn’t really matter, anyone owning the club will have people to run it. Milan already has all the staff, so whoever buys it won’t really affect that. I’d rather have an owner pumping money in than taking it out.

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