MN: Top four at risk for Milan – a resurgence is needed for pride and revenues

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are in crisis and it continued this afternoon at San Siro against Sassuolo as the team lost their third game in a row after defeats against Inter in the Supercoppa and Lazio in the league.

MilanNews recall that in the last four Serie A matches, the Rossoneri have picked up just two points to not only wave the white flag in the Scudetto race with Napoli but also putting themselves in difficulty with regards to qualifying for the next Champions League.

If Milan were to fail to get top four it would cause very serious damage to the image of the project; it would be a misstep that the reigning Italian champions cannot. The way the club’s momentum would stop and missing out on such huge revenues would be a huge setback.

Milan are on 38 points, while Inter have already overtaken them to move on to 40 points and Atalanta are level, and then the two Roman clubs continue to push hard. The goal is therefore to take lessons from January, to rediscover the identity that made the team successful and respond next week against Inter, a challenge that worth double because of the standings and the pride at stake.

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  1. Football is so strange. The exact same things that were working before have suddenly stopped. And before was only a few weeks ago.

    And the thing that’s stopped working the most is the defence. Whatever about needing to freshen things up in attack as a team becomes predictable, this is less of an issue in defence where consistency and stability are usually key.

    There’s general lack of confidence in the side particularly after set backs. And because it’s psychological it’s very hard to fix.

    The only thing they could do on the transfer market is sign another Ibra to boost the side but it’s not like there’s many of those. Are own Ibra needs to get back involved. I’m not sure why we don’t have him sitting on the bench even if he’s injured.

    Tactical changes are perhaps needed to give us some stability as we weather the storm. A key part of previous turnarounds like this time last year was putting together a run of solid defensive performances. If we can just stop conceding goals we can at least give ourselves a chance.

    If you look at Pioli’s time at Lazio and Inter, he had really strong starts and then lost it. I had concerns he’d do the same at Milan but he managed to push through difficult phases to go on to win the title. I hope he’s figured out the formula for breaking out of these negative periods. He needs to do it soon.

    1. Very astute analysis and observations. Given the psychological underpinnings of the current crisis, I too am afraid whether we will manage to find a way out soon enough not to jeopardize our Champions League aspirations. We need some sort of psychological boost, which could perhaps be provided by making even one decent transfer? I am really at a loss for words and ideas. It would be catastrophic if we don’t make it to Top 4 this year.

    2. its unbelievable.. these same guys were amazing last season, now… Its like there are diffrent players in the club. Exexpt bennacer. That fire they had inside, that beliave they could win. Its not there anymore. And we know and they know they have the quailty to preform better. Idk, maybe Pioli has done all he can for Milan, but i’ve no idea who could replace him, there are no coaches. Would they even hire a none italian?

    3. “The exact same things that were working before have suddenly stopped.”

      One trick pony has revealed its only trick. The opponents know how Milan play. They know Milan’s weaknesses (plenty of them btw!). Other teams learn and improve. Milan (ie. Pioli) doesn’t.

      This is what happens when you don’t have plan B and/or plan C.

  2. It will be good news. Who support Americans, after this season, he is not clean in the head. Losing revenues equal less quality players and worst result, so club loses more money 💰. That means new “owner” have less and less possibilities for his goal: which is as facts show – only his money and prosperity. That opens tho door for club to be sold to normal owner, who will win the money, but first winning the results for the club.

      1. The Arab money isn’t corrupt, stop peddling ignorant, third world racism and you’ve obviously been a Milan supporter for 5 minutes, Berlusconi was the very definition of corrupt – he was jailed.

  3. I say football comes down to inches not miles and nowhere was that more evidence then with the two (correctly ruled) offside goals.

    It wasn’t the fact that the calls were unlucky it was the fact that had players literally been standing an inch further away from goal they would’ve been onside. And that is another thing we’re seeing at the moment.

    We’re not getting the breaks. We need a break. In football if you create enough chances and do enough you’ll get a break eventually. It’s just unfortunate it’s been so many games in a row without a break.

      1. The break we need is benching Tata and Calabria, maybe Tomori too. Then in the Summer we need a younger coach who has fresh ideas and flexibility. There are always some in Italy.

  4. @ LT Goals change games. If Giroud had scored his offside goal then it could’ve been a different game. A key part of our defensive decline is our press is less intensive. Had we’d taken the lead it could’ve given a much needed psychological boost to re-engage the press.

    1. If Giroud had defended the corner by marking Berardi properly, we wouldn’t have gone two goals down. It’s okay pointing the finger at the defenders, but the press starts from the front and Giroud is awol in that respect. Offside ‘goals’ don’t count by the way, neither do ifs, buts and maybes. We need to stop shipping goals; that starts from the front and we need to stop trying to beat people in midfield (and constantly giving it away), learn to pass again, basic bloody football..

  5. All of these started when maignan is injured. Defenders play with much worriness so made some mistakes, added the factor that none of our midfielders are able to cover defender as kessie did. (So sad that we saw pioli talking to jungdal on that picture but never trusted him.)

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