Moretto: De Ketelaere intends to remain at Milan despite interest from other clubs

By Oliver Fisher -

Expressions have interest have arrived from other clubs but Charles De Ketelaere does not seem willing to listen to them at present, a report claims.

De Ketelaere’s future seems to be up in the air this summer after a disappointing debut campaign with Milan. He failed to register a single goal and amassed just one assist, albeit making just 13 starts after his €35m move from Club Brugge.

According to Matteo Moretto of Relevo, De Ketelaere does not want to leave Milan after only one year, and he wants to continue his time with the club to try and repay the faith of the management.

Numerous teams have asked about his situation in recent weeks, but the player’s will is clear and that is how the situation stands at present.

Reports have suggested that Aston Villa are keen on signing the 22-year-old but the Premier League side are not alone because RC Lens in France and RB Leipzig in Germany have set their sights on De Ketelaere.

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    1. Yes so silly. Maybe pioli can let him know that he’s not part of the plan naext season so he can go for another challenge and higher wage in epl

      1. Noooo, Tonali was a true Milanista and they forced him out! So… Are Origi & CDK bigger Milanistas than Tonali then as they’re staying no matter what? 😀

        1. I think the problem for Tonali was the leverage. He is a regular. I think the directors told him if he refused he will be bench warmer, his contract won’t be renewed and so forth and/or convinced him that they are poor and that they need the money from his transaction. I mean he doesn’t seem happy nower in Newcastle.
          Now, they can’t use this leverage on CDK, Origi and Rebic since they’re benchwarmers anyways. Worst case scenarios for them, they don’t play at all till the end of their contract but still get paid anyways.
          This my personal theory anyways.

          1. Tonali isn’t the first nor the last player that chose to leave for more money that wasn’t happy.
            No need to look further but at our neighbors and lukaku. He chose to leave inter, the fans were mad at him and then 3 months later he gave interviews that he wants to go back to inter and apologized to the fans.
            Shevchenko was crying in curva Sud after he agreed to go to Chelsea.
            Also players are often coerced by agents and family members to accept offers that they don’t want to.

    2. pretty sure if someone offers 60+M for CDK Cardinale himself will come pack his bags and drive him to the airport

  1. You can forcing tonali accept NU offer, surely you can persuade this failure too accept aston villa or whatever club that are willing pay 25-28m euro . He cannot adapt with high press in pioli system . If ACM failed to sell him , just loan him to atalanta or monza

    1. Tonali wasn’t forced, he was offered to earn what he was paid in the entirety of his contract with us for one season. He would be insane to refuse that. Also, he proved everything he could with us and saw the club would not do better than it already had CDK has yet to establish himself and only played a bit, behind a player we loaned. He needs a consistent opportunity to get his game together here. Newcastle spent more on him, twice as much as we intended to spend for our entire team. He knows they have nore resources and ambition than our current management. He will come back to us after his deal is done.

    2. Funny that myth about him not adapting to the high press system when literally the first thing he did was win the ball back and give an assist for Leao in his first game. And it was one of the only good things he did when he played last season.

      All these grand theories about tactics and player ratings miss the fact that often random occurrences make a far bigger difference.

      Had CDK scored early on – with a deflection or accidental shot – he could’ve had a completely different season.

      It’s not all about luck – but a lot of it is.

      That’s why stability is key. If you keep changing players and tactics then it makes it harder to land on the lucky number.

  2. We got a huge sum of money for Tonali. I was sad to see him go; but still I think Bennacer is better than Tonali so getting that much dough for Tonali seemed to be good business. As long as we spend it on bringing in good players. Like getting Pulisic for $23M after Chelsea paid Dortmund $54M for him — that’s another good piece of business. I like Loftus-Cheek as well. I’m hoping we get either Balogun or Chukwueze because both of those dudes can score — i’d prefer Chukwueze as he’s proven himself over more years and in La Liga (rather than just the weaker French league like Balogun for just 1 season). If we get Samuel C, then he’d be RW, Pulisic would replace Diaz at CAM (where he prefers to play and not RW or LW where he’s played at Chelsea and Dortmund) and of course Leao at LW. Those 3 across behind Giroud in a 4-2-3-1 and we will score A LOT OF GOALS!

  3. Does anyone else get the feeling that Redbird pay people to write comments on different Milan platforms to propagate their agenda and gloss over the atrocities they have committed?

    1. Yeah they could, they’re already paying Scaroni for doing nothing. But truth is like poetry and most people fcking hate poetry.

    2. They paid Sempre Milan to have articles made asking some dude who is an investor in the club what he thinks of sacking Maldini, that guy literally licked Redbird and Cardinales sack. Never ever heard of him and he has no experience touching a piece of silverware like the champions league or Scudetto but thinks we should back up an owner thaT never kicked a ball at pro level and his bootlickers more than Maldini, who knows more about football than all the people he praised combined. So obviously they are on a PR campaign that is obvious. You would have to be a moron to deny it.

      People blame Maldini for not securing outgoing transfers, well we saw the results of not having a complete squad with adequate replacements this year, 5th place. Also the owners denied him the budge to replace the players who left. They refused to grant him 300 k more to keep Chanaloghu, 1 million more to keep Kessie and let Donnaruma walk because they played hard ball with them. Maldini was not given to tools to renew them and the club insisted on trying to keep them. Just look how they play hardball over 2 million euros for a player they spent a month trying to secure. How they let Thuram get prized away over a couple of million. The problem was clearly the management and ownership policies, not our sporting directors.

      1. Preach Chrisp preach. Lol I can see right through these ppl. They set them up for failure from the get go and only used their status to attract talent to the club. Then now that they’re in an advantageous position they let them go. They could not have reached where they’re at now without Maldini. Those who think otherwise are foolish or trolls. We simply were not able to attract any talent to Milan since we weren’t that team we once was.
        I know better. I dont listen to these trolls. Like JPMZ said, I swear these guys are just here for the narratives. When last I saw Poli? LMAO

  4. I wonder how people want to get rid of CdK only after one season having the examples of Tonali that was really bad in his first year, Brahim was also bad his first year and they become really good after that. And then you have Paqueta he was bad one or two years we sold him and he become a really good player.

  5. Yes goals will come with the very good signings we have made so far …Pulisic .Loftus cheek ..combine them with Olivier Giroud up front and Giroud will be a very happy player…Yes we also have Theao Hernandez,,,he can not only defend but is capable of a goal or two also .Then of course we have Rafeol leao .
    Yes we have goals in us …We can win challenge for honours again this season …Things are looking good .
    I would like us to keep CDK …I still think he has enormous potential,but somehow he seems to lack confidence….that’s just my thoughts..
    It’s AC Milan for me

  6. I just love some of the ridiculous conspiracy theories on here. Like how Tonali was forced to leave or that Redbird pays people to comment. Some people need to stop smoking… Do you really think that the club cares about this forum? Should Tonali not leave when his new salary is triple of what Milan was paying him? Join the real world, kids.

  7. Gary, agreed. Tonali obviously loved Milan; but he is a human being who needs to look out for his own interests. Newcastle have WAY more money than we have to offer him so they did and Tonali accepted it. Milan didn’t make out so badly in the deal either getting a ton of cash for Tonali. I think it’s actually a good deal for everyone involved. Newcastle probably overpaid; but their rich Arab owners and these PL clubs flush w/ tons of cash have money to burn so it’s OK for them to have overspent and we need every penny we can get so it’s good for us to get a big payout like that.

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