MN: Tonali’s renewal until 2027 now imminent – the salary he will earn

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are hoping to announce the renewal of Sandro Tonali’s contract soon after more positive talks with his agents, a report claims.

Agent Beppe Riso and Marianna Mecacci arrived at Casa Milan this evening to continue talks over the renewal of Tonali. Di Marzio reported that an agreement over an extension has been reached, so now the parties have to resolve the final details before things become official.

According to MilanNews, Tonali’s renewal with Milan is ‘getting closer and closer’. After the meeting earlier this week between Riso, Mecacci and the Rossoneri management, another one took place this afternoon where the parties got even closer.

The extension of Tonali’s contract with the Rossoneri until June 2027 is ‘imminent’, and as part of that he will earn a new salary of at least €2.5m net per season. A last meeting will be needed to settle the final details in all likelihood.

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  1. Sell now, he doesn’t fit our model, he was born in Italy so he can’t play for us as we don’t get a tax benefit on his salary.

  2. The first comment is a joke, right? Tonali will be our captain one day unless Theo gets it first. At least vice captain when Calabrias time is up.

  3. 2.5m till 2027, tonali will surely regret this before 2027…..Milan took advantage of his enthusiasm for playing at Milan….

    1. Yh they took advantage, he is 22 years old playing for the biggest club in Italy, a club he has supported all his life, the only club he wants to play for, and they are paying him millions to do it. Not only that but every sponsor Milan has is throwing free cars and clothes etc at him too. Milan are evil fkers indeed. Newsflash for you Money isnt everything. He will make more money in his lifetime than he will ever need and he gets to play for the only club he loves and he is well on the way to becoming a legend for them too. I doubt he has any regrets.

    2. Absolutely man. I’m really not a fan of this Redbird management. Players like Tchuoemeni are making big bucks but our star midfielder gets 2.5? That’s really absurd! This kid deserves at least 3.5m.
      Fvck it! I’d say Tonali deserves whatever Barella is being paid at Inter. This is exploitation at it’s best.

    3. €2.5 million + bonus are a lot for an Italian club who doesn’t have their own stadium yet. Milan also needs to pay taxes from that salary which is big because Tonali is Italian.

      Not to mention Italian federation gave low prize money for scudetto winner. Milan only earned around €24 million, less than Nottingham Forest who earned €31 million because they got promoted to EPL!
      Imagine a scudetto winner earned less from a promoted club 🤣

      Now you expect Milan to pay Tonali €3-4 million /year based on what, your feelings? Lol.

      Kids like you needs to do research before you post dumb comment.

      1. Not based on my feelings dummy.
        It’s based on the fact literally every decent midfielder across Europe top 5 leagues averages just around 4-5m and above.
        This is an Italian prodigy we’re talking about here… Kid could easily switch clubs and earn twice as much as he’s being offered in Milan.
        Every Milan fan except you knows Tonali deserves just about as much as Leao is being offered currently.

        1. Obviously it based on your feelings since you’re ignorant and didn’t do some research before posting your opinion.

          The first FACT:
          Serie-a clubs didn’t earned as much as EPL, La Liga, or Bundesligue. For example Milan, a scudetto winner only earned €24 million for the prize money while Nottingham Forest earned €31 million from being promoted to EPL. That’s just pathetic and show how far behind Serie-a compare to other top European league.

          So you’re comparing Milan with EPL, La Liga, or Bundesligue clubs is ridiculous. Those club can paid extravaganza salary because they have their own stadium and much higher TV rights than Milan.

          Milan themself still not yet have their own stadium because Milan mayor keeps blocking the project for years. Not to mention Milan income still pretty low because they’ve been absent in the champions league and top table serie-a for 7-8 years.

          Second FACT:
          Redbird not yet fully acquired Milan until next month. Right now there’s no Redbird people in the management seat nor they have hands on / agreed with any salary negotiation. You here blaming Redbird for not giving higher salary for Tonali shows how clueless you are.

          Also sure Tonali is a good player and i bet Maldini wants to give him €4-5 million + bonus a year IF Milan have the money. But without a stadium and low income source, don’t expect Milan giving high salary left and right like throwing candies.

        2. Ahhh classic resorting to ad hominem because you don’t have anything to proof me wrong.

          Next time just shut the fvck up kid.

  4. If Tonali signs for 2.5/3m down the road AC Milan can raise his salary without adding more years of contract so i dont any problem in the renewal of Tonali and if Tonali felt that was a bad offer he could refuse that offer or ask for a better one!

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