MN: Zirkzee the priority, Lukaku and the alternatives – Milan’s complex striker hunt

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan’s hunt for a new striker goes on and whilst Joshua Zirkzee still appears to be the priority target, Romelu Lukaku and other names remain linked.

As highlighted by Milan News, the Bologna striker is the player Milan have chosen to replace Olivier Giroud this summer but there is still a chance that the deal does not get over the line.

Milan are ready to pay the €40m release clause on July 1, but agent Kia Joorabchian is still asking for €15m in commissions which Milan are not willing to pay.

Despite that stumbling block, he is the favoured target despite the intensifying links to Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker has no future in the Premier League and is looking for another club in Italy.

Milan would need to pay Chelsea around €40m and his wage demands would be around €7.5m per season, making him one of the top earners at the club.

Alongside these two deals, there are other players that Milan could make a move for. Girona’s Artem Dovbyk is still on the market and has a €40m release clause, but the commissions to pay would be less than for Zirkzee.

Feyenoord’s Santiago Gimenez is also an option for around €50m, but Zirkzee is still the favourite.

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  1. I hope someone is actually in touch with Dovbyk’s reps. Even if I think eventually Milan will begrudgingly overpay for Zee.

  2. It’s only complex as they’re making it. Juventus have Luiz and are defining with Nice for Thuram, Inter got Taremi and Zielinski.

    And we’re here scratching our heads being fed with “it’s complex” bullcr*p having no signing on horizon.

    What? Is their moneyball lottery machine broken? Was Billy the magic Beane hit by a bus?

    1. Forgot to add Di Gregorio who’s officially Juventus player as of today. But no worries, folks here said mercato only opens on 1st of July so we should chill right?

      1. Yeah like last year they said « it’s only July », then « it’s only August », then « it’s only September », etc. Until we finished the season 19 pts behind Inter in huge shame, while being eliminated lamely from all other competitions. And now it’s the same circus with the mercato, we are spectators rather than actors.

        1. And in the end we were left without proper reinforcements in key positions – DM and ST. We don’t even understand how lucky we were that a 37 year old Giroud didn’t caught an injury or we’d be toasted.

          1. I’m triggered? 😅 you misunderstand, I wasn’t trying to give you a hard time. Lol.

            No, man, truly, don’t take any of these headlines close to heart. Everything’s gonna be OK.

          2. I thought you would understand “a dig” by now. There are no emotions or anger in my comment and I don’t really take it to my heart. Been around long enough. But that won’t stop me to take a dig at this management’s work when it deserves it.

        1. I thought you would understand “a dig” by now. There are no emotions or anger in my comment and I don’t really take it to my heart. Been around long enough. But that won’t stop me to take a dig at this management’s work when it’s deserved.

      2. Don’t worry we will wait till August 31st like last summer to address the most important position on the pitch and sign another Jovic LOL.

        Artem Dovbyk Is going to ATH Madrid
        Guirassy signed with Dortmund
        Gimennez is 50M so pretty much the same as Zirkzee – put hey it’s the principle that matters!
        So now Lukaku is back in the frame lol.

        Trying to haggle for Fofana and Wiefers as usual so I’m sure a team with real money will snap them both up.

        Well let’s see who else is a FA or in the last year of their contract because I’m sure those are the players we will be interested in and we can start haggling over 😂. Let’s go Georgie boy!!!!!

        Looks like we are cooking again!

    2. This is story is just going back and forth. Man Utd have the money to spend on agent commissions, while Milan is hoping that the player’s desire to stay in Italy will hold sway, aside offering Zirkzee first team guarantee, and Champions league. Is this guy really worth it? I know he is young and promising, but, is he the kind of finisher that the team needs? I hope they get it right. It’s a really big gamble.

  3. just get it done or not done already!! I’m tired of the same article over and over again. Just tell us when something happened. It sounds like using chatGPT and ask “can you rewrite this using other words” and done

  4. All these articles are fake news and there is nothing confirmed by Milan headquarters except for the Zirkzee links.

    The transfer market doesn’t officially open until July 1st and ends August 30. So there’s no need for panic like some fans are doing here. Smh

    1. Hell yeah! And there is a transfer market in January, and then next summer so no need for panic. And Zlatan said they’re already thinking about the third star. So far so good!

      1. B, I bet you’re fun to have a drink with. 😉 what are you drinking these days? My tolerance has tanked since I became a parent. Hopefully nothing too stiff?

        1. Well it might be the come down from my mdma trip Saturday and I’m not getting any endorphins with Milan these days, that’s for sure… But congrats for your child, sincerely! I guess it helps relativizing on trivial matter like football haha

  5. Oh I’ve been a father for a while. It wears you down, you know? Lol. Almost, conditions you for a brighter future.

    As for endorphins, I would recommend steak and BJ at least once a week. Hahaha

    All these recycled headlines, they keep posting, are working up fans for no reason. I feel like we just need to refocus, get to know each other a little better, and have a good old time on these threads instead. You know what I mean?

    I bet if most users here got to know each other, we would be an awesome bunch. With a couple of exceptions, of course. Lol.

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