MN: Why Milan are focusing strongly on Chelsea midfielder as €15m deal edges closer

By Oliver Fisher -

After having closed the arrival of Daichi Kamada on a free transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt, AC Milan want to try to reach an agreement with Chelsea for the transfer of Loftus-Cheek.

According to a report from MilanNews, there is still a distance between the offer that Milan have put forward and Chelsea’s demands, but the feeling is that an agreement over transfer fee could be reached at around €15m.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara want to react immediately after Ismael Bennacer’s injury which will keep him out until December, and they are using the excellent relationship they have with Chelsea to try and sign Loftus-Cheek.

The player seems open to the move and an agreement in principle over personal terms is close. The directors like the 27-year-old so much because he seems a perfect fit for the 4-2-3-1 which is much more similar to a 4-3-3, therefore without a pure attacking midfielder and instead a player who gives more coverage.

Milan know they need quality depth to be competitive domestically and in the Champions League in the 2023-24 season, so they are working ahead of time to try and secure reinforcements.

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  1. I watched Chelsea vs Newcastle, but damn tbh this guys is awfull imo. To many miss pass,lack of concentration, lack of vision.
    Just look how Newcastle scored goal. Cheek know, Newcastle player Gordon run behind him, but instead man mark him or cover him he just run away.
    I dont think he’s good enough to make Milan midfield go to another level, i hope i’m wrong but . . . sadly it would be happen

    1. pretty sure Milan does have enough money to get SMS. Its only 35M€ and the budget will be 50M€ minimun

      1. Let’s blow 60% of the budget on a player in a position we at least have other players in, and completely ignore our need for starters at striker, RW and CAM, and also the need for backups at LW and LB.

        I have an idea! Let’s sell the whole team, and buy Mbappe for 250m, and then just play 10 primavera players next to him. Then we Pioli can use right-stick trick moves to enable Mbappe to score 5 goals per match. Champions League winners 2023-24! /s

    1. Some of our best have been rejects, Cafu, Seedorf, Pirlo, Thiago Silva to just name a few. Our biggest signing in Bonucci was an epic flop and let’s not even talk about Lucas Paqueta.

      1. Lets add Ibrahimovic, Stam, Rui Costa, Inzaghi, Crespo. FRANCO BARESI was an Inter reject, LOL. Maradona was a Barcelona “reject”. Stupid kids have no idea what reject means.

      2. There’s a difference between signing young, international class players and a 27 year old who is only known for always being injured.

    2. Big Milan, many times UCL winner because we used to be owned by an incredibly rich man in the world’s most dominant league, now operating as a legit business in a world where the Italian league has failed to market itself in Asia and the US as well as the English league and subsequently has a lower budget than mid-table clubs in the Premier League.

      He can only work with what he’s got. Yes, there’s talent out there to uncover but Milan are no longer shopping in the ‘finished and complete’ aisle, got to take some risks and hope they come off.

  2. The only Premier league market Maldini knows is Chelsea. 80% of Milan supporters reject this guy . So when shall we get Another Kaka, Pato ,Sheva, Ibra and Van Basten if we continue with this ulture of bringing left overs from the premier league.

    1. It’s because Chelsea stock and train talent but currently have way too many players on their books and need to offload them. So there can potentially be good value for Chelsea players who don’t want to move to mid or lower clubs in the English league.

      There are several of their players who could be first teamers but won’t get a chance there because the owners are out spending fortunes on the latest trendy players instead. So they need to offload players.

      And English players have an added bonus because they’ll be easier to sell on, because there are 20+ teams in England with more money than nearly every French, Italian and Spanish club, so it’s relatively low risk. Heck, I’d be happy to see Hudson-Odoi or Ampadu come in as backups too, if there were favourable terms.

    2. 80%? Source? I haven’t seen any communications or banners from the ultras denouncing Maldini, Massara or even Redbird. Which supporters? The foreign ones on this site 99% of which haven’t even been to the stadium? You can count me in the 1% that have BTW. So far I support all levels of the management, except maybe Pioli who I’m 50/50 on. Where have you been the past 10 years? Kaka, Pato, Sheva, VAN BASTEN? Those types of players are making 100m moves to the PL. NO CLUB IN ITALY can sign those players. Honestly some people are crazy.

      1. Thank you, good point madam, You’ve said that high quality players are making move to the premier league and are not considering move to Italy because we can’t afford them. So we are the ones to think outside the box and bring those high quality players from South American leagues For example Retegui, Angelo Gabriel ,Pavon among others are stars there .some rejects have made it and some rejects have not made it at Milan Let’s not have that mentality that all rejects will make it at Milan.

      2. How can you be 50/50 on Pioli? How? He is our best coach since Ancelotti. With this awful squad he won our first Scudetto since 2011, qualified us for the semifinals.

  3. Alot of people forget players like Cafu was deemed as surplus by Roma, Seedorf and Pirlo were Inter Milan rejects. Thiago Silva nearly quit football after his horror show at Porto. Don’t be so quick to judge these players, you clearly don’t know our history, Bonucci is still our most expensive signing ever and look what happened there, same goes for Paqueta.

  4. For 15m, it’s OK. Given that we have much more serious issues to address in attack, it doesn’t seem wise to spend more on midfield. We can certainly improve the midfield but we have starters there – contrary to the attack where we miss at least one starter (RW) and possibly another one in Stricker.

  5. Fofana-
    Milan needs a kessie replacement to improve it’s defence.
    Krunic and tonali not up to it defensive wise.
    SMS or Fofana with another CDM signing who can double up as a AM when needed.

  6. Not really excited for this. 15 mil can be used for someone else. Guy gets injured all the time [ imagine, he’s coming to Milan now]. He does good defensive plays but up front, he gets confused what to do next every time a.k.a no decision making skills. Ask the Chelsea fans 😉

    But hey, if he does succeed here and do well, then he COULD be one of the heroes for our 21st scudetto!

  7. 15 mio is a good deal for RLC. Even if he flop, he is resellable to many EPL clubs. We should get one more midfielder and I hope it will be SMS.

  8. Anyone please but not SMS. In few years no one will talk about him. He is a cancer in a dressing room.

    We need team players and lraders. Dont judge this player from his Chelsea performance where even Felix struggles. He will be very good in AC Milan, trust me

  9. we souldnt buy him he played 33 times and only assist two times one in league and one in cl . this remind me of someone … and he was at pl before us hmmm who he might be . that money milan could either find young talent in cm ages 18-22 rather get a washed up player like ruben also hes not that injury prone but hes not provide anything get sms or khephren thuram

  10. or try again for maxence caqueret or enzo le fee hes naturally cam but they way they describe rlc enzo can play like that and hes 10x better than rlc and 5 yrs younger or seko fofana

  11. pioli asks for reinforcements not finished players and cheap deals just to satisfy a little for the depth . and the depth should ressemble the first 11 not get worse pesonally close the gaps in first 11 rw and main st you prolly 80% close cam pos with kamada now move on rw and a player close to giroud /ibra goalscorer like openda wahi orban boniface raul de tomas that hes real reject check hes stats at rayo also jonathan david the real deal also lille player get him instead very bad zhergova

  12. I haven’t seen anything special form this guy whenever I saw him play. I think they want to add height to the squad and that’s one of the reasons they’re going for him.

    SMS or Frattesi would be the dream but they are considerably more expensive and Milan does not have an infinite budget. There are a lot of positions with more priority to fill, like striker, right-wing and attacking midfielder.

    Then again, if we are not signing players to raise the level of the first team better to gamble on youngsters and hope those bets pay off. It didn’t last season, but on the other hand these players like RLC could turn into deadwood pretty soon.

  13. also i ll add to cm pos orkun kokcu also for 2nd rb geertruida and 2nd lb parisi truffert get back again kerkez meijer from club brugge quentin merlin luca netz for a 2nd lw wimmer for wolfsburg wilson odobert that troye is going to ligue 2 so hes gonna be bargain for the future pedro goncalves rayan cherki also for rw okafor diaby from b04lever berardi allan saint maximin

  14. Are Maldini and Masaara Blind,
    Why do’nt they see French Midfielders, South America and Italy
    We need Oromissing not Declining
    This man is not even Real box to Box modfielder he is Injyry Orone
    He is not Diffensive Midfielder
    We Need Strong Diffensive Midfielder.

  15. RLC will flop hard and ride the bench while we pay his salary. I’m getting Bakayoko vibes. SMS has the most quality but the safest bet is actually Frattesi. Never has a bad game and has by far the highest work rate of the 3. And he’s the youngest.

  16. RLC will flop hard and ride the bench while we pay his salary. I’m getting Bakayoko vibes. SMS has the most quality but the safest bet is actually Frattesi. Never has a bad game and has by far the highest work rate of the 3. And he’s the youngest..

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