MN: Why Pioli hasn’t called up Lazetic for Milan’s game against Sampdoria

By Isak Möller -

Divock Origi is suffering from muscle fatigue and will miss out on tonight’s clash between AC Milan and Sampdoria. A problem for Stefano Pioli, who now will have to start Olivier Giroud for the fifth consecutive time. 

The respective physical condition of Origi and Ante Rebic is a cause for concern, seeing as Giroud has been forced to work overtime at the start of this season. In the long run, this simply won’t work for the Rossoneri.

Therefore, as Origi’s injury was revealed, many fans brought up Marko Lazetic as an option for the first team. The 18-year-old has been with the Primavera side mainly lately but he featured for the first team during pre-season.

According to MilanNews, however, Pioli chose not to call up the Serbian as he has just recovered from fatigue. He carried out a personalised program at Milanello today and was left out as a precaution, but he will be available for the next game.

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  1. And again, where is that guy who argued with me that Milan doesn’t need an additional attacker ….He claimed we have Giroud, Zlatan, Origi, Rebic….
    Of course 3/4 are out (again) with injuries.
    What is happening is exactly what I answered to the guy. Milan had and has injury issues. We needed an additional attacker.
    You cannot play with 35 year old,Giroud every 4 days non stop….Eventually he’ll be injured too.

  2. Origi has muscle fatigue from 2 x substitute appearances? Useless cripple. CDK up front and Adli as the playmaker is the way to go but I fear Pioli will play his pet Diaz.

    1. I feel like this would be the best option. Get Adli in behind CDK. If nothing after 50 minutes put giroud in. Like the guy above says. We need a striker and have done for 10 years. They’ve all moved this past year. Haaland, vlahovic, isak, nunez, adeyemi, Jesus, alvarez, scamacca, kalajdzic. All these strikers we’ve let pass us by who could really have got value from ibra and giroud. I hope we really focus on this by the end of next summer. We deserve it. The guys up to for salzberg are destined to be on next years list of gems before their value skyrockets. Okafor in particular fits the modern day stricker mold as well as sesko.

  3. “Pioli chose not to call up the Serbian as he has just recovered from fatigue.”
    Does that mean he’s been through it? Isn’t it? So???
    If he can’t run a busy game schedule at a young age, then what will he be like, beyond his productive age as a footballer???
    Milan’s fitness lab may be on the bottom, but pampering players isn’t a great option either, mister

  4. It was a mistake not to sign Belotti. Extra forward for free would help. With our medical team, we’ll be out of our starting XI by New Year.

  5. Once i said origi will be flop and that we should take belotti instead,there was a few guys that attacked me,i wish i can see their faces right now

    1. People hyping up Belotti like this dude hasn’t been trash since 2017 and spent most of the last 2 years injured.
      There is a reason he was out there available for free until the last week of the Mercato until Roma came in to add him to their list of signings of washed up player on a free

      1. Do you feel more important if u lie about facts?why are u lying? What LAST 2 seasons? He played 22 matches last season and thats the ONLY season he had injury problems,every season before that he played 35+ matches. Trash since 2017??? That guy scored 88 goals in serie A since 2016/17 season!! Check it out and stop lying!

        1. I love how you included 2016/2017 season , the only good season of his career, to boost his numbers.
          Check his numbers since Mirabelli wanted to buy him.
          And Don’t forget that he was designated penalty taker for Torino.
          No good team wanted him this summer.
          If he wasn’t a Milan fan, no one would even mention Belotti

    2. Ofcourse i included , why wouldn’t i ? you said 2017 not me, half of the season was played in 2017 ,what is ur problem? only good season of his carrier? you cringe so much now , NO! it was his beast season with 26 goals, good seasons are 18/19=15 goals,19/20=16 goals,20/21=13 goals , do you even remember when was the last time OUR striker scored 15 goals? you are cleary one of the guys who hyped origi here over belotti,and what happened ,you were completely wrong, at least now u dont talk how he was injured last 2 season,thats a progress in cutting ur lies

      1. I’m sorry how many goals has the great Belotti scored for Roma? 🤣🤣🤣
        Just as many as Origi has scored for Milan. 0(zero) Just facts
        At least Origi has an excuse, because he is coming from a lengthy injury recovery. What’s Belotti’s excuse?
        Just think about it. Origi was wanted (by many clubs) and signed even though he was injured. Belotti was healthy in his prime, 28 and still no one wanted him until Roma, the collector of dusted players on a free felt sorry for him and signed him

  6. Fatigue….
    Party members experiencing fatigue will suffer penalty to attack rolls, damage rolls and all saving throws. You better rest him!

  7. Shameless people sitting and complaining every now and then. The people at Milanello are good at what they are. That is why we are here typing comments and they are at the club. It’s a shame. You come to celebrate the scudetto and wins, but can’t accept a failure or a transition period. Can’t you guys see that even with such mediocre squad, Pioli and the management is doing wonders and we are still unbeaten.

  8. Well, let’s try Adli and CDK pering or courageously bring in d primavera guy and see what will play out 4 am still very optimistic about this game. Sure winning!!!

  9. Why can’t we play leao up front for a change.. I guess not many options for the left. Could play two AMC instead. There was quite a few free attackers we could of got. I personally would’ve tried to get cutrone back. Hes not done anything good since he left. Yeah giroud is good but we just need someone to sit in the 6 yard box and tap them in. Columbo scored a class goal the other week on loan. Shame we didnt give him a chance too. Dont think daniel maldini will be any good. Put that 15 year old up front haha.

  10. Tomori, Theo,Kalulu have played almost all matches and they run equally or even more than our strikers and yet non is complaining of muscle fatigue. Seriously Milan need to work on future transfers. Forza Milan

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