Sky: Why it is now more likely that Romagnoli extends with Milan than joins Lazio

By Oliver Fisher -

It now seems more realistic for Alessio Romagnoli to remain at AC Milan and renew his contract rather than join Lazio on a free transfer, a report claims.

As reported by Sky Italia (via, a renewal appears more likely than the idea of Romagnoli accepting the offer from his boyhood club Lazio because their proposal – the first official one – is lower than what Milan have put on the table.

Romagnoli’s deal will expire at the end of the season but, if things with Lazio do not evolve, he could also decide to stay with the Rossoneri by extending his deal.

There would be some questions to address such as what happens with the captain’s armband – which has been entrusted to Davide Calabria in Romagnoli’s absence – but the fact remains that the former Roma man is very attached to the Rossoneri and to the city of Milano, paving the way for a renewal.

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  1. Romagnioli must not be renewed.
    His salary is way to high,especially for a rotation player. Botman is going to be starter with most likely Tomori. Also we have Kalulu who has played a good season and Kjaer who is going to be well for the next season.
    For a rotation player Maldini could easily find a young jewel rather than flushing cash in a expensive contract for Romagnioli

    1. We already have 5 defenders, our best position when you look at the players. Maybe spend the money on some other positions we really really need, like backup LB, first choice AMC, first choice RW, replacement for Kessie (more physical midfieldier), first choice ST. I really don’t understand the point in buying Botman who is a great talent if we renew with Romagnoli, and have Kjaer, Tomori, Kalulu and Gabbia. Kalulu deserved to at least be 3rd choice when Kjaer is back.

      1. I’m beginning to see it like this, although there is something to be said for the fact that Botman is taller and stronger and also left footed. Absent the Investcorp takeover I would have said that you are 100% right and the money should be used for higher priority needs. However, if we can address those needs and still bring in Botman I wouldn’t be mad.

  2. Bad news, this Will make botman deal colapsed. I hope Lazio or rubentus come with higher offer than AC Milan. 3m euro nett for just reserved player , he will slow kalulu progress too. Better find young Italian defender like Mattia viti or another gem defender abroad to replace him so kalulu Will have play time rotation with Tomori while kjaer are botman rotation

    1. We don’t really need Botman. We have 4 good centre backs. Kalulu is showing he is a huge potential and we are rewarding him by buying Botman. The current players we have are more than enough, including Gabbia.

  3. gabbia has only played 674 minutes this season so he propably will need to be loaned out to have a chance to keep developing and kjær might need some time to get back in form and maybe lessen the risk of setbacks he might get a soft start. In the event that we get botman he might also need some adjustment time so i don’t see any glaring issues in renewing romagnolis contract and as long as its around 3-3.5 mil a year it will have my support. The agency might also be a bit easier dealing with after mino raiolas demise. Anyways romagnoli is a fairly young player when we look at defenders prime so im not sure we have seen him reach his prime just yet and besides of that he also is helping on the numbers in regard of homegrown players in the cl.

  4. Kalulus normal position is RB. So getting Botman and keeping Romagnoli should not stop his development. Not keeping Florenzi would be much better for him.

    1. i actually like florenzi and allways has since his younger years and i still do and wouldnt mind keeping him but i do agree nevertheless that keeping him propably would stun kalulus developement more than making the other moves. We will also need a stronger team if we want to go deep into cl while fighting on 2 more fronts more as we all are aware of how many injury problems we have had over the years.

    2. Says who? Because he played as RB in the youth team of Lyon? Bennacers position was AMC before he came to Empoli, he also isn’t a MC or DMC if we talk like that. 😀 Kalulu played his best matches at Milan at CB.

      1. Well he has played the great majority of matches there so that was bound to happen but clearly he can be used as a cb which neither of us denied but rb is nevertheless his prefered position and pioli has also said he believe he is best there so why would you even argue about that. It actually does make sense to have some cbs that are taller than kalulu because he is only 1.79 tall.

      2. To your point, Thuram was originally an RB when he broke through and Pirlo was an AMC. As I said above, my main concern is Kalulu’s physical qualities. Our squad already lacks height and maybe even strength.

  5. Romagnoli as a back up for a reasonable salary is fine IF he accepts the back up role to Botman and Tomori. Kalulu will eventually start as the RB of a back 3 or in a 4-2-3-1 – as Pioli has said his best position is RB in a back 3 – which is basically what we mostly defend/play now as with Theo allowed free reign to bomb up the wing….Theo-Botman-Tomori-Kalulu are the future of this squad. Romagnoli/Kajer/Calabria the backups (need to add a backup to Theo as well – kid from Udine? Udoggie?). Maldini sees Botman as a regista type – similar to what Bonucci was supposed to offer us. Starting the play and spraying through balls around the field. Gabbia needs to be loaned out to get experience, he is not ready.

  6. Romagnoli salary is high now; but we would pay him less if he stays.

    We should get Botman. Maldini is one of the best defenders ever and I trust his ability to scout the talent in Botman that he thinks we need. Also, in a back 4, Botman would be the left centerback which would allow Tomori to go back to right centerback where he is better and more comfortable. You remember early in this season, Tomori was playing like he was one of the best centerbacks in the world. His quality and comfort has decreased ever since Kjaer hurt and Romagnoli replaced by Kalulu.

    Kalulu has been a fantastic revelation; however, I think he is still better suited as right back. He is much better at delivering crosses and running forward/dribbling with the ball than Calabria. Calabria is a loyal Milan-man; but unfortunately, he isn’t as good as Kalulu.

    So, my strong opinion is that a back 4 from left to right of: Theo, Botman, Tomori, Kalulu — THAT is a world class back 4.
    Calabria, Kjaer and Romagnoli as backups is very nice too.

    1. “So, my strong opinion is that a back 4 from left to right of: Theo, Botman, Tomori, Kalulu — THAT is a world class back 4.” -You could be on to something IF we played with a 3-5-2 formation. Botman, Tomori and Kalulu as the CBs, Theo as LWB. Then instead of getting a RW we would go for a world class RWB (poor Calabria), along with the AMC and ST that we need. Leao would then get pushed up higher and close to the middle.

  7. Vero Rossonero, I like that idea too — of course we all know that is how Theo is used on the French national team and he has produced goals/assists being a bit higher up the pitch. Either way, 3-5-2 or a 4-2-3-1, I think it valuable and useful to get Botman and I trust Maldini’s judgment regarding Botman’s talent.

  8. CB=Tomori, Botman, Kjaer,Romagnoli, 5th
    RB=Kalulu, Calabria, Florenzi (?)
    LB=Theo and hopefully Parisi.

    This means Gabbia gets loaned and 5th either comes from Primavera or a kid like Viti or Casale.

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